Organic coconut chips with no added sugar 1kg


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  • 100 % coconut chips
  • No added sugar*
  • 1 kg value pack
  • From organic farming
  • A great topping for summer dishes
Quality: Organic coconut chips with no added sugar 1kg

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Hard shell, hairy outside and a special feature: three holes. Doesn't sound great, does it? The coconut is not the most beautiful of fruits. When Portuguese seamen discovered the large hairy nut in the 16th century, it reminded them of "Coco", a Portuguese version of the bogeyman, and the name stuck. This was later complemented with nut, so we now call it a coconut, despite the fact that it is actually a stone fruit. Since the outside is not the best part, we like to focus on the delicious inside of our beloved tropical fruit. We have cut up and dried our delicious coconuts and the result can now be found in our online shop: our organic coconut crisps! Buy some now and discover the holiday flavour in a bag!

Using KoRo's coconut chips

Using our coconut chips is super easy: open the bag, open your mouth, enjoy! Our 100 % dried coconut chips are a great ingredient in your muesli, porridge, rice pudding, your pancakes or homemade coconut energy balls. What can't be missing from a fruity smoothie bowl served in a beautiful coconut bowl? That's right, toppings! Our coconut chips are also a great topping for any bowl! With natural sugars in coconut chips, there is absolutely no need to add more. A healthy and tasty snack, which is versatile and can be consumed the way you like it. Do you like baking? Then why not decorate your cupcakes, cakes and muffins with this tropical treat! They are also a good addition while baking coconut cookies. For birthday parties and picnic, surprise your friends and family by baking cakes and adding coconut chips for the tropical hit. With the cool coconut chips, it is perfect delight for summer time treats.

KoRo's coconut variety

Big nut = big love! That's why you will already find many coconut products in our shop, including coconut tahini, grated coconut, coconut flour, coconut blossom syrup, coconut oil and chocolate covered coconut balls. Our organic salted caramel cookies, organic chocolate chip cookies and crunchy granola also benefit from the smooth coconut flavour. With our coconut chips, we have yet another treat that you should not live without!

Buy organic coconut chips online

Crunchy, aromatic and 100 % organic, there are 1001 good reasons to order our dried coconut chips. They improve your porridges, yogurts, bowls and baking creations and are an eye catcher on top of any dish! If you are still a while away from your next holiday, grab a 1 kg value pack of the tropical treat and enjoy! Buy our dried coconut chips now!

*The coconut chips naturally contain sugar.

Average nutritional values per 100 g
Calorific value (in kj/kcal) 3096 /  740
Fat 68 g
thereof saturated fatty acids 65 g
Carbohydrates 9 g
thereof sugar 7 g
Dietary fiber 13 g
Protein 6 g
Salt 0 g
Product number: KOKOS_039
Best before date 18.04.2024
Origin Sri Lanka
Origin (Processing) Sri Lanka
Organic Origin Non-EU agriculture
Content 1 kg
Manufacturer KoRo
EAN/GTIN 4260718294757
Data sheet Specification
Organic control body & Organic origin
EU Bio
Nutrition traces Nutrition traces
Shipping Delivery time outside of Germany
Company KoRo Handels GmbH
Hauptstraße 26, 10827 Berlin
Storage Advice Store in a cool and dry place.
Ingredients 100 % coconut* *from organic farming. Contains natural sugar.
Cross contamination May contain traces of GLUTEN, SOY, NUTS, SESAME and SULPHUR DIOXIDE (SULFITES).
Trade Name Organic dried coconut strips with no added sugar
Label note Ingredients, nutritional values, and packaging may change. For exact information, please check the product description.
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Organic coconut chips with no added sugar 1kg
Organic roasted coconut chips 1kg
Organic coconut chips with coconut blossom sugar 1kg
Organic grated coconut 1kg
Organic roasted coconut chips with cocoa 1kg
Price €11.50 €12.00 €12.00 €14.00 (14.29% saved) €9.50 €19.50
Product number KOKOS_039 KOKOS_015 KOKOS_038 KOKOS_013 KOKOS_034
Properties vegetarian, organic, vegan lactose free, vegetarian, organic, vegan vegetarian, organic, vegan vegetarian, organic, vegan lactose free, vegetarian, organic, vegan
Herkunftsländer Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
Zutaten 100 % coconut* *from organic farming. Contains natural sugar. 100 % coconut* *from organic farming. 75.4 % coconut*, 24 % coconut blossom sugar*, sea salt. *from organic farming 100% grated coconut* *from organic agriculture 67% fresh coconut meat*, 24% coconut sugar*, 7.5% cocoa liquor block*, coconut oil*, sea salt.
Energie (kcal) 740 744 628 660 656
Fett 68 68 44 63 49
Zucker 7 6 34 6.4 29
Ballaststoffe 13 13 13 20 14
Eiweiß 6 6 5 6.2 4
Questions & answers: Organic coconut chips with no added sugar 1kg
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You can enjoy the sweet South Seas dream pure, decorate your smoothie bowl or refine oatmeal, yogurt and cottage cheese with it. Of course, you can also give free rein to your creativity and use the coconut chips for baking. You can find inspiration in our food journal.
The best contact person for this question is probably your veterinarian. There you can find out exactly which products in which dosage are okay for your beloved four-legged friend. But what we can definitely recommend for your dog: our dry dog food and wet dog food.
Yes! Everything we put in the bag is 100% organic coconut chips. The unsweetened treats are naturally delicious, which is why we've chosen not to add refined sugar.
A calorie deficit is usually the key to weight loss success. You don't have to do a special coconut diet ;). But what we can promise you: Our coconut chips provide a high fiber content (13 g/100 g).
Yes, our delicious chips made from coconut are naturally 100% vegan!
100 g of the crispy chips from coconut provide 740 calories.
Please store your coconut snack in a cool and dry place.
From our point of view, there is nothing to be said against it. Nevertheless, we ask you to seek medical advice to find out what amount is ideal for you.
Well, sure, some even! Take a look at our tahini with coconut, organic coconut oil, coconut water, our organic coconut shavings and our pretty KoRo coconut shell. What is also never missing with us, is the "Geile Schnitte".

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Getrocknete Kokoschips

Getrocknete Kokoschips haben einen fruchtig aromatischen Geschmack. Bei der Trocknung entfalten die Kokoschips ihr volles Aroma. Getrocknete Kokoschips gibt es in gesüßter und ungesüßter Variante. Bei uns im Shop findest Du die ungesüßte Variante, unsere Kokoschips brauchen nämlich gar keinen Zucker, um uns zu überzeugen!

Kokosnüsse wachsen in etwa 90 Ländern rund um den Äquator. Besonders in Indonesien und auf den Philippinen werden Kokosnussbäume angebaut. Doch auch in Indien und Sri Lanka werden Kokosnussbäume stark kultiviert. In 2018 wurden weltweit etwa 61,9 Mio. Kokosnüsse geerntet. Kokospalmen mögen es warm, am besten gefallen ihnen Temperaturen von ca. 27°C. Sie bevorzugen eine hohe Luftfeuchtigkeit und wachsen am besten mit etwa 120 Sonnenstunden im Jahr. Wusstest Du, dass eine einzige ausgewachsene Palme etwa 50-80 Kokosnüsse im Jahr liefert?

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4-5 star reviews 🙂



Super quality

Great coconut chips. Giant bag and tasty top.

1-3 star reviews 🙃



Please pay attention to MHD

Unfortunately, this product was already expired which has annoyed me.


Michael H.


If you like coconut, you can't go wrong here.

Very tasty in muesli and as a snack or also very noble to refine desserts.

claudia t.


so versatile!

whether on cereal, in cake cream or as bowl topping with soy sauce - very tasty chips

Rachel S.


Great snack for in between

I find the coconut chips excellent. They taste good coconut (so not rancid or old or musty, as you sometimes experience unfortunately) and can be nicely weggsnacken. And also one of my cats goes extremely on it and always gets a bit off when I snacke some.

Victoria R.


Gladly again!

Quantity can be well packed, price performance top. Price per kilo is lower than in the supermarket.

Nathalie T.


again and again with pleasure

usual good quality. good price / performance ratio taste like coconut as they should

Anna Maria F.


Super as Topping

Fresh and crisp. Intense coconut flavor.

Stefanie A.


Perfect for breakfast in muesli or just to nibble.

Rarely eaten so good coconut chips! Natural taste and good aroma.



Mega fast, mega tasty!

Admit it, you can read minds, because as quickly as this time the delivery was there suggests telepathy. Super tasty, everything I've gotten so far.



super lecker

Great chips, super tasty. Great as a snack or with cereal.



Everything is fine

Very tasty. As described. I would buy again and again!

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