Non-food 113 Article

Mason Jar | 6 x 1062ml

Content: 6 STÜCK (€1.46 / 1 STÜCK)

€8.75 €1.46 per 1 STÜCK
Reusable non-stick grill mat 5 pieces

Content: 5 STÜCK (€1.55 / 1 STÜCK)

€7.75 €1.55 per 1 STÜCK
Pack of 10 glass straws with 2 cleaning brushes

Content: 10 STÜCK (€0.65 / 1 STÜCK)

€6.50 €0.65 per 1 STÜCK
Glass food container with lid — 4 containers

Content: 4 STÜCK (€4.50 / 1 STÜCK)

€18.00 €4.50 per 1 STÜCK
Reusable and washable silicone baking mat 2 pieces

Content: 2 STÜCK (€4.63 / 1 STÜCK)

€9.25 €4.63 per 1 STÜCK
KoRo coconut bowl 4 pcs.

Content: 4 STÜCK (€5.50 / 1 STÜCK)

€22.00 €5.50 per 1 STÜCK
Beeswax wraps 3 pieces

Content: 3 STÜCK (€3.83 / 1 STÜCK)

€11.50 €3.83 per 1 STÜCK
Ball mason jar 32 oz (946ml) set of 12

Content: 12 STÜCK (€8.29 / 1 STÜCK)

€99.50 €8.29 per 1 STÜCK
Bormioli Quattro Stagioni jars 17 OZ (500ml) 12pcs

Content: 12 STÜCK (€2.54 / 1 STÜCK)

€30.50 €2.54 per 1 STÜCK
Set of 12 Ball mason jars 16 oz (473ml)

Content: 12 STÜCK (€7.17 / 1 STÜCK)

€86.00 €7.17 per 1 STÜCK

Our non-food products

Apart from all our delicacies, we also offer you super cool non-food items! Are you wondering why? It is actually quite simple: true to the saying, "the eye wants its share", we provide all-round equipment for your kitchen, and other accessories and items which are indispensable but at the same time do not belong on your plate.

Storage for your favourite snacks

If you want to keep your favourite food fresh and tasty as long as possible, good storage is essential! That is why it became clear to us relatively quickly that we would have to include high-quality storage jars to our range. Our Ball Mason jars are not only stylish, but also perfect to store your favourite treats; depending on their quantity, the glasses are of course available in different sizes. And as we firmly believe that the presentation of your snacks plays a crucial role in your snack game too, we have designed a simple, beautiful and practical serving set, and bowls whose rustic and unique charm will give your smoothies and porridges a truly delicious look. You will never want to do without them, it's a promise!

Our plastic-free alternatives

Our non-food range may seem out of line at first – but all items always remain true to our visions! Specifically, this means that, in this case too, we take quality particularly at heart and always make sure to test all items thoroughly – you only get the best of the best! In addition, we are always trying to be as sustainable as possible, and we believe that plastic does not necessarily have to be! Therefore, we sell glass bottles and jars instead of plastic containers, stainless steel lunch boxes instead of plastic lunch boxes, and straws made of glass. Our sustainable alternatives are not only good for the planet, but also look great! Now it's your turn: trade in your plastic products for these reusable alternatives!

High-quality dog food for our furry friends

Okay, true – this does not really belong to the non-food area. In theory, you could eat it, but we recommend you to let your pet enjoy it. With our animal food category, we wanted to offer our furry friends an irresistible taste experience too. As we are convinced that they should only get the best too, we have carefully prepared balanced and high-quality dog food for them, and packed it in bulk-sized bags, so that you can stock up on your pet's new favourite diet– whether dry or wet, they will love it!


In addition to kitchen gadgets, vouchers, and animal food, we of course also have other non-food items in stock. This includes our super-cool KoRo t-shirts and our beautiful and colourful toys for the little ones! In general, our non-food range varies on a regular basis, and will in part also adapt to the season. That's why you should stop by every now and then!

All questions about our non-food items

We want you to have all the information you might need about our products. If you want some detailed info about a certain item, take a look at its page and Specifications. Should you not find the answers you’re looking for anywhere, do not hesitate to contact us per email or on our social media pages. We are always happy to help!

What’s the best way to store my favourite snacks?

Almost all snacks, dried fruits, grains, etc. love to be stored in a cool and, above all, dry place. This is why we recommend our air-tight storage jars, which do not only look stylish, but are also plastic-free and dishwasher-safe. If you have to go fast, you can alternatively snap one of our clips to seal the bag of your snack. Thanks to the right storage you can enjoy your best treats unchanged until the end!

How do I find the right gift for my loved ones?

Of course you know your loved ones best, so take a moment to think about what they like! If you cannot come up with anything, or you are running short on time, don't worry: we have the right gift for everyone! From reusable glass straws and high-quality stainless steel lunch box to our completely natural coconut and olive wood bowls; and let us not forget to mention our amazing kitchen helpers! If none of the non-food items convinces you, take a look at our snack selection – because, let's be honest, we all love snacking!

Is KoRo’s tableware dishwasher-safe?

Unfortunately, our coconut and olive wood bowls don't like hot water very much, and shouldn't be soaked in water for too long either – all they need is a gentle hand to wash them. But our stainless steel lunch boxes can go in your dishwasher without any problems. However, it is always best to check the product's instructions on the respective pages – better safe than sorry!

What do I need to know about KoRo's clothing?

You just have to know that our KoRo's t-shirts are a hit! Much more than just a garment made of organic cotton, our t-shirts are also statements: we have the "nuts" - simply because we actively tackle problems, do not hide, speak up and strive for positive movement forward.

Are KoRo’s bottles leak-proof?

Yes, they are! Their ingenious screw cap prevents the typical leakage and your bag, backpack, tote, or purse perfectly dry and happy!