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KoRo’s online gift ideas

Every year at Christmas, Easter, and on the respective birthdays you want to give your loved ones a present, and every year you don't know which gift could do your friend, mum, or favourite colleague justice: they have deserved the whole world! Well, here you can find delicacies and treats from all over the globe.

It doesn't matter whether the recipient is your best friend or just an acquaintance, or what your budget is. Even if you only start looking for a present five minutes before the start of the birthday party, we have your back! Discover our gift ideas online and choose stress-free.

Creative gifts for everyone

Some people just have it all, but we still want to give them a present – be it to express your love, to congratulate them on their birthday, or to return a favour. Time to get creative, and find an unforgettable gift!

Share your love for KoRo with your dear ones

You and your friends are huge KoRo-fans? We understand that. To show the world the depth of your love, making in addition others aware of our online shop, we have created new KoRo t-shirts for you, now available online. Are you a nuts and nut butters addict? Then our t-shirt I’ve got the nuts…from KoRo is for you. Is the recipient of your present a passionate fan of all our products? Then we are sure that our basic KoRo logo t-shirt will be a success with them. 

A plus of our t-shirts: other KoRo fans will recognise in you a fellow-creature at first glance, and you won’t ever need ice-breakers again. Who does not want to get to know another human being with whom to share their passion for quality bulk products?

Or let them choose

Paralysed by the size of our gigantic product selection, you cannot seem to make up your mind? Don’t worry! This is precisely the reason why we have our gift cards, available from a 15€ value. The best part is that our vouchers are the perfect last-minute present, as you can simply pay online, print out the gift card and tadaaa: to the party! 

To delight your loved ones, even more, we have come up with a special Art Edition of our gift cards: for no extra price, your voucher will be enriched by a unique piece signed by various artists from Berlin. Thus, your gift will be the most good-looking and admired, and the pretty box can be used for some other purpose. And, who knows what the little masterpiece will be worth, in a few years…

Samples for new KoRo fans

Our bulk packs are a clever way to shop responsibly and cheaply but they might be a little too much for a present. What is the person going to do with a pack of camomile large as a pillow? Or six jars of vegan pesto, or a one-litre-jug of maple syrup? This is why we offer you a bunch of gift ideas which were designed for getting people to know our products.

Our dried fruit and trail mix starter sets are going to be a huge hit! Another starter kit that will make anyone more than happy is our nut butter sample set Nutcracker: doesn’t he look adorable? And it is delicious and decadent too, as he contains no less than 24 different nut and seed butters and creams! Perfect for the most undecided among your friends.

Who doesn’t love kitchen utensils?

Don’t miss any kitchen utensils update! At KoRo you can find high-quality kitchen accessories that will bring a classy touch to every kitchen: beautiful olive-wood and coconut bowls, simple and elegant serving sets, and practical jars to store your products. We also have super practical items, like our KoRo sealing clips, which will make your opened product last longer. If you really want to treat or surprise your loved ones, our high-performance food processor Sir Mix-a-Lot is a sure hit: a top-quality mixer that will be the best gift for food lovers.

Questions about our gifts ideas

We want to give you all the information you want about our gift ideas. If you have questions about an item in particular, please take a look at the product's Specifications. Should you not find the answers you were looking for, do not hesitate to contact us via email or by writing us over our social media pages. We are more than happy to help you out!

What makes KoRo’s gifts so special?

If you don’t like the idea of carelessly buying gifts with no soul, this is the right place for you. We have sustainable and eco-friendly gift ideas, from reusable glass straws to steel lunchboxes

Our products distinguish themselves for the high-quality of their materials and ingredients: this is the reason why the greatest part of our assortment is organic. Furthermore, each product undergoes a strict process of quality control and tastings – to which also our CEOs take part – before being presented to you. The positive reviews of our affectionate clients speak for themselves. 

KoRo offers you products and fancy treats that you don’t easily find in the supermarket, like chocolate almondsamarena cherries covered in chocolate, and chocolate and matcha coated almonds, which are going to surprise every birthday boy and girl.

Do you have any cheap gift ideas?

If you have to buy Christmas presents for your whole family and friends circle, we have a delightful and affordable idea for you. Buy a bulk pack of our trail mix and share its content in Mason Jars: you will thus prepare very cute-looking and tasty gifts for everybody, and they will be happy to receive a delicious taste of a variety of products - dried mango strips, pineapple rings, dried figs… you name it! And maybe you will have something left for you to snack on. 

Moreover, some of our products are already available in sets; our pesto for example, or some delicate chocolaty rice cakes – so you will be able to make great presents with a very contained budget.

What can I get someone whom I don’t know very well?

We all know this situation: your friend’s sister has invited you spontaneously to her birthday party; a neighbour has nicely told you to show up to their small house party, or a friendly colleague wants you to join for their birthday drinks. Obviously, you don’t want to show up empty-handed! But now you ask yourself: what would they be happy to receive? Are there gifts that make everybody happy? 

We at KoRo are confident enough to be sure that our products will indeed make everybody happy! If you are totally in the dark about the person’s taste, we suggest that you get them something safe like our beautiful and useful glass straws. But you might know at least a little about them – for example, that they eat out a lot: in this case, the right choice might be easier than you think: our elegant steel lunch box will make their meals not only more eco-friendly but also stylish. Also, delicacies like our freeze-dried raspberries dipped in white chocolate will surely make a great impression! 

A last idea: for garden enthusiasts and not-so-green thumbs, you might want to get our sprouting set, which will bring healthy and delicious sprouts to their kitchen, and a touch of colour to their counter.

What’s the perfect gift for my girlfriend?

Nobody knows your girlfriend better than you, of course. Therefore it is up to you to think about what she likes and what makes her happy. Does she love to drink tea in the morning? Then maybe our dried hibiscus blossoms could pleasantly surprise her. Is one of her favourite things in the world to snack watching a film with you? Our starter set KoRo’s best, with dried fruits and trail mix, will definitely be something for her! Does she get stressed while preparing for her uni exams? Maybe some brain-food like our premium “Studentenfutter” trail mix could help. For the organisation-freaks, nothing could be more suitable than our Ball Mason jars. If you wish you could take your girlfriend to the Caribbean but you cannot afford it yet, then our tropical coconut bowl will make her feel as if she were on holiday every day that you prepare her oats or smoothie bowl. 

A last tip: if you catch yourself every time frantically browsing the web for last-minute gift ideas, only to end up on the good, old, boring chocolate, flowers, and vouchers, we have an advice for you. Pay more attention throughout the year to your loved one’s hints, and write down those gift ideas that would never come back to your mind when you most needed them! No more stress and last-minute hunts. Thank us later!

Do you have some special Christmas or Easter offers?

If you are already part of the KoRo community, you might remember our darling Must-Tafa nutcracker – an Advent calendar that contains 24 samples of 24 different nut butters and creams, which will be cherished by every gourmet household not only for Christmas! 

But we suggest that you let your creativity run wild, rather than rely on seasonal offers: compose your own gift box and Advent calendar. Nut butters, dry fruits, useful and stylish accessories, delicious snacks that you won’t find in every supermarket: who wouldn’t be happy to receive top-quality foods packed in extra-large bags?