Sale 27 Article

Organic white almond butter 500g
Quantity: 500 g

Content: 0.5 kg (€22.00 / 1 kg)

€11.00 €15.00 €22.00 per 1 kg
Reusable non-stick grill mat 5 pieces

Content: 5 UNIT (€1.16 / 1 UNIT)

€5.81 €7.75 €1.16 per 1 UNIT
Organic hazelnut butter 250g
Quantity: 250 g

Content: 0.25 kg (€16.00 / 1 kg)

Variants from €6.50
€4.00 €6.50 €16.00 per 1 kg
Bio Dattel Haselnuss Creme 330g
Quantity: 330 g

Content: 0.33 kg (€11.21 / 1 kg)

€3.70 €11.21 per 1 kg
Sensitive sun cream SPF 30 400ml

Content: 0.4 litre (€19.25 / 1 litre)

€7.70 €11.00 €19.25 per 1 litre
38  %
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Organic cashew butter 500g
Quantity: 500 g

Content: 0.5 kg (€16.00 / 1 kg)

€8.00 €13.00 €16.00 per 1 kg
Banana bread cashew butter 290g
Quantity: 290 g

Content: 0.29 kg (€18.97 / 1 kg)

€5.50 €6.50 €18.97 per 1 kg
Biscuit cutter set — 25 pieces

Content: 25 UNIT (€0.57 / 1 UNIT)

€14.25 €19.00 €0.57 per 1 UNIT
Berta protein bar brownie 12 x 60g – sale

Content: 0.72 kg (€30.56 / 1 kg)

€22.00 €25.50 €30.56 per 1 kg
31  %
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Product note
39  %
Product note
Cashew butter 6 x 250g
Quantity: 6 x 250 g

Content: 1.5 kg (€14.33 / 1 kg)

Variants from €4.00
€21.50 €35.00 €14.33 per 1 kg
Date paste 15kg — Sale

Content: 15 kg (€2.83 / 1 kg)

€42.50 €67.50 €2.83 per 1 kg

Buy Sale products from KoRo: Order reduced price food and more online

At KoRo, you won't find any lavish voucher codes or new customer discounts, even the supposedly obligatory student discount. The fact that we deliberately do without discount battles and coupons for free shipping and the like has to do with KoRo's philosophy and our pricing policy - you can read more about the latter in the blog entry about our prices.

Here we explain why we consider our Sale category so much more important than discount campaigns and how you can help avoid food waste by buying these goods. In particular, it is (mostly) expired food that you can find in our Sale category with an attractive price advantage. But we also save exclusive special items and promotional products that we buy when other shops close down, for example, or remaining stock from overproduction from the rubbish bin.

Food from our sale section is not only easy on your wallet. The environment is often less strained as well, because the cultivation, transport, packaging and so on of all foodstuffs require water, energy and resources. Thus, all products cause environmental pollution and greenhouse gases, which contribute greatly to climate change. Since we cannot do without our food intake, the magic word is "more conscious consumption". For example, just because a food item has reached its best-before date doesn't mean it should be thrown away.

KoRo’s products on sale

You can now find exclusive and special versions of your favourite KoRo products under the category "Sale". As we firmly believe in giving a second chance to second choice foods, we have decided to start offering you a variety of these foods, which come directly from our Berlin warehouse. All of the products on offer have small flaws and would not have found their way into our online shop – at least so far! From now on, however, you can decide for yourself whether you would rather use the inexpensive "second-class" goods and save them from a sad destiny! Here you can expect to find goods whose packaging has been damaged, remaining stock, and food with a short best-before date – before landing on our website, all of them have, of course, thoroughly checked and their quality is guaranteed.

Rescue expired food

You might be asking yourself, why should you ever buy expired food! Apart from the good price, there are a few other very valid reasons for buying expired or almost-expired foods. The best-before date (MHD in German) is not to be confused with the use-by date, which relates to food safety. Every year in Germany, millions of tons of perfectly good food go to waste, just because they have passed the best-before date – try to imagine the global numbers! Moreover, a large part of the food that goes wasted is that whose packaging has gotten slightly damaged, or whose shape does not look appealing and “normal” enough. As an international online food shop, we thought it was time to take a stance and do something actively against this waste of food, giving every second-choice product a second chance. KoRo has long been donating its so-called "second-class goods" to various organizations, but now we are going one step further and will be giving our customers the opportunity to support our commitment themselves: from now on, in our "Sale" category, you will be therefore able to buy exclusive and special items, thus actively contributing to fight food waste!

KoRo's food outlet

You can imagine our "Sale" section like a food outlet or an online warehouse sale: its where we collect all those KoRo products which, for different reasons, differ from our norm and would therefore not have landed on our website. From now on, you can add these heavily marked down products to your cart! Large nut packs into which other nut varieties have ended up by mistake, are, for example, declared as second-class goods. The damaged outer packaging of a product can also be the reason why the food ends up here. In addition, you can occasionally get hold of remaining stock pieces, rejects, expired and close-to-the-best-before-date food items, for a special low price. Regardless of their flaws, the quality and deliciousness of each product that you will find in our "Sale" category are of the highest level – our quality management team takes care to undergo accurate controls on a regular basis.

How to use our foods on sale

The products collected under this category have small imperfections, a near best-before date, or other tiny issues which prevent them from landing on the regular market. But all of them are perfectly good and safe! Whether you get your hands on a nut butter, a bag of dried fruit, some tasty bar, or your favourite pasta, you can use your sale products just like the corresponding “normal” KoRo item. If you are in need of food inspiration, go take a look at our Food journal section!

All questions about our sale products

We want you to have all the information about our food in the Sale category. If you have questions regarding a specific product, please take a look at its page and specification. Should you not find the answers to your questions, feel free to contact us per email or on our social media pages: we are always happy to help you!

Why are these 2nd choice products offered at a special price?

We are a food online shop, and we love groceries. Therefore, it really breaks our hearts to see good food thrown away. Although high-quality products are our trademark, we also have items that deviate from the norm, sometimes - broken goods, faulty productions, and near-to-the-best-before-date foods often end up in the garbage. We at KoRo would like to decisively and actively counteract such food waste. We have long been donating these "faulty" products to various organizations, but now, true to our belief that second-choice food deserves a second chance, we want to offer our customers the opportunity to purchase "second-choice" food in our online shop, thus allowing you to do your part in the fight against food waste. Our sale KoRo products are sold with an attractive discount.

Can the products be consumed without a second thought?

You will exclusively find high-quality food in our sale category. Before being uploaded to our online shop, the articles are thoroughly checked in our warehouse by our quality management team.

What does the best before date mean?

The best-before date is not to be confused with the use-by date, which is related to the safety of the food. If the use-by date is exceeded, the food should not be consumed. The best before date, on the other hand, only indicates until when the properties of a food such as taste, smell, colour, texture, and nutritional value remain unchanged, at least as long as the product is stored appropriately and closed in the original packaging. Food can often be stored and consumed far beyond that.

Is it legal to sell expired foods?

In retail, an expired best-before date does not trigger a sales ban. Food can therefore be sold both in the supermarket and online even after the best-before date. However, it must be ensured that the goods are flawless, which our quality management guarantees through careful and regular controls because as soon as the best-before date is reached, the manufacturer is no longer liable, but the responsibility is then borne by those who put the goods on the market – KoRo, in our case.