Freeze-dried raspberries 350g


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  • Gefriergetrocknete Früchte aus 100 % Himbeeren
  • Fruchtig-süßes Aroma & herrlich knusprig
  • Hoher Ballaststoffgehalt (26 g/100 g)
  • Ganzjähriger Beerengenuss
  • Fruchtiges Topping für Dein Müsli oder als Snack für zwischendurch
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Do you dream of raspberry enjoyment all year round? No problem! Our wonderfully crunchy, fruity and sweet freeze-dried raspberries are here to make sure you can get that special taste of late summer any time you feel like it – and without any added refined sugar (raspberries naturally contain sugar). In addition, our berries will convince you with their proud fibre content of 32 g per 100 g. No more longing and waiting: thanks to the incredible process of freeze-drying, we are able to bring you your favourite fruit at any time of the year! Whether as a pure snack or as an aromatic ingredient in recipes: we wouldn't want to do without freeze-dried raspberries anymore: buy them now and get ready for the summer vibes!

Fruity enjoyment for the whole year

Everyone knows that we at KoRo are true and committed fans of freeze-dried fruit, and even to those who don't know us it is immediately clear – just take a look at our dried fruit range! We have so many more other freeze-dried fruits on offer for you, such as aromatic pineapple chunks or tasty sliced figs; and for the undecided, our best-selling freeze-dried berry mix containing cranberries, strawberries and blackberries. But let's go back to our delicious raspberries: you can use them both as a sweet add-on for your porridge or musli bowl, as a fruity highlight in your smoothie, but also to enrich savoury dishes! Just think of the beauty of an asparagus salad rounded off with dried raspberries! Last but not least: the drinks you can refine with these versatile berries! Whether to spice up your water or create a summery cocktail, the possibilities are endless!

Buy our freeze-dried raspberries!

What is this freeze drying all about? Here is a quick explanation: the ripe fruits are first frozen and subjected to what is known as sublimation: during this process, the water is removed from the deep-frozen fruit in a vacuum chamber, which turns into steam directly from the frozen state. This gentle drying process preserves the aroma and vitamins of the food particularly well, and, having underwent this, the raspberries from KoRo impress with their fruity-sweet taste and their pleasant crunchiness. Order our freeze-dried raspberries online now!

Product number: HIM_025
Best before date 20.04.2024
Content 0.35 kg
Manufacturer KoRo
EAN/GTIN 4255582808834
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Shipping Delivery time outside of Germany
Ingredients 100 % Himbeeren
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Questions & answers: Freeze-dried raspberries 350g
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Thanks to the high-tech process of freeze-drying, the water content of our raspberries is removed from them all at once, leaving their nutritional values intact. Maybe this gives you a good idea of their crunchiness? Or you have to simply believe us: if you like a good crunch on your morning porridge or salad bowls, these berries won't disappoint!
You can use freeze-dried raspberries for baking, as a topping or as a fruit tea. In muesli, the crunchy fruits also offer you an extra crunch. But also decoratively a real must-have: a few raspberries in your favorite drink - and you have not only a visual upgrade - but also a real taste explosion with their intense fruity flavor. For summer, we will recommend using freeze-dried strawberries as toppings for your cocktails or just as a plain snack to enjoy while your barbecue is ready.
Sure - there are no limits for you! The best thing you can do is to take your favorite cup, put some a few raspberries in it and fill the whole thing up with hot water. In the end, you have a fruity, fresh fruit tea.
Due to the vitamin-preserving process, the nutrients are preserved and the taste of the fruits is more intense. In addition, freeze-dried fruits are more environmentally friendly, as they only need to be grown seasonally and thus fewer greenhouses and greenhouses are managed.
Freeze-dried fruits should be stored in airtight packaging, which is why we deliver them in a resealable bag. This guarantees the long shelf life and intense flavor. Tip: If you store your freeze-dried fruits in the delivered bag, we recommend that you remove the air from the bag before closing it. Of course, you can also store the fruit in one of our stylish storage jars.

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4-5 star reviews 🙂



really really good

Quality and workmanship are good, price-performance is also perfectly okay, the availability is unfortunately a pity because these are not so often to order

1-3 star reviews 🙃




Many raspberries were unfortunately crushed, I assume that it is due to transport or how the product was placed in the package. Due to the fact that only a few are still whole, the whole is rather a "powder".

KoRo Handels GmbH


Hey Elena, thank you for your feedback. We are very sorry that your raspberries arrived damaged. Please contact our customer service so that they can provide you with appropriate compensation. Kind regards from your KoRo Team :)



Again and again.

Super tasty. Price-performance ratio is right. Especially for parents with children, the packaging sizes are perfect and better than you get in the usual drugstores.



Lecker und crunchy

We buy these very often - very tasty and crunchy



Highly recommended

Incredibly delicious, crispy and the taste is amazing! 😊

Bernd B.


Nutritionally optimal, very good consumption properties.

Picture: my personal breakfast mix

Anna v.


great for muesli or porridge in winter

The freeze-dried raspberries taste delicious, but soaking them in water makes them watery and many berries turn to powder during transportation. I would buy them again, especially for the winter months. Of course, it can't compare to real fresh berries in summer.

Doreen T.


I will definitely buy them again.

The raspberries are also very tasty and my children love eating them.



Delicious addition to breakfast

One of my absolute favorites at KoRo are the freeze-dried fruits. Ideal to spice up muesli or porridge.

Nadezda D.


Again with pleasure

Everything delivered super tastes great for the kids

Sarah N.


Large tasty berries

A great product. My favorite berry for smoothies, cereals or just to snack. Very large berries and the price is absolutely justified.

Gerald P.


Top product! Very good quality at a fair price

Ales Perfect, top product! Very good quality at a fair price

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