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  • 100% ground turmeric powder
  • Beautiful golden colour
  • Intensive, exotic aroma
  • Perfect for colouring your curries and preparing your golden milk
  • From certified organic agriculture

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Are you tired of chai, matcha, and pumpkin spice lattes? We might have just the thing for you: turmeric latte. But turmeric can do a lot more than turning your milk golden! We use the golden powder almost every day, and we'll show you how! Buy our turmeric powder in top organic quality now and let your everyday life shine bright! 

Turmeric – ginger's little sister

Originally from Asia and nowadays cultivated in many tropical regions, turmeric belongs to a type of plant within the ginger family. 90% of the tuber comes from India, but it is considered a real asset worldwide: with its characteristic scent, bright yellow colour, and intense, exotic taste, turmeric has always enchanted us! The spice owes its colour to the natural colouring agent curcumin which lends curries their typical colour. This means that, thanks to our organic turmeric powder, you can naturally colour your rice and every food in seconds! Get the beautiful and versatile golden powder in our one-kilo value pack!  

Turmeric: The golden queen

Turmeric is the queen of spices and has become an indispensable part of Indian cuisine. The power of the root transports you directly into the colourful world of India's street food markets. But the noble powder not only refines your curries and chutneys: watch out and let your imagination run wild! Bring variety and colour into your savoury dishes and simply add our ground turmeric! In top organic quality, the powder convinces with its intense colour and unique taste: spicy and earthy at the same time. For us, turmeric powder is the queen among spices and therefore our tip for all vegans and KoRo fans: add a teaspoon of ground turmeric to your next portion of scrambled tofu and enjoy the bright yellow appearance.  

Your Soul Warmer - Turmeric Latte 

The beetroot latte can bite the dust! Here it comes - curtain up for the golden milk. Just a hype or your new favourite drink in the hipster café? Golden milk is nothing new. The yellow miracle has been known in multicultural cuisine for quite some time. And rightly so! The name says it all. Not only does it look incredibly good, but with its intensely bright colour it is THE eye-catcher par excellence. The golden-yellow hot drink convinces with an exotic-sweet, spicy scent and enchants you and your loved ones! You can also use the golden milk as a coffee substitute. Our tip: Oat drink + turmeric powder + a pinch of pepper + a pinch of ginger and cinnamon = the ultimate alternative to your morning coffee. 

Our organic turmeric spice - The inner values 

With our organic turmeric powder you bring variety into your creations, hopefully you already know that! Combine the queen of spices with our other spices and taste your way through a colourful palette of flavours! There are over 400 varieties of the turmeric plant worldwide. We have taken up the challenge. The result: the best ground turmeric in India for us! We immediately fell in love with the turmeric extract and would like to pass this on to you: its smell is intense and the colour strong. Treat yourself to your portion of turmeric and buy the tuber in the practical 1 kg value pack now and bring colour into your kitchen!

Product number: GEWUERZ_018
Origin India, Indonesia, Madagascar, Nigeria, Viet Nam
Organic Origin Non-EU agriculture
Content 1 kg
Manufacturer KoRo
EAN/GTIN 4260335835753
Data sheet Specification
Organic control body & Organic origin
EU Bio
Nutrition traces Nutrition traces
Shipping Delivery time outside of Germany
Company KoRo Handels GmbH
Hauptstraße 26, 10827 Berlin
Storage Advice Store in a cool and dry place
Ingredients 100% turmeric* *from organic farming
Cross contamination May contain MUSTARD.
Best before date 15.11.2025
Trade Name Ground organic turmeric
Label note Ingredients, nutritional values, and packaging may change. For exact information, please check the product description.
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Ground turmeric is versatile due to its taste and its bright yellow color. The noble powder lets many of your creations become a colorful highlight. Of course, we won't leave you hanging and give you a few recipe inspirations along the way! How about a hearty pumpkin-chickpea curry, for example? Or give your vegan egg salad the right hue with our turmeric spice. And for cold winter days, the ground turmeric can also be integrated super easy in your hot drinks. Treat yourself to your portion of turmeric in your morning golden milk!
The fresh turmeric root is good for pickling, cooking and salads. Ground turmeric, in powder form, however, is used more often. As a spice, it can be integrated super easily into everyday life whether in cooking, in hot drinks or in desserts as a natural colorant.
Of course, you can also integrate our organic turmeric in moderation into your diet during breastfeeding.
The spice turmeric has a strong coloring effect. This is mainly due to the natural dye curcumin, which is present in the tuber. The dye is safe for your skin and should come off after some time. So nothing stands in your way!
Sure, with us you can buy 1 kg of purest turmeric powder in top organic quality. Because the ground turmeric comes from organic farming.
Our ground turmeric has a shelf life of up to 18 months (e.g. 3 years) in the sealed package. After opening, the spice should be used within 6 months.
We have tried our way through many different varieties of turmeric. Our turmeric spice is characterized by its characteristic taste. An earthy and slightly bitter note rounds off the slight spiciness and sweetness of our turmeric powder.
Our ground turmeric comes from organic farming and comes for you in the practical 1 kg advantage pack. So we guarantee you an inexpensive buying experience. We have tried through the wide variety of turmeric varieties to find the most flavorful and odorous variety for you. We are of the opinion: We have found it. Grab your bag and see for yourself!
You can continue to integrate our ground turmeric in moderation in your creations during pregnancy. However, we strongly advise you to consult your doctor beforehand about the consumption / the appropriate amount.
Yes, even our four-legged friends are allowed to consume the popular spice in moderation. But your four-legged friend is especially close to our hearts. Therefore, we have developed a grain-free dry food especially for him, which provides your loved one with his daily portion of nutrients.

Varieties & Origin

Erode Kurkuma

Das Erode Kurkuma zeichnet sich durch eine gold-gelbe Farbe aus. Es stammt aus dem Bundesstaat Tamil Nadu in Indien und der Kurkumagehalt liegt zwischen 2,5 % und 4,5 %.

Cultivation by country in tons
Country Tons
Indien 858000
China 88000
Myanmar 44000
Nigeria 33000
Bangladesch 33000

Kurkuma gehört zur Familie der Ingwergewächse und stammt zu 90 % aus Indien. Dort wird er nicht nur vorwiegend angebaut, sondern findet auch die häufigste Verwendung für verschiedene Gerichte. Kurkuma ist ein wichtiger Teil der indischen Kultur und wird auch für religiöse Rituale, als Kosmetik oder zur Färbung benutzt. Neben Indien sind weitere Anbauländer: China, Myanmar und andere südostasiatische Länder. Weltweit gibt es über 400 Sorten der Kurkuma-Pflanze.


Wir machen gerne Anstarr-Wettbewerbe mit unseren Gewürzen

Aber nur, wenn sie besonders delikat aussehen. Dieses Mal haben wir uns für Dich auf die Suche nach dem besten Kurkuma gemacht und uns durch das Gewürz-Angebot getestet. Der Sieger schmeckt nicht nur lecker, sondern musste auch nicht so schnell blinzeln wie wir.

Kurkuma, so weit das Auge reicht

So sieht die Kurkuma-Pflanze aus. In Indien ist sie schon seit mindestens 4000 Jahren der Renner: Ob als Farbstoff oder Gewürz, die Knolle wird dort für viele Dinge verwendet.

Der nette Cousin des Ingwers

Die leuchtend orangene Farbe hat die Knolle dem Farbstoff Curcumin zu verdanken. Er sorgt auch für die typische Farbe im Curry, denn das besteht häufig zum großen Teil aus Kurkuma.

Zum Niederknien lecker

Ein gutes Produkt hat auch schöne Fotos verdient. Da Kurkuma aber von Natur aus besonders fotogen ist, war das Shooting diese Mal ein Klacks.

Auf Deine Gesundheit

Mit Kurkuma kann man viele Köstlichkeiten zaubern - auch leckere Drinks. In unserem Food Journal findest Du ein paar unserer Kurkuma-Highlights.

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Defekte Verpackung

Verpackung war leider defekt, hatte unten an der Tüte ein kleines Loch...alles war gelb gepudert...
Über das Produkt selbst kann ich nichts sagen, wird noch getestet.

KoRo Handels GmbH


Hey, vielen Dank für Dein Feedback. Wir bedauern sehr, dass Deine Bestellung beschädigt bei Dir ankam. Wende Dich in solch einem Fall am besten immer direkt an unseren Kundenservice, damit dieser sich Deinem Anliegen annehmen kann. Alles Liebe Dein KoRo Team :)



Defekte Verpackung

Verpackung war leider defekt, hatte unten an der Tüte ein kleines Loch...alles war gelb gepudert...
Über das Produkt selbst kann ich nichts sagen, wird noch getestet.

KoRo Handels GmbH


Hey, vielen Dank für Dein Feedback. Wir bedauern sehr, dass Deine Bestellung beschädigt bei Dir ankam. Wende Dich in solch einem Fall am besten immer direkt an unseren Kundenservice, damit dieser sich Deinem Anliegen annehmen kann. Alles Liebe Dein KoRo Team :)


Ghansham J.


I am satisfied overall

Good product , Good price, arrived on time



Besser geht's nicht

Sehr lecker! Bin zufrieden. Passt hervorragend mit Milch als Getränk, wie golden milk.



Turmeric stop...

I have read and heard so much positive about the golden milk that I also wanted to test it. So for a week now I give the ground turmeric in my golden milk. The powder fully meets my expectations so far.



Perfect quality, organic and super value for money

Perfect quality, organic and great value for money.
I use very happy for golden milk and ginger shots



Not to be thought away!

An element for my golden milk. Here you get simply the best turmeric, taste as well as price unbeatable!!!



Good price-performance ratio

Good quality at a reasonable price. I order turmeric regularly for my golden milk.

Johanna G.


Product good packaging rather less.

The product is great, but unfortunately the bag arrived broken so that much powder was unfortunately no longer usable. Nevertheless, I will certainly order again.

KoRo Handels GmbH


Hey, vielen Dank für Dein Feedback. Wende Dich bei beschädigten Produkte bitte immer an unseren Kundenservice, damit dieser Dir bei Deinen Anliegen weiterhelfen kann. Alles Liebe Dein KoRo Team :)


Sandra K.


Super tasty for golden milk

Price performance super. Unfortunately this time the package was defective



Good quality

Good quality, very flavor-intensive. Price-performance top.

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