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  • Unsulphured
  • Gently sun-dried tomatoes
  • Delicious on salads, pizzas and much more!
  • The perfect snack to-go
  • Perfect for homemade red pesto

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A real Italian feeling on your tongue — that's exactly how our sun-dried tomatoes taste. The red nightshade, which is botanically considered a berry, loves sun. And we love its aroma. That's why we wanted to preserve it for an extra long time. So we can all enjoy tomato pleasures at any time of the day and year, we gently dried our tomatoes in the sun and packaged them in our signature 1 kg value packs. They are just waiting for you to order them. Act now and get your sun-dried tomatoes for a piece of Italy in your kitchen! 

How are sun-dried tomatoes made?

Our gently sun-dried tomatoes come to life without any addition of oil or salt. This gives them a special flavour. We benefit from the power of the sun. The sun ripened tomatoes are washed, thinly sliced and put in the sun to dry. As soon as no liquid is released as the tomatoes are lightly tapped, their drying process is over and they make their way into our shop.

Sun-dried tomatoes recipe ideas: vegan recipes, toppings, homemade pestos and more

Our sun-dried tomatoes are a versatile addition to you kitchen. Use them as pizza toppings, on salad or pasta, make jam or create your own vegan recipes. Just check out our food journal for more inspiration. You can enjoy our sun-dried tomatoes pure or create all kinds of dipsbread spreads, sun-dried tomato pesto and much more from them. If you love pesto but don't have the time or patience to make it, you can find delicious and creamy pesto verde and vegan pesto rosso directly in our shop. Experience the Mediterranean flavour for yourself and order a large value pack of our sun-dried tomatoes now, before they sell out yet again!

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Our sun-dried tomatoes wihtout oil come in a practical bulk 1kg package and are the perfect ingredient to spice up your recipes. It's not a question of what goes with sun-dried tomatoes but rather what doesn't!? Buy KoRo's sun-dried tomatoes in the Uk now and enjoy this crunchy topping!

Average nutritional values per 100 g
Calorific value (in kj/kcal) 1213 /  287
Fat 2.6 g
thereof saturated fatty acids 0 g
Carbohydrates 49 g
thereof sugar 33 g
Dietary fiber 10 g
Protein 12 g
Salt 8.1 g
Product number: TOM_001
Best before date 08.07.2025
Origin Turkey
Content 1 kg
Manufacturer KoRo
EAN/GTIN 4260335831830
Data sheet Specification
Nutrition traces Nutrition traces
Shipping Delivery time outside of Germany
Company KoRo Handels GmbH
Hauptstraße 26, 10827 Berlin
Storage Advice Store in a cool and dry place, away from light
Ingredients 92 % dried tomatoes, 8 % salt
Cross contamination May contain traces of GLUTEN, PEANUT, SOY, MILK (LACTOSE), NUTS, SESAME and SULPHUR DIOXIDE (SULFITES).
Trade Name Sun dried tomatoes, salted and unsulphured
Label note Ingredients, nutritional values, and packaging may change. For exact information, please check the product description.
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If you're wondering how to use dried tomatoes, we have some delicious ideas for you, because the uses of our sunny heroes are many. For example, you can make them into pesto for your pasta, cook a sauce with them, shred them into your salad, use them in a dip (for example, as a tomato-feta dip), or whip up a tasty spread and hummus. If you love breads, we've got lots more great ideas for your bread toppings here, too. For many dishes, it can be helpful to soak the tomatoes before chopping.
It is difficult to divide food into good or bad. What is important is a balanced diet. Because many are mainly interested in the nutritional values, especially calories: the dried tomatoes have 258 kcal per 100 g and provide 14 g of protein. Thus, they have a high protein content.
We do not see this as a problem to eat the tomatoes during pregnancy. Babies, on the other hand, should not snack on the tomatoes yet.
It is best to store the dried tomatoes in a cool place. For example, you can also fill them into a jar. In the unopened original package, the dried tomatoes can be stored for at least 24 months from the date of filling if stored correctly.

Climate impact

At KoRo, we analyse the greenhouse gas emissions that are produced during the production of our snacks. These include, among other things, CO2, methane and nitrous oxide. Our hard-working sustainability team collects all the information to calculate a value: the so-called CO2 equivalents. We are now passing this information on to you so that you can make informed purchasing decisions and keep an eye on your personal carbon footprint. We also use these valuable findings ourselves, to try to make our supply chains even smarter in the future and monitor our CO2 footprint.

CO₂ emissions by product

To make the work of our sustainability team easier, we have teamed up with the company Cozero. They support us with their decarbonisation software to calculate the CO2 emissions of our products. Our products go through a lot before they make their way into your pantry or snack bowl, so there is a lot to take into consideration: production, packaging, and logistics – to name just the big steps.

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Sun-dried tomatoes 1kg
Organic dried tomatoes in oil 285g
Price €12.50 €4.75
Product number TOM_001 TOM_005
Content 1 kg 0.285 kg
Base price €12.50 / 1 kg €16.67 / 1 kg
Zutaten 92 % dried tomatoes, 8 % salt 50 % dried tomatoes*, sunflower oil*, apple juice concentrate*, salt, garlic*, olive oil*, tomato paste*, herbs*, wine vinegar*. *from organic farming
Herkunftsländer Turkey Turkey


Tomatenfelder in der Türkei
Tomatenfelder in der Türkei

Unsere Tomaten kommen aus der Türkei. Dort wachsen sie auf großen Feldern mit ihren Artgenossen und warten auf die Ernte .Je größer die Früchte, desto länger brauchen sie zum Reifen. Das kann schonmal 60-90 Tage dauern.

Saftige, pralle, reife Tomaten
Saftige, pralle, reife Tomaten

Schön rot und prall: So sehen saftig, reife Tomaten aus. In Deutschland verzehrt jede:r Bürger:in im Durchschnitt über 20 kg Tomaten jährlich. Kein Wunder, bei dem leckeren Geschmack.

Die Tomaten werden geernet
Die Tomaten werden geernet

Bei der Ernte werden die Tomaten in Körbe gelegt Bevor sie zum Trocknen in die Sonne gelegt werden , fehlt allerdings noch ein Schritt...

Echte Sonnenanbeter:innen
Echte Sonnenanbeter:innen

Das rote Nachtschattengewächs, das rein botanisch gesehen zu den Beeren gehört, liebt Sonne. Die reifen Tomaten werden geschnitten und gesalzen zum Trocknen gelegt. Wenn auf leichten Druck hin keine Flüssigkeit mehr aus den Früchten austritt, ist der Trocknungsprozess beendet.

Tomaten auf den Augen?
Tomaten auf den Augen?

Getrocknete Tomaten soweit das Auge reicht. Sehen sie nicht wunderschön aus, wie sie da in der Sonne liegen? Durch das Trocknen an der Sonne werden die roten Beeren haltbar gemacht. Außerdem ist das Verfahren besonders schonend.

Handverlesen für Dich!
Handverlesen für Dich!

Fast schon auf dem Weg zu Dir! In der Fabrik wird nochmal alles gecheckt. Die Tomaten werden sortiert und für Dich verpasst. Getrocknete Tomaten sind wesentlich würziger und kräftiger im Geschmack als die frische Variante. Probiere es selbst aus und verleihe Deinen Speisen einen lecker-würzigen Geschmack nach sonnengereiften Tomaten.

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4-5 star reviews 🙂




I am thrilled with the dried tomatoes. Versatile, good taste. Price-performance ratio is right.

1-3 star reviews 🙃




Does not taste. much too salty, much too bitter. Also does not taste like tomatoes at all. Never again.

KoRo Handels GmbH


Hey, thank you very much for your feedback. It's a pity that you are not as convinced of our dried tomatoes as we are. But as we all know, tastes are different. Maybe you should try our tomato chips, these are unsalted and thus somewhat milder in taste. Kind regards from your KoRo Team :)


Leo H.


Highly recommended

Very tasty and, as always, fast and uncomplicated delivery.

Serena D.


One pulls the other!

I have been buying them for a long time now, they are really delicious and versatile in so many recipes. Even as a yummy appetizer they are not bad at all!

Mónica M.



Delicious, very practical (you can add them to any meal), nutritious. For my taste, there's only one drawback: they're very salty.

Jolanda G.


Intense tomato flavor

These dried tomatoes have a very intense flavor. I like to make pesto with them.



Mega lecker

After reading the reviews, I was a little unsure whether I should order them. After trying them, I have to say that they are very tasty and I love them! An absolute recommendation!

Stefanie C.


I will order again.

Very versatile. Also a tasty snack for in between meals.



I will reorder

Good, not too can always season to taste



Versatile in use

Smell great like tomatoes and very suitable for many dishes. I can pickle the dried tomatoes to my own taste.

Camille D.


Super product good quality

Top quality, good product and good value for money.



Fluctuating consistency. Soft and chewy tomato slices.

The consistency varies. Some tomato slices are soft, others are very chewy.

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