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  • Tropical pleasure
  • Versatile
  • Finely ground coconut flesh
  • High fibre content
  • From organic farming

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As you probably noticed, we’re huuuge fans of coconut. Why else did grated coconutcoconut chipscoconut balls in dark chocolatecoconut blossom syrupcoconut blossom sugar - not to mention creamy coconut butter - make it into our diverse range? The tropical "nut" is a real all-round talent and with its juicy fragrant flesh has not only driven us crazy. But did you know that there is an International Coconut Day? Every year, on 2 September, the so-called "cocommunity" celebrates the delicious fruit. For us, every day is "World Coconut Day", because we just can't get enough of coconut! That's why we present you with our delicious coconut butter, a very special "coconut delicacy". Enjoy a true holiday feeling with our creamy coconut butter. Buy organic coconut butter now!

Where does KoRo's coconut butter come from?

Let's be honest: What could be more beautiful than lying on a white sandy beach? In front of you, endless turquoise blue sea. Sizzling in the sun and just letting your mind wander without a care in the world. It smells of sunscreen and you sip the refreshingly cool coconut water straight from the coconut. Does that sound like paradise? Unfortunately, we can't deliver the beach and the sea to your home. However, our coconut butter is guaranteed to give your dishes a unique tropical flavour! Our coconut butter tastes as delicious as if it had fallen directly from the sky. Funnily enough, it is - indirectly - because the coconut grows on huge coconut trees. The coconut, which is actually not a nut at all but a single-seeded drupe, is in great demand, and not only among us. Have you ever heard of the coconut crab? "Small but mighty" definitely doesn't apply in this case, because the so-called "palm thief", which grows to over a metre in size, eats the delicious flesh of the coconut as well as we do - and to our disadvantage is also the better climber. Fortunately, our hard-working harvesters are equally good climbers and have developed techniques to reach coconuts even from the ground. Our coconut butter is made from coconuts from the Philippines, where the coconut palms are grown organically. After harvesting, the flesh of the coconuts is finely ground until the spreadable coconut cream is created, which you can literally let melt in your mouth in combination with a variety of dishes.

Recipes with coconut butter

"Hard on the outside, soft in the middle". It is no secret that coconut is a multi-talent in the kitchen. Our coconut flour, for example, is a tropical alternative to conventional flours. But we are not only interested in the soft coconut core. We also find the hard shell fantastic, so we processed it into a versatile bowl. It's better not to eat the coconut pure, as it develops its unique flavour as a topping in various dishes. On top of that, the irresistibly delicious tropical dream is also a great source of fibre. There are many ways to use coconut butter: coconut butter in a spicy curry, coconut butter in a cake, in other delicious desserts or in a smoothie are just a few ways to incorporate the tropical butter into your dishes. However, you should not use coconut butter for frying, but rather for refining dishes. The coconut butter is firm in the block, but the oil part liquefies at temperatures higher than 26 ℃ and separates from the coconut flesh part. If you want to "tropically fry" your dishes, you'd better use our coconut oil. Of course, we have lots of tasty recipe ideas ready for you in our Food Journal.

Buy organic coconut butter from KoRo

Our delicious butter made from organic coconut flesh is a great way to enhance your dishes' flavour. Order our fantastic coconut butter and transform your kitchen into a tropical oasis. Buy organic coconut butter now!

Average nutritional values per 100 g
Calorific value (in kj/kcal) 2807 /  682
Fat 66 g
thereof saturated fatty acids 62 g
Carbohydrates 7.5 g
thereof sugar 7 g
Dietary fiber 16 g
Protein 7 g
Salt 0.034 g
Product number: KOKOS_004
Best before date 14.01.2026
Origin Philippines
Origin (Processing) Poland
Organic Origin Non-EU Agriculture
Content 0.45 kg
Manufacturer KoRo
EAN/GTIN 4260335833148
Data sheet Specification
Organic control body & Organic origin
EU Bio
Nutrition traces Nutrition traces
Shipping Delivery time outside of Germany
Company KoRo Handels GmbH
Hauptstraße 26, 10827 Berlin
Storage Advice Store in a cool, dry place away from light.
Ingredients 100% coconut mousse* *from organic farming
Cross contamination No allergens according to EU Regulation 1169/2011.
Trade Name Organic coconut mousse
Label note Ingredients, nutritional values, and packaging may change. For exact information, please check the product description.
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Questions & answers: Organic coconut butter 450g
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Our coconut puree is not suitable for deep-frying and frying. But you can use it wonderfully to refine many dishes. To melt our coconut puree, we recommend heating it to a maximum of 40 ℃. If you are a true KoRo - er coconut fan and want to sizzle tropical dishes in the pan, you should definitely try our heat-resistant organic coconut oil.
No, the coconut puree is free of flavors, colors and preservatives.
As long as you take coconut puree in normal quantities during pregnancy, we do not see any problem. However, before taking it, as well as in case of uncertainty, you should definitely seek the advice of your doctor.
Young coconuts have a green leather shell and ripen for about 6 months before they are harvested. Brown coconuts are harvested only after 12 months of ripening.
100 g of our organic coconut have 682 kcal. You can find more information about the average nutritional values per 100 g in tabular form or as a PDF file (under "Specification") directly on the product page and on the product packaging.
Coconut puree is made from pure coconut meat.
In principle, our coconut puree is purely vegetable. However, during the filling process in production, there may be contact with fish and products made from it, which were temporarily present in the plant. Therefore, we do not title our coconut puree as vegan. You can find more information about the ingredients on the product page in the form of a PDF file under "Specification".
Our coconut puree comes from the Philippines, where the tropical "nut" feels very comfortable. Understandable, because who would not feel pudelwohl with sun, white beaches and turquoise blue sea? The aromatic coconut puree is made from the pulp of the organically grown coconut palms.
Due to its strong coconut flavor, coconut puree is particularly suitable for refining sauces, desserts or smoothies and can give them a very special touch. But it can also be used simply as a spread.
To maximize the shelf life of our - and hopefully soon yours - coconut puree, you should definitely store it in a constantly odorless, light-protected, cool (circa 15 ℃ ) and dry place. Repeated heating of the mush leads to a reduced shelf life. The minimum shelf life in the original sealed packaging can be found on the product lid.
Definitely! Our pasty coconut puree consists of finely ground coconut meat. The delicious coconuts come from the Philippines - naturally from organic farming.
In principle, our coconut puree is free of potential allergens. However, cross-contamination with allergenic substances may occur during the filling process in production. You can find more information about allergen labeling on the product page in the form of a PDF file, under "Specification".
In the production of coconut oil, the coconut is squeezed and only the pure coconut fat is collected. Coconut puree, on the other hand, is the ground pulp of the coconut and thus contains not only the coconut oil, but also carbohydrates and proteins of the coconut.
Since our nut milks are not heated during filling, there is no vacuum and therefore they do not pop when opened. This has nothing to do with quality defects.
At warmer temperatures, the coconut paste has a pasty consistency. It is cut-resistant in the block, but the oil portion liquefies at temperatures higher than 26 ℃ and separates from the coconut meat portion.
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Viola P.


Super tasty and great value for money!

The quality of the coconut puree is very good, the taste and consistency are great, and the price-performance ratio is excellent.

Jeanette Q.


Enchants sweets as well as fine curries.

Very good price, but the taste is not as good as Dr. Goerg's product, but you don't have to save so much on the price, so go for it!

Manuela S.


Very tasty mush

I bought this for the first time and I'm just so happy. You can use it for dessert or hot dishes - both are delicious 😋



zum Naschen perfekt

Einer meiner Favoriten, süß und fruchtig, wird als Nachtisch pur gegessen




Je souhaite savoir s il y a le presticide de cette produit? Merci d avance

Giulia C.



Much tastier and flavorful than coconut oil although as a coconut lover I expected a stronger coconut flavor because I use it slathered on protein rye bread in the morning with cinnamon instead of ghee. I still think it is a good product nutritionally.

Birgit H.


Very tasty

As always, super tasty and easy to use. Particularly creamy and I also use it for our Indian curry, for example.

Elke L.


Very versatile

snow-white, good consistency, firm, good quality

Julia W.



Very tasty and intense puree, which can be used super as a spread or in porridge!

Kristina K.


Very tasty

Super tasty. Tastes very like coconut and has a good consistency

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