Organic unpeeled peanuts 1kg


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  • Organic
  • Great source of protein
  • High fibre content
  • Pure peanut flavour
  • Tasty snack
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Once again, KoRo has really put on a show! Delicious, roasted without fat and pure in taste - our organic unpeeled peanuts are a good alternative to salted canned peanuts. Without any unnecessary frills, these well-known and popular nuts are a great snack for in between meals. Peanuts not only score points with their genuine flavour, but also with their nutritional value, as they are a great source of protein and rich in fibre: Buy KoRo's unpeeled peanuts now!

Crunchy, crunchier, KoRo's peanuts

For that extra crunch, we roast the peanuts in their shells at 130 degrees. This makes them more intense in flavour, longer lasting and easier to peel. But other countries, other customs: Did you know, for example, that peanuts are prepared like beans in Asian countries and that boiled peanuts have a long tradition as a snack in the southern states of the USA?

The peaNUT – a deceptive name

Wait a minute... Is the peanut even a nut? The answer is: no! Although the name suggests it, peanuts are not really nuts at all. Instead, peanuts are a legume, which means they are related to beans and peas. They actually have very little in common with nuts such as walnuts and hazelnuts or with cashews, even if you might think so at first. The only hint at their relationship to legumes is the first part of the English name peanut — 'pea' nut.

Recipes with unpeeled peanuts

Of course, peanuts in their shell are great as a snack in front of the TV, at work or as an aperitif - who doesn't love cracking the shell to get at the tasty little legumes? But you can do much more with peanuts and cook a wide variety of dishes: How about a peanut and tofu bowl, a curry or a dip for summer rolls? Or would you prefer them sweet as a peanut cakeenergy balls, in granola or as a topping for yoghurt, waffles and pancakes? You can even use the shell for other purposes: Use them as packaging material instead of Styrofoam or as natural barbecue and fireplace lighter instead of composting them directly.

Buy KoRo's peanuts with shell

There are countless recipes for roasting peanuts yourself, but why bother? At KoRo you can easily buy the delicious snack online in the convenient 1 kg value pack. What's more, with us you don't have to worry about possible differences in the quality of the peanuts. Because one thing is clear: KoRo sends you the product in excellent organic quality! What are you waiting for? Order now!

Average nutritional values per 100 g
Calorific value (in kj/kcal) 2537 /  613
Fat 50 g
thereof saturated fatty acids 7.7 g
Carbohydrates 13 g
thereof sugar 4.9 g
Dietary fiber 8.4 g
Protein 24 g
Salt 0.02 g
Product number: ERDNUSS_024
Best before date 21.05.2025
Origin Egypt
Origin (Processing) Germany
Organic Origin non-EU agriculture
Content 1 kg
Manufacturer KoRo
EAN/GTIN 4260718294627
Data sheet Specification
Organic control body & Organic origin
EU Bio
Nutrition traces Nutrition traces
Shipping Delivery time outside of Germany
Company KoRo Handels GmbH
Hauptstraße 26, 10827 Berlin
Storage Advice Store in a cool and dry place, away from light
Ingredients 100 % unpeeled peanuts* *from organic farming
Cross contamination May contain traces of NUTS
Trade Name Organic roasted unpeeled peanuts
Label note Ingredients, nutritional values, and packaging may change. For exact information, please check the product description.
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Questions & answers: Organic unpeeled peanuts 1kg
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Peanuts are a vegetable source of protein with 24 g of protein and are suitable as a snack after exercise. Proteins contribute to the building of muscle mass.
Yes, the peanuts in shell from KoRo are 100% organic.
Peanuts are also suitable for diabetics when consumed in moderation. If you are still unsure, it is best to consult your doctor.
Our peanuts are roasted at 130 degrees and score with their pure and unadulterated peanut flavor. In the practical 1 kg advantage pack you will not run out of snacks so quickly.
Even during pregnancy and breastfeeding you do not have to give up the delicious snack, as long as you have tolerated the peanuts well before. If you are unsure whether you should eat peanuts, we advise you to consult your doctor.
The shelf life of KoRo peanuts in the original and unopened packaging is at least nine months. The peanuts are best stored in a cool, dry and dark place.
The largest peanut growing areas are in the USA, Argentina and Brazil. But peanut cultivation is also successful in Europe and Germany. The peanut seeds grow under the ground and develop into the fruits we know until they are harvested. Even at home you can plant a peanut tree in a greenhouse or in a sunny place.
Simply open the shell of the peanut with your hands or a nutcracker and take the peanut out of the shell - the snack is ready to eat. The brown, hard shell you should then rather throw on the compost or use elsewhere. However, you can eat the red skin without hesitation.
Shelled, untreated peanuts are usually well tolerated by dogs in moderation, but can cause allergies in larger quantities. Therefore, you should give your four-legged friend the nuts only rarely and in small quantities to eat and in case of abnormalities such as swollen eyelids or heavy panting after eating peanuts immediately consult a veterinarian. The peanut shells themselves can quickly cause digestive problems for your four-legged friend. If you have any questions about it, we recommend that you seek advise from your veterinarian!
Yes, peanuts are vegan. In addition, there are many delicious, vegan recipes in which you can use the legume for the extra crunch. Check out our blog, where you'll find a variety of recipes for just about any occasion.
A peanut allergy can manifest itself in different ways. For example, some allergy sufferers experience bloating, diarrhea or abdominal pain, while others experience respiratory or cold-like symptoms. Since an allergic reaction to peanuts can be dangerous, we advise you to seek medical advice before consumption if you are unsure.

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4-5 star reviews 🙂



I love it, perfect for an aperitif

nothing to say, top notch

1-3 star reviews 🙃



I no longer buy

Nuts do not taste at all and are usually tiny. Too bad


Nico L.


Top. If all, then again.

Everything great. Fast delivery. Tastes good. Great.

Lea V.


A must

Absolutely the best in the world! Perfect as an aperitif, a snack or on a walk for young and old alike!



Purchase recommendation

Deliciously delicious They taste good to us all!

Elvira B.



I am totally thrilled and so are the children. Very large nuts, easy to crack and tender in taste.

Uschi S.


For the peanut supply at home.

They are okay, but not exceptional. Good for stocking up.

Gertrud .


Delicious organic peanuts with an excellent price/performance ratio!

The nuts are so delicious that I quickly reordered them.



Alles prima.

Everything is great. Quality and delivery are perfect.

Michael B.


Satisfactory overall

About 90% of the peanuts are very tasty, the others are used as bird food.

Jana W.


A handful of shelled peanuts are just the healthy snack I need from time to time, very tasty.

I have already ordered the peanuts from KoRo a second time and the quality was very good each time, even compared to supermarket peanuts with shell.



Help yourself first

Well, the package couldn't resist the peanut lovers 😅

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