Vegan peanut caramel ice cream cake Auto translated

Easy 20 January 2021
Preparation time
45 min
Baking / Rest time
2 h

A great ice cream cake with peanuts, chocolate & caramel flavors, inspired by the Snickers bar.

125 g Oatmeal
5 tbsp. Maple syrup
4 heaped tbs. Cashewmus
3 heaped tbs. Peanut butter
1 cans Coconutmilch
1 UNIT Vanilla bean
150 ml Plant drink
5 tbsp. Coconut blossom sugar
4 UNIT ripe frozen banana cut into pieces
1 Prise Salt
1 packet unsalted, roasted peanuts
150 g Dark chocolate
1 tbsp. vegan butter
  • Step 1/7

    For the base: Blend the rolled oats, peanut butter and about 2-3 tablespoons of maple syrup and press into a large round cake pan.

  • Step 2/7

    For the cream filling: mix the cashew puree, half a can of coconut milk , the frozen bananas, the whole vanilla bean and 4 tsp of maple syrup, spread on the base & put in the freezer.

  • Step 3/7

    Meanwhile, prepare the caramel. For this, mix the vegetable drink, the other half of the can of coconut milk, the coconut blossom sugar and a little salt and simmer in a pot until the mixture is reduced and thicker.

  • Step 4/7

    Now sprinkle some peanuts on the frozen cream filling.

  • Step 5/7

    Allow the caramel to cool slightly and pour over the peanuts in the cake pan.

  • Step 6/7

    Finally, pour about 100-150 g of melted dark chocolate (mixed with a little vegan butter) over everything and freeze for a few hours.

  • Step 7/7

    Let stand at room temperature for about 20 minutes before cutting.

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