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  • Pure Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar
  • Aromatic vanilla flavour
  • Spiced-sweet ingredient for baking and cooking
  • Especially delicious also in porridge or muesli
  • To prepare, simply cut the pods in half lengthwise and scrape
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Do you love the flavour of vanilla? Are you almost crazy for it? Welcome to the club! We consider our original gourmet Bourbon vanilla the queen of all spices. Her flavour is unmistakably sweet and highly aromatic. Bourbon vanilla is the highest yielding type of vanilla and is, along with saffron, one of the most expensive spices in the world! Our original gourmet Bourbon vanilla can not be missing in your kitchen. Buy Bourbon vanilla beans now and refine your dishes with an unmistakable aromatic flavour!

Vanilla extract vs vanilla aroma

Vanilla extract is - as the name suggests - obtained by extracting the aromatic substances from the pod. Vanilla aroma does not have to come from the plant and can also be produced chemically-synthetically. Our aromatic Bourbon vanilla beans come from Madagascar. You probably associate the island with a wild gang of animals that escaped from a zoo, don't you? Did you know that the "Bourbon vanilla pod" owes its name to the original cultivation area, the Île Bourbon?

Processing aromatic Bourbon vanilla

To prepare the pods, simply cut them in half lengthwise and scrape out the pith. If you don't need as much, or want to try it out first, you can also buy the powder directly in the 25 g pack. A little tip from vanilla fan to vanilla fan: the scraped-out pods are far too good to simply throw away, as they still contain a lot of flavour. They are great for making vanilla sugar. Simply put a kilogram of sugar with the pod in a tin or a jar seal it well and leave it to infuse for at least a week - and you have probably the tastiest vanilla sugar in the world! You can use the aromatic vanilla pulp itself in a variety of ways: for example, as a sweet baking ingredient in tropical jackfruit energy balls, juicy banana bread muffins or vegan chocolate chip cookies. But the pulp also adds an intense bourbon vanilla note to refreshing ice cream, delicious puddings or a creamy vanilla sauce. And because we can't get enough of vanilla, we also have delicious organic vanilla flavoured coffee for you!

Buy Bourbon vanilla pods from KoRo

You can use our Bourbon vanilla pods to add an intense vanilla note to your puddings, ice cream, biscuits, cakes and tortes, among others. Simply scrape the vanilla essence out of the pods and use it however you like! Vanilla is also spectacular in drinks, such as a hot cocoa or a chai latte. If you are still not convinced, add the aromatic allrounder to your basket and taste it for yourself — order 35 g of Bourbon vanilla pods now!

Product number: VAN_003
Best before date 31.12.2025
Origin Madagascar
Content 0.035 kg
Manufacturer KoRo
EAN/GTIN 4260654781731
Data sheet Specification
Nutrition traces Nutrition traces
Shipping Delivery time outside of Germany
Company KoRo Handels GmbH
Hauptstraße 26, 10827 Berlin
Storage Advice Store in a cool and dry place, away from light
Ingredients 100% vanilla
Cross contamination No allergens according to EU Regulation 1169/2011.
Trade Name Bourbon vanilla pods
Label note Ingredients, nutritional values, and packaging may change. For exact information, please check the product description.
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Varieties & origins


Bourbon Vanille

Die Hauptart der Vanille ist die Gewürzvanille, die Dir bestimmt unter dem Bourbon Vanilla

In 2017, over 8 million tons of vanilla were produced worldwide, 95% of which was Bourbon vanilla. Madagascar leads the world production with about 3.2 million tons per year. The optimum planting period for vanilla orchids is between September and November. After three years the vanilla orchids bear flowers for the first time, which are then pollinated by hand. The vanilla farmers must always be vigilant in their search for new flowers, as they only bloom for one day. So if pollination does not take place within 24 hours, the flower withers and no capsule fruit is produced.


Vanilleanbau in Madagaskar
Vanilleanbau in Madagaskar

Ursprünglich kommt Gewürzvanille aus Mexiko, wird aber auch in anderen tropischen Regionen angebaut, insbesondere Madagaskar und den benachbarten Inseln.

Die Vanille-Orchidee
Die Vanille-Orchidee

Die Vanillepflanze Vanilla planifolia gehört zur Gattung der Orchideen und rankt im Urwald an Bäumen empor. Die Pflanze blüht erst 9 Monate nach Bestäubung, und aus den cremegelben Blüten wachsen die Schoten.


Im August können die reifen Bourbon-Vanilleschoten geerntet werden. Dafür wird jede Schote einzeln geprüft und von Hand von der Pflanze getrennt.

Warum eigentlich "Bourbon"?
Warum eigentlich "Bourbon"?

Um den Namen Bourbon-Vanille tragen zu dürfen, muss die Vanille von den so genannten Bourbon-Inseln (Madagaskar, Komoren, Réunion, Seychellen und Mauritius) stammen. Die Insel La Réunion hieß früher „Île Bourbon“, daher der Name. Bourbon-Vanille wird daher französisch ausgesprochen, im Gegensatz zum Bourbon-Whisky, der englisch ausgesprochen wird.

Fermentieren der Vanilleschoten
Fermentieren der Vanilleschoten

Mit Schoten sind eigentlich die Samenkapseln der Bourbon-Vanille gemeint. Diese sind bei ihrer Ernte ungenießbar. Sie werden erst durch die sogenannte Schwarzbrennung zu leckerer Vanille. Zuerst werden dafür die Samenkapseln mit heißem Wasser behandelt und dann bis zu vier Wochen lang in luftdichten Behältern fermentiert, wodurch das geschmacksgebende Vanillin entsteht.

Mahlen der Vanille
Mahlen der Vanille

Fernsehköche kratzen die Schoten meist aus, dabei enthält die Kapselfrucht mehr Aroma als der Inhalt. Um Dir den vollen Geschmack zu bieten und Dir zuhause die Verwendung der Vanille zu vereinfachen, kannst Du bei uns gemahlene Bourbon-Vanille kaufen.

Questions & answers: Bourbon vanilla pods 35g
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The minimum shelf life in the original sealed packaging is 12 months from the date of production. It is important to store the pods away from light, at ambient temperature.
Well, of course you can! You can refine almost any dessert with the scraped out, aromatic vanilla pulp. Whether in pudding, cakes, pies, cookies, sauces or even in coffee, cocoa or chai latte - there are no limits to your imagination! And if you prefer to be inspired, then take a look at our Food Journal. By the way: If you're not as big a vanilla fan as we are - which we really hope you're not - then you should take a look at our tonka bean. Because of its very similar taste (to the vanilla bean) it is a great alternative to the queen of spices.
Our aromatic Bourbon vanilla beans come from Madagascar, one of the vanilla Meccas par excellence.
We do not advise you to mix our Bourbon Vanilla Bean into the food of your beloved four-legged friend. In any case, you should consult your veterinarian in advance.
In principle, we do not see any problem with you reaching for a vanilla-flavored pudding or similar vanilla treats once in a while during pregnancy. However, you should seek the advice of your doctor before consuming them.
Bourbon vanilla pods 35g
Bourbon vanilla powder 25g
Price €17.00 €17.00
Product number VAN_003 VAN_004
Content 0.035 kg 0.025 kg
Base price €485.71 / 1 kg €680.00 / 1 kg
Herkunftsländer Madagascar Madagascar
Zutaten 100% vanilla 100% vanilla
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I am thrilled with the quality.

I am thrilled, price / performance ratio is top. Will definitely order more often from Koro.

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Die Schoten waren recht ausgetrocknet. Schade.


Christine H.


I am glad that I ordered them.

Great quality in a resealable bag.



Super quality at fair price

Super quality, fast delivery. Many thanks Koro team,

Virginie R.


Best value for money.

What a smell! I'm currently using it to flavor my ice cream. Although the recipe calls for 2 cloves, 1 is enough.

Christine R.


Clear buy recommendation of these bourbon vanilla beans

The pods are very soft, with lots of content and have a really good vanilla flavor. Price performance very good. In trade, the pods are usually more expensive, often dry, small and have little flavor.



Perfect quality and good value for money.

Large, fleshy pods, uniform, fragrant, perfect.

Barbara P.


Purchase recommendation. Is worth the price!

Long and thick, beautiful pods with a lot of pith. The aroma that comes from the bag is great. Processed warm, I make desserts with it, the aroma and flavor is wonderful.



Next time again

Fast delivery and the vanilla pods were well packaged. Happy with it.



Great aroma and super fresh

Taste the best vanilla beans we've ever had. Already the smell was great. Thanks to vacuum packaging, they are also nice and fresh and soft, as they should be.



Beautiful large pods.

Very good



Vanilla tree

I love vanilla The vanilla beans are a dream

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