Large and extra light walnuts 1kg


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  • Halved, light and fully ripe walnut kernels
  • Large & extra light
  • Gently cracked by hand
  • Sweet buttery flavour
  • Buy nuts in bulk
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No, no - don't worry, we're not talking about you here. Even if you can relate to it, we're talking about the walnut. She hides her soft, buttery nut under a hard, round shell - whether it's from squirrels or people is an open question. Be that as it may, for true nut lovers, there is no way around the walnut. That's why you can buy them directly from us in the practical 1 kg value pack. So you'll never have to sit on dry towels again when you want to snack on a few walnuts in the evening. 

Where do walnuts originate from?

The walnut comes from the walnut tree and origonally comes from Iran. The walnut tree itself is rumoured to be one of the oldest trees in the world. Nowadays they can be found all over the world. Everyone is just nuts for walnuts!

Walnuts of the “extra light halves” variety

Not only the walnut has a soft core: We at KoRo sometimes seem like the bad boys who are revolutionising the food industry (we do too).We are the somewhat different online shop.Once you get to know us, you will notice that we only select the best products for you - you are important to us!For this reason, our walnuts are also gently cracked by hand. As a result, there are fewer breakage points on the kernel and the walnut lasts longer. Our walnut kernels are of the "extra light halves" variety. What that means? On the one hand, our walnut kernels are particularly large and, on the other hand, extra light. The following applies here: the darker a walnut is, the more bitter substances it contains. If you now put one and one together, you can already think: Our walnuts contain little or no bitter substances and therefore taste deliciously sweet. They have a fine, buttery aroma that is guaranteed to enchant your palate. 

Rezepte mit Walnüssen 

Walnut kernels are ideal for baking cakes and pastries: from walnut biscuits to chocolate walnut cookies and vegan carrot cake. And the protein junkies among you can also conjure up delicious protein balls and protein bars from walnut kernels. Of course, the classic should not be neglected either: vegan banana bread with walnuts. They are also an extremely popular cooking ingredient in hearty cuisine. It is advisable to roast the walnuts beforehand so that they can develop their full-bodied nutty aroma.So they can be excellent in pesto,risotto. Spread or use as a topping on salads. Last, but definitely not least: the nuts are irresistible in your muesli or simply on their own as a snack.

Buy walnuts from KoRo 

To get back to the beginning: We have already removed the hard shell from the walnuts for you, so that you no longer have to crack and shell the walnuts. We supply you with carefully selected walnut kernel halves that taste buttery-sweet.Luckily they come to your home in our 1kg value pack - as many sweet and savoury dishes as you can prepare with them, any smaller size would just be impractical. With our advantage size, you not only avoid unnecessary packaging waste, you also save money.Let yourself be convinced and let off steam in the kitchen!


Note: Despite high quality standards, there may be isolated pieces of shell.

Average nutritional values per 100 g
Calorific value (in kj/kcal) 2929 /  700
Fat 67 g
thereof saturated fatty acids 6.8 g
Carbohydrates 8.5 g
thereof sugar 5.3 g
Dietary fiber 4.8 g
Protein 16 g
Salt 0 g
Product number: WALNU_001
Best before date 18.06.2025
Origin Chile
Content 1 kg
Manufacturer KoRo
EAN/GTIN 4260335831854
Data sheet Specification
Nutrition traces Nutrition traces
Shipping Delivery time outside of Germany
Company KoRo Handels GmbH
Hauptstraße 26, 10827 Berlin
Storage Advice Store cool and dry and protected from light
Ingredients 100% WALNUTS
Cross contamination May contain traces of GLUTEN, SOYA, other NUTS, PEANUTS, MILK (LACTOSE), SESAME and SULPHUR DIOXIDE (SULPHITES).
Trade Name Halved walnuts without shell
Label note Ingredients, nutritional values, and packaging may change. For exact information, please check the product description.
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Large and extra light walnuts 1kg
Organic walnut pieces 1kg
Walnut pieces 1kg
Walnuts in shells 1kg
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Herkunftsländer Chile Moldova (Republic of) Chile France


Walnüsse aus Chile
Walnüsse aus Chile

Walnussbäume sind im Gegensatz zu unserem KoRo-Team Einzelgänger und brauchen daher viel Platz. Sie stammen aus Zentralasien und fühlen sich ursprünglich in wärmeren Breitengraden wohl. Heutzutage findest Du die Bäume mit den leckeren Nüssen aber auch beispielsweise in Deutschland.

Kahl, kahler, Walnussbaum
Kahl, kahler, Walnussbaum

Zugegeben, so ohne Blätter sieht der Walnussbaum gar nicht mal so schön aus. Er beginnt bereits im Herbst seine Blätter abzuwerfen und ist dann den Winter über kahl. Zum Vorschein kommt jedoch seine Höhe: Walnussbäume werden i.d.R. zwischen 15 und 25 Meter hoch.

Der Frühling kommt
Der Frühling kommt

Die Rettung ist da – im Frühling beginnt der Baum wieder zu blühen und die Landschaft sieht schon ganz anders aus. By the way: Wusstest Du, dass „normale” Walnussbäume erst ab 10, oder in machen Fällen sogar erst ab 15 Jahren, Früchte tragen? Bei den Kultursorten kann man meist schon nach 4-6 Jahren mit Ertrag rechnen – „warten & Tee trinken” hat aber auch hier seine Berechtigung.

Grüne Schale – harter Kern
Grüne Schale – harter Kern

Warte mal, das Sprichwort ging doch irgendwie anders, oder?! Naja, auf die Walnuss trifft es sorum allerdings zu. Zu Beginn sind die Walnüsse nämlich von einer grünen Schale umgeben, die immer bräunlicher wird, je reifer die Walnuss ist. Letztendlich platzt sie auf und die harte Nuss kommt zum Vorschein.

Die Nussknacker:innen
Die Nussknacker:innen

So eine große Walnussproduktion und doch werden die Walnusskerne per Hand geschlagen? Richtig, denn dabei entstehen weniger Bruchstellen, sodass wir Dir nur die schönen Hälften in die 1 kg-Vorteilsgröße packen können.

Extra light halves
Extra light halves

If you know, you know. Unsere großen und extra hellen Walnusskerne sind der Sorte „extra light halves” zuzuordnen. Das bedeutet, dass sie besonders groß und hell sind, woraus sich wiederum folgern lässt, dass sie nur ganz wenige, bis keine, Bitterstoffe enthalten. Sie werden also nur noch aussortiert, eingetütet und ab geht’s in unser Lager, wo sie sehnsüchtig auf Deine Bestellung warten.

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Questions & answers: Large and extra light walnuts 1kg
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Well, the special is already in the title of our walnuts: They belong to the variety "extra light halves", which means that only the large and particularly light walnut kernels come into our bag. The color of the walnut kernels can provide information about their taste: The lighter, the less bitter they contain. Our "extra light" walnuts are therefore irresistibly sweet, nutty and buttery in taste. Their pristine appearance makes them ideal for decorating any creation, but of course they can also be integrated very well into the dishes themselves. With walnuts in your pantry you are always on the safe side. You think you have nothing at home? Take another look in the pantry and poof - a delicious pesto is conjured up from our walnuts, a little basil, olive oil and garlic.
Are you interested in baking and cooking with walnut kernels? Then take a look at our food journal. Here we show you the countless recipe possibilities. Walnut kernels can be used pure in cakes and pastries, roasted for savory dishes, or caramelized. To caramelize the walnuts, simply add a little water with half the sugar (50 g sugar per 100 g water) to a pan and bring the mixture to the boil over medium heat. Once the sugar has dissolved and browned, add the walnut kernels. Stir until the sugar coats them completely. Zack, transfer to the baking paper and let cool. The caramelized walnuts can now enhance your desserts, salads or even cheese plates. Let us know how you use the caramelized nuts with a picture on Instagram
Yes, this is actually possible. If, for reasons that are inexplicable to us, you can't use up your pack of walnuts so quickly, freezing the nuts is possible and also makes sense. It is most practical if you weigh them directly and freeze them in common portions, such as 100 g or 200 g in freezer bags. This way you don't have to weigh them when thawing and you can put 100 g of walnuts directly into your baking bowl.
You should store the walnuts in a cool, dry place and protect them from heat. Ideally, you should store them airtight in a jar, such as our Ball Mason Jars.
Clear - except for the nuts nothing comes into our bag. So your walnut kernels are vegan. 100% nature just.
Walnuts are naturally gluten-free. However, cross-contamination with gluten may occur during the filling process, as our filler also processes foods containing gluten. For this reason, we do not describe our walnuts as gluten-free.
Unfortunately, this does not make so much sense with our walnut kernels. Normally, the well-known "black nuts" are produced with the freshly harvested, green walnut fruits. In the process, the walnuts are pickled together with their shells. Our walnuts have already been removed from the shell and are also fully ripe.
Healthy is, above all, a balanced and wholesome diet. Walnuts are one thing above all - delicious. Because one thing is clear: your taste buds will be so enchanted by the sweet, buttery aroma that you won't have to miss any sweets or chips.
100 g of our delicious walnut kernels have 700 kcal. You can find the exact nutritional values of our walnuts next to the product description, as well as on the product packaging.
First of all, commercial walnuts are not poisonous to us humans. Nevertheless, there is some truth to the rumor. Like many things that grow in nature, you should not eat walnuts when they are unripe. But even worse is to eat walnuts with black spots on the shell. This indicates that the nuts have been attacked by a poisonous fungus. This can also happen if the nuts are stored at home. Therefore, never eat walnuts with black spots on the shell. But you don't have to worry about our walnuts. They are carefully selected and cracked by hand - no poisonous nuts are put into our bags.
No, theoretically you can give your dog walnuts - but this should be done with caution. If you collect walnuts from nature, you must be very careful. They can be infected with a fungus and be poisonous for your dog. Also ripe walnuts without shell, like ours, you should give your dog if then only in very small quantities. So you are on the safe side if you do not give your dog walnuts. If you have any questions about it, we recommend that you seek advise from your veterinarian.
Naturally! - Even during pregnancy, walnuts can contribute to a balanced diet. Of course, only if you do not suffer from a walnut allergy. If you have any concerns, it is best to talk to your doctor again.

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4-5 star reviews 🙂



Top taste !

Top quality and despite shipping whole walnut kernel halves. Taste 1A.
Whether for the "topping" at Christmas cookies or as a snack, the nuts are no longer indispensable from our stockpile.

1-3 star reviews 🙃



Is the price correct?

I'm a big fan of the nuts and wanted to order them again. But €10 more for the same product from January to March? I hope you got the price wrong.

KoRo Handels GmbH


Hey, vielen Dank für Dein Feedback. Wir bedauern sehr, dass das Produkt nicht mehr den reduzierten Preis hat. Hierbei handelte es sich um eine spezielle Aktion für ein paar Wochen. Leider ist diese bereits seit 2 Monaten beendet. Alles Liebe Dein KoRo Team :)



I will order again!

Delicious, large, fresh. To prevent the nuts from going rancid after opening, it is best to store them in the fridge.

Nicole H.


Perfect - very mild and not at all bitter.

I really like the walnuts from Koro and my son, who actually finds all the other walnuts he tries bitter, also likes to take them to school. After opening the bag, I freeze the nuts, which works really well.



Appetizing and delicious!

Beautiful light-colored walnuts, very few smaller than half, no crumbs in the bag, very good taste!



Great tasty nuts

The walnut kernels are a very good product. They are delicious and of good quality.



Top quality at a very fair price

The walnuts taste very tasty, there is practically no breakage. In terms of price, they are roughly comparable to competing products from discounters, but not in terms of taste. KoRo's are much better. The problem with walnuts that have already been shelled is usually that they often no longer taste completely fresh. This is not the case here; the kernels have all tasted fresh so far, the bag is three-quarters used up and I haven't yet come across any that taste rancid I give them a clear recommendation 👍👍

Susanne N.


Very tasty, great quality!

great quality. The walnuts don't taste bitter like some from the organic store.

Lidia M.


Healthy snack for long lecture days!

always in my bag as a snack when I'm out and about. Energy during long lectures at university!

Frank R.


Walnuts are considered one of the healthiest nuts and are one of the best snacks between meals

Very nice light-colored walnut halves with an incredibly buttery taste. It must be a very high-quality variety, because the light color, taste and size can only come from refined walnuts. And no trace of oxidation, which is often the case with walnuts - inferior goods. Only buy the ones from Koro!



Good taste

Unfortunately there was no breakage, whole nuts too expensive



Tasty and healthy

Delicious healthy snack for in between meals. Quickly mixed with other nuts to make your own trail mix.

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