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Organic salted peanut butter cups 3 x 13g
Quantity: 3 x 13 g

Content: 0.039 kg (€51.28 / 1 kg)

€2.00 €51.28 per 1 kg
Organic salty pistachio nut butter cups 3 x 13g
Quantity: 3 x 13 g

Content: 0.039 kg (€70.51 / 1 kg)

€2.75 €70.51 per 1 kg
Organic strawberry and cashew nut butter cups 3 x 13g
Quantity: 3 x 13 g

Content: 0.039 kg (€70.51 / 1 kg)

€2.75 €70.51 per 1 kg
Organic salty hazelnut butter cups 3 x 13 g
Quantity: 3 x 13 g

Content: 0.039 kg (€64.10 / 1 kg)

€2.50 €64.10 per 1 kg
Organic white choc salted pistachio butter cups 3 x 13g
Quantity: 3 x 13 g

Content: 0.039 kg (€70.51 / 1 kg)

€2.75 €70.51 per 1 kg

Nut butter cups

Buy vegan nut butter cups

Imagine a spoonful of your favourite nut butter – now imagine that creamy nut butter covered in crunchy chocolate: that's exactly what comes to reality with out nut butter cups! Inspired by the classic American peanut butter cup, we set out to create many different chocolate and nut delights. Now, you can find many nut butter cups in KoRo's online shop, including:

Enjoy them with some aromatic coffee or alongside a warming cup of tea? From classic peanut or salted hazelnut cups to our fruity cashew and strawberry creation, we are sure you will love these little pralines.

Better with nut butter: the perfect little snack

The story of our salty pistachio nut butter cups starts in the early 20th century with a man named Harry Burnett Reese. He was desperately looking for work to feed his sixteen children and eventually came across an advertisement for a job in the dairy industry. His employer: none other than Milton S. Hershey, an American entrepreneur best known today as the founder of the Hershey Chocolate Company. When Reese moved to Hershey's chocolate factory, he came on to the idea of making his own chocolate and soon founded his own company. He began filling chocolate with peanut butter. He called his creation the peanut butter cup and they are still a real success today. We at KoRo thin this success is well deserved, because the combination of crunchy, dark chocolate and creamy ground peanuts is incomparably delicious. We couldn't resist either, so we created our own vegan version of the classic: our salted peanut butter cups.

Not just peanuts: many types of nut butter cups

With all the nut butters in our selection, we could have never stopped at simple peanut butter cups. So we grabbed a few of our favourite nut butters and started filling little chocolate shells with them: our salty hazelnut butter cups, for exampl, delight with their fine nougat note. Our premium pistachio butter cups bring a salty touch to your afternoon snack and the cashew and strawberry cups are a fruity and nutty delight. We admit that the last one is a bit out there, but if it has one thing in common with the simple nut butter cups, its that it is simply delicious!

Making your own nut butter cups

You want to try making your own nut butter cups? Curious to see if you can make a nut butter cup filled with our banana bread with cashew? No problem, you can try making some at home. Grab a mould and the right type of chocolate. Our organic white drops with coconut blossom sugar, ruby drops or the regular choco drops with xylitol bring an array of colours for you to use. And there you go: melt the chocolate and pour it into the moulds. Put that in the refrigerator while you prepare the filling. If you prefer cookie dough over chocolate, you can of course make a cookie outside instead of a chocolate shell. All you need is: flour, a sugar alternative, spices and baking ingredients of your choice, all of which you can find at KoRo.

KoRo's nut butters

Our nut butters are made without any additives from 100 % nuts. They conventionally contain additives and sugar, but we love to go natural. This means you can use our creamiest products to make your own nut butter cup filling. You can also go as creative as you want and combine ingredients. How about a filling made with some crumbled oat biscuits with choco drops, combined with white almond butter? To make a creative filling for your home-made nut butter cups, find many lesser known nut butters and nut spreads at KoRo, such as:

After filling your moulds with your filling, close them with some more molten chocolate and wait for the chocolate to cool. Your special nut butter cups are now ready to enjoy!

All questions about nut butter cups

We would like to give you all the information you need about our nut butter cups. If you have any questions about a specific product, please check the product specification or the FAQs of the respective product. If you don't find what you are looking for there, please contact us by email or on social media and we will clarify all your questions.

What makes KoRo's nut butter cups so special?

Like their American counterparts, our nut butter cups consist of a crunchy chocolate cup filled with creamy nut butter. During the preparation process, we have completely dispensed with animal products: Most of our nut butter cups are vegan and also consist of only organic ingredients. For example:

Where do nut butter cups come from?

Nut Butter Cups were invented by H. B. Reese in the United States at the beginning of the 20th century. He worked in chocolate production at the Hershey Chocolate Company and, inspired by Hershey's work, soon developed his own chocolate. When he started filling them with peanut butter, he found that the peanut butter cups or penny cups as he also called them, sold very well. We have created our own vegan version of this peanutty classic: You have to try our salted peanut butter cups.

Are nut butter cups vegan?

here at KoRo, we try to make as many of our products as possible suitable for vegans. We have a vast selection of vegan bars and energy balls in our range. Most of our nut butter cups are also vegan, so that everyone can enjoy them.

Are nut butter cups hard to digest?

As with all things, it is important not to eat our chocolates in excess. A balanced diet that meets your needs is defined as healthy. Our nut butter cups are made from high quality ingredients. However, some of them are sweetened with maltitol, so we recommend keeping in mind that sweeteners can have a laxative effect if consumed in excess.

Do KoRo's nut butter cups contain gluten?

The recipes for our nut butter cups do not contain any gluten-containing ingredients. However, as we cannot completely rule out unintentional cross-contamination with gluten-containing cereals during production, we advise people with coeliac disease or severe gluten intolerance not to consume our nut butter cups. If you are looking for gluten-free alternatives, then take a look at our gluten-free range. There you will find gluten-free bars and much more!