Tea 13 Article

Organic Mizu matcha 80g
Quantity: 80 g

Content: 0.08 kg (€200.00 / 1 kg)

€16.00 €200.00 per 1 kg
Organic Yujin matcha 30g
Quantity: 30 g

Content: 0.03 kg (€466.67 / 1 kg)

€14.00 €466.67 per 1 kg
Organic whole chamomile flowers 500g

Content: 0.5 kg (€38.00 / 1 kg)

€19.00 €38.00 per 1 kg
Organic chai latte mix 1kg
Quantity: 1 kg

Variants from €35.00
Organic chai tea 500g
Quantity: 500 g

Content: 0.5 kg (€38.00 / 1 kg)

€19.00 €38.00 per 1 kg
Organic chocolate chai tea 500g

Content: 0.5 kg (€45.00 / 1 kg)

€22.50 €45.00 per 1 kg
Organic Japanese Sencha green tea 500g

Content: 0.5 kg (€45.00 / 1 kg)

€22.50 €45.00 per 1 kg
Organic chopped peppermint 500g

Content: 0.5 kg (€32.00 / 1 kg)

€16.00 €32.00 per 1 kg
Roasted mate leaves 500g

Content: 0.5 kg (€17.00 / 1 kg)

€8.50 €17.00 per 1 kg

Buy our teas

Often, a cup of tea is exactly what you need to brighten up your day. A thermos full of hot black tea will make your way to the office a lot lighter; a cup of mate shakes you out of the postprandial torpor; and a foamy matcha is the perfect drink for a chat with your best friend. At KoRo, we have all the teas you want and need! 

More than just drinking tea

Our teas are pure and unsweetened, so that you can get creative when using them to prepare your drinks. In our Food Journal you can find some inspiration for delicious tea-based recipes: from iced mate and homemade ice tea to fancy delicacies like a matcha-chia pudding! Set no limits to your creativity! 

Loose teas for the most intense taste

In our online shop there are loose teas as far as the eye can see. We are not big fans of tea bags, as they are often wrapped individually, which creates so much unnecessary waste, they contain an often insufficient amount of leaves, and those can easily be of not so great quality. At Koro, you see what you get – and you are going to taste the difference. Our loose peppermint tea, for example, comes from certified organic agriculture, and you smell the superior quality as soon as you hold the package in your hands! Our teas are not only saving packaging; they make you save money too, as we can skip intermediate production steps and can therefore offer you our teas for a very convenient price. Two times awesome!

Organic teas

When possible, we favour organic tea. We have a lot of organic green teas, matcha, and other teas in our selection, whose highlights are: 

With our teas is always tea time

In our online tea shop, you can find classics like camomile, but also rare treasures like our kombucha starter kit. And our selection is always growing, as we don’t want you to miss out on any tea trend!

Kick-start your mornings

Are you looking for an alternative to your morning coffee? Brew yourself a cup of black or green tea and you won’t be disappointed! From roasted mate to organic Japanese green tea, we have all you need to quench your thirst for caffeine. Yes, because dried black and green tea leaves have between 3 and 3,5 % of caffeine, while the percentage in roasted coffee beans is only about 2 %. Green and black teas are therefore the best way to energise your body and mind! The cherry on top is that tea caffeine is released more slowly, so it will make you less nervous than coffee. 

Something fruity and exotic for the in-between-meals

Drinking green and black teas throughout the whole day is not a good idea; just like coffee, caffeine-rich teas can infer with the quality of your sleep, if drunk too late in the day. But no worries! Our selection includes a whole lot of caffeine-free teas. Besides our classic camomile flowers and peppermint leaves, we have many exotic and fruity options for the more extravagant among you. Have you ever tried hibiscus tea? This bright-red infusion is fruity and slightly sour, and, if served with a couple of ice cubes, an elegant and eco-friendly glass straw, and a few mint leaves, can be the perfect summer drink. 

If you like to play and experiment, then you have to try our amazing kombucha starter kit. What? You have never heard of kombucha? Called by the Chinese emperor “the tea of immortality”, kombucha is a super healthy, fermented drink. You just need a mix of a bit of skill and patience, and you will be able to enjoy your delicious homemade kombucha as often as you want.

Organic matcha to drink and cook 

Does matcha make you think of hipsters with man buns eating bright-green chia puddings? In that case, we want to reassure you: matcha is much more than just a trend. Coming from Japan, matcha literally means “ground tea”; it dates back to the 6th century, and is still used in modern China as a traditional medicine. In our Western world, every fancy cafè offers matcha mixed with foamy almond milk. But at KoRo you can buy high-quality matcha powder for a convenient price, and make your own matcha delicacies at home.

Being true matcha lovers, we have selected two qualities of this wondrous bright-green powder: our top-quality Mizu matcha, and the even superior Yujin matcha in tea-ceremony quality – both of them organic, of course. The people in the hipster cafè at the corner would turn green from envy! You, on the contrary, will be quietly and happily sipping your matcha latte and maybe – why not? – snacking a couple of our almonds covered in white chocolate and matcha on the side.

Tea as a gift

Once you realise you have bought enough tea for yourself, maybe it’s time to give some to your loved ones as a great, unexpected present! You can either give them a whole pack of fancy-looking hibiscus flowers or the evergreen Darjeeling, or scoop some into a pretty jar, put a ribbon around it, and voilà! You can be sure that tea will make everybody happy.

A wee cup of tea to hydrate yourself 

Tea has no calories – if you drink it with no milk, honey, or sugar. Therefore, teas are a great, painless way to drink more water throughout your day without noticing! Our delicious teas will make you double your daily water intake and always bring a smile on your pretty face.

Tea can help you relax

There are always times when you might feeling a bit down – sneezing because of an annoying cold, feeling uncomfortable in your belly, or simply having the blues. Whatever the cause, a hot cup of tea will warm your heart as well as your body. A delicious, comforting sip of camomile, for example, is going to relax your body and hug your soul, and your day won’t seem so bad, after all.. 

Questions about our teas 

We want to try to give you all the information you need regarding our selection of teas. If you cannot find the answers you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us per email or on our social media pages; we are happy to help you!

Can tea help eliminate water in excess from my body? 

You might have read Instagram posts or blog entries about detox teas which are supposed to eliminate water from your body, thus freeing it of any toxins. Well, what we can say about this trend is that it is not scientifically proven that tea can have this magical effect. Moreover, there is absolutely no scientific evidence that our bodies might even need it. 

What tea can do is, of course, help you keep your body hydrated and healthy; it makes sense, as a glass of warm or ice-cold peppermint tea tastes so much nicer than water! The bottom line: a cup of tea is always a good idea, regardless of its supposed superpowers.

Which tea is the best coffee replacement?

Let us stop you right here: tea can not only replace, but actually beat coffee. While roasted coffee beans have a caffeine percentage of about 2 %, dried tea leaves can have more than 3 %! Therefore, green and black teas can be a great alternative to your morning espresso or americano. 

How should I store my loose teas?

We have a great idea for all the order freaks among you: store your tea in beautiful Ball Mason jars. By doing this, you will make your pantry look not only super tidy, but also pretty and colourful. If you buy our large tea bags, you should also get some of our extra large jars, which, thanks to their air-tight lids, will keep your leaves super fresh.

The exception are our matcha teas, as they come at your door in their tins, which are designed to keep the fine powder fresh and dry, and protect its aroma. To best preserve its unique taste, you should store our Mizu matcha in the fridge.

How long does tea keep?

If stored correctly, our loose teas have a shelf life of many years; being dried leaves, all teas normally keep for a very long time. Our hibiscus flowers, for example, can stay fresh in their unopened bag for two years! All the exact expiration dates are printed on the labels.