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In the UK, an average of 2 cups of coffee per person is drunk every day. Some of us are unable to leave their homes and start their day with a smile, if they have to skip their morning cup! If you now feel called upon, well, you have found the right online shop: we at KoRo love coffee just as much as you, and are always looking for the best of the best. When it comes to coffee, we take things super seriously. We offer you a great selection of coffee beans and ground blends; decaf and aromatised is also to be found here; and we even have coffee in form of snack. Welcome in paradise, coffee junkie!

Coffee is grown all around the world – literally

Ethiopia, Brasil, Vietnam, and Indonesia might be far away from each other, but are united by one thing: they are all located along the so-called coffee bean growing belt, which runs along the Equator. Here, the climate conditions are the best of coffee cultivation – large fields at high elevations, with a temperature constantly above 18 °C. Thus, coffee cherries can be harvested twice a year. At KoRo, you can find high-quality coffee from the motherland of the Arabica blend: our Yirgacheffe coffee beans are grown in Ethiopia at 2200 m above sea level.

Organic coffee

When possible, we always choose organic coffee beans and blends. Highlights of our organic coffee selection are our chocolate, hazelnut, and vanilla flavoured coffees. You should definitely give them a try! Our cold-brew is also something special. And for your evenings, we have lupin coffee – also in best organic quality.

KoRo’s coffee makes you sociable!

The word coffee comes from the Arabic language and means something like “stimulating drink”. Although many of us rely on espresso, cappuccino, americano & Co. to energise us in the morning and throughout the day, the effects of coffee on our body are not really clear yet. Well, it does not matter too much: as long as a cup of your favourite coffee cheers you up, or makes you sociable in the office kitchen, it has already done quite a good job!

Whole beans for the grinder and the coffee machine

Just by looking at our coffee beans, you can be sure of their quality. No cracks, a uniform colour profile, and, of course, a divine perfume! Our Yirgacheffe coffee beans are first roasted in a small Hamburger roastery, and then ready to bring their fantastic taste and aroma in your home.

Ground coffee for your moka pot, French press, and filter machine

If you like to make your coffee in an Italian coffee maker or French press, you need ground coffee beans, and, as a coffee grinder is surely helpful but also hulking, the best solution is to rely on ground coffee. Thanks to their sealed (and resealable) bags, our high-quality ground coffee arrives to your house fresh and aromatic as if it just came out of the mill. Nothing stands in the way of your delicious and much needed morning cup!

Coffee alternatives

Are you already at your sixth cup of coffee and it’s not yet midday? You must be a real coffee junkie! And the word junkie is actually more accurate than you might think, as caffeine is potentially addictive, and going one day without it can, if you are really used to it, bring headaches, nervousness, and a bad temper. But you don’t have to experience this! If your coffee addiction is starting to bother you, simply varying your drink choices can be the answer. There are a lot of comforting and energetic possibilities out there! 

Why don’t you try to replace some of your latte macchiatos with a delicious matcha latte? A beautiful-looking golden milk with curcuma and pepper can be your mid-afternoon companion, and a comforting cup of hot cocoa can give you the energy you need to make it until lunch – try our organic, top quality cocoa powder from Sierra Leone and you will understand why we love it! If, however, you want coffee but no caffeine, you should give our organic lupin coffee a try, as its nutty taste is very similar to a mildly roasted coffee blend. Cheers!

Our flavoured coffee – with natural aromas and no syrups

A latte macchiato topped with whipped cream and two good servings of caramel syrup certainly tastes amazing, but isn’t really a light drink. Our flavoured coffee blends are great alternatives to such calorie-dense drinks, as they are super delicious but natural and low in calorie and sugar. We have vanilla and hazelnut flavoured coffee, for example, and, for all the chocolate lovers among you, we have perfected a chocolate flavoured blend! These aromatic blends taste particularly good if combined with almond milk. Prepare a tasty glass, add a beautiful glass straw to it, and voilà!, the ultimate low-calorie treat is ready!

Versatile coffee

A creative cooking ingredient, a natural peeling, and a cheap fertiliser: is there something that coffee cannot do?

Not just a drink: recipes with coffee

We all know that coffee and cake is the best match. So, why don’t you try adding coffe directly to your baked creations? Simply add a cup of it to your apple pie dough, for example, or use it as the star of this amazing choco mocha breakfast porridge.

Coffee grounds against fastidious smells

Coffee leftovers are way too valuable to end up in your compost – although they are amazing to neutralise bad smelling garbage! Try also to wash your hands with them after you have cooked something with a pungent and stubborn smell, like garlic for example. You won’t believe your nose!

Use coffee to naturally care for your skin

Coffee grounds will change the way you look at your self-care days. Now that you know that you can make a great peeling with coffee grounds, you have no more excuses! To create a wonderfully scented, effective, and zero-waste peeling you simply need to mix your coffee grounds with some coconut oil and sugar – and voilà! Fill a beautiful glass jar with it, combine it with a bag of coffee beans covered in chocolate, and there you go, a great present for your coffee-loving friend. Sweet!

Coffee as fertiliser

Coffee does not only boost your energy, but your plants’ too! The nitrogen and acids present in the coffee grounds are greatly nutritious for your green friends. So, next time your fully automatic coffee machine displays “Empty grounds container”, you won't be annoyed, but excited for your plants and herbs instead. Simply mix some coffee grounds in the plants' soil, and cover with some mulch if necessary.

All questions about coffee

We would like to provide you with all the relevant information about our coffee. If you have a question about one specific product, please check its page and Specification document. Should you not find anywhere what you are looking for, please contact us via email or on our social media; we are always happy to help!

How much coffee?

One simple question, dozens of answers. The right amount of coffee to use depends on how you like your coffee. If you make your coffee with an Italian moka, you need neither scale nor a special spoon, as the machine is designed to accommodate just the right amount of coffee and water. With a French press or a filter machine, then the story is more complex. For 500 ml of water, you need about 30 g of coffee. If you don’t have a scale, consider that three to four well rounded tablespoons of coffee equal to 30 g. But this changes quite a lot according to your taste, and whether you like your coffee more or less strong.

How is coffee produced?

Before our coffee comes knocking at your door, it has to go through quite a few steps. The coffee beans with which you are familiar, were once dark red berries similar to cranberries. Their flesh is sweet and hides a true treasure: the coffee bean. These beans are washed and dried before undergoing the roasting process – which is very necessary, as unroasted coffee beans taste incredibly sour! And now the complex part begins: roasting coffee is a science, and the quality of the resulting blend depends on it. During this process, the volume of the beans doubles, and afterwards, they are cooled and packed – or ground.

How do I use a French press?

Its name does not come from nothing. Although the first patent for the stamp pot was submitted by an Italian, the world coffee community believes that the French press was invented in France. Widely used and fervently adored, the French press makes it super easy to prepare delicious coffee. While the water reaches the ideal temperature of 95°C, you have all the time to measure the perfect amount of coffee. Depending on your taste, 500 ml of water need about 30 g of coffee – three to four heaped tablespoons. Pour the hot water into the French press and let brew for about five minutes; once brewed, you can push the press all the way down, and enjoy! Are you feeling daring? Try adding a pinch of salt or a teaspoon of cinnamon to your coffee!

Does coffee have calories?

Coffee has close to no calories. If, however, you drink your coffee with milk, cream, or sugar, it’s another story. But hey, don’t worry too much: your favourite coffee drink is worth the enjoyment (in moderation)!

How should I store my coffee?

In principle, coffee tastes better when freshly ground. But we understand, if you buy a large bag of coffee, you cannot (and should not) finish it up too quickly. In order to preserve the aroma of your coffee intact as long as possible, you should keep it in an airtight container, and store this in a cool and dry place. Our ground coffee, like the cold brew, comes in a thick, resealable bag, that helps keep your favourite blend fresh, but if you want your coffee to not only taste, but also look good, you can store it in a good-looking glass jar like our beautiful Ball Mason jars. Important: do not store your coffee in the refrigerator! It can be too moist there, and the coffee could lose its taste.