Peanut and caramel clusters 1kg


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  • Delicate Belgian caramel chocolate
  • Crunchy roasted peanuts
  • Refined with a pinch of sea salt
  • For a cosy evening on the couch
  • Great topping for your muesli or desserts

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Peanut and chocolate - a perfect combination which feels as old as the history of mankind itself —  and incomparably delicious. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of ways to combine them. And today we present you with one of our absolute favourites: crunchy roasted peanuts, coated in smooth Belgian caramel chocolate, refined with a pinch of sea salt. Sounds like heaven, does it not? Our peanut-caramel clusters - buy now!

Not just peanuts: our peanut mountains with caramel chocolate

We think it's unlikely that you'll leave any of our peanut caramel clusters after you try them, because they are an absolute delight. But: For your next order, we can recommend crushing the chunks and sprinkling them as a topping on your fruit salad or adding them to your next breakfast, along with other i our muesli category. The peanut mountains also make an excellent topping on cupcakes and cakes: perhaps alternating with our apple pie or cookie caramel clusters? And if you want to have a salty option to alternate from this sweet treat, but still want to enjoy your peanuts, try KoRo's peanuts with BBQ spices or peanuts with wasabi!

Buy peanut caramel clusters

Our peanut and caramel clusters are little mountains of crunchy roasted peanuts, covered in melt-in-the-mouth Belgian caramel chocolate and topped off with a pinch of sea salt for that little extra touch. If you like chocolate with nuts anyway, you'll love this creation. Ready for a new chocolate and peanut taste experience? Our peanut and caramel clusters - order now!

Average nutritional values per 100 g
Calorific value (in kj/kcal) 2377 /  571
Fat 39 g
thereof saturated fatty acids 14 g
Carbohydrates 37 g
thereof sugar 34 g
Dietary fiber 3.1 g
Protein 16 g
Salt 2.1 g
Product number: ERDNUSS_012
Best before date 12.08.2024
Origin (Processing) Netherlands
Content 1 kg
Manufacturer KoRo
EAN/GTIN 4260654781038
Data sheet Specification
Nutrition traces Nutrition traces
Shipping Delivery time outside of Germany
Company KoRo Handels GmbH
Hauptstraße 26, 10827 Berlin
Storage Advice Store in a cool, dry place away from light
Ingredients 56 % caramel-flavoured chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, WHOLE MILK POWDER, cocoa mass, emulsifier: E 322 (SOY); flavouring, paprika extract, natural vanilla flavouring), 43.5 % PEANUTS, 0.5 % sea salt. Cocoa: 27.5 % minimum
Cross contamination May contain traces of GLUTEN and NUTS.
Trade Name Peanut and chocolate clusters
Label note Ingredients, nutritional values, and packaging may change. For exact information, please check the product description.
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Nein, diese Erdnuss-Kreation ist nicht vegan. Aber unser Erdnuss-Karamell-Rohkostriegel schon. Spring gleich auf den Peanut-Zug auf!

Unsere Erdnuss-Karamell-Cluster bestehen aus Erdnüssen, die ihren Geschmack durch ihre Röstung voll entfalten können. Die Nüsse sind außerdem mit feiner Karamellschokolade überzogen. Den letzten Schliff verleiht dieser exquisiten Nascherei eine Prise Meersalz.

Für diesen Snack können wir eine Kreuzkontamination mit Gluten nicht ausschließen. Personen mit Zöliakie oder einer starken Glutenunverträglichkeit raten wir daher vom Verzehr unserer Erdnuss-Karamell-Cluster ab.

Für unsere belgische Karamellschokolade werden weiße Schokolade und zarte Vollmilchschokolade vermischt. Verfeinert wird diese Mischung mit Karamell-Aroma.

Unsere Erdnuss-Schoko-Kreation solltest Du vor Licht geschützt an einem trockenen und kühlen Ort aufbewahren. Die Luftfeuchtigkeit sollte nicht mehr als 60 % betragen. So gelagert, sind die Cluster ab Produktion ungeöffnet mindestens sechs Monate lang haltbar.

Climate impact

At KoRo, we analyse the greenhouse gas emissions that are produced during the production of our snacks. These include, among other things, CO2, methane and nitrous oxide. Our hard-working sustainability team collects all the information to calculate a value: the so-called CO2 equivalents. We are now passing this information on to you so that you can make informed purchasing decisions and keep an eye on your personal carbon footprint. We also use these valuable findings ourselves, to try to make our supply chains even smarter in the future and monitor our CO2 footprint.

CO₂ emissions by product

To make the work of our sustainability team easier, we have teamed up with the company Cozero. They support us with their decarbonisation software to calculate the CO2 emissions of our products. Our products go through a lot before they make their way into your pantry or snack bowl, so there is a lot to take into consideration: production, packaging, and logistics – to name just the big steps.

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4-5 star reviews 🙂




Rarely eaten something so delicious! The mix of the crunch of the peanut and the caramelligen Schoki is the purest treat children!!!! Put it on my warm chocolate porridge and let it melt a bit...a dream! It was unfortunately eaten up so quickly I couldn't take a picture!!! These tasty little rascals won't last long and will definitely be reordering!

1-3 star reviews 🙃



If you really want something with caramel, this is the wrong snack

Unfortunately, they do not taste like caramel at all. Ws is also more of a fat glaze and not caramel. The fat glaze unfortunately does not really taste like anything. I am very disappointed in the product.


Jean-Paul L.



Richtig lecker, Erdnüsse die auch wirklich schmecken wie Erdnüsse und auch das Karamell ist richtig lecker - und nicht klebrig, eher milchig/hart und schmilzt im Mund 🤤

Karen I.


Verboten lecker

Die machen süchtig! Naschkatzen sollten viersitzig sein 😉

Silvia B.


Super tasty

Top quality and taste. Always happy to order again.

Vanessa W.


Simply the most delicious caramel peanuts.

They are really addictive so delicious they taste. Who stands on caramel should love them.

Miriam S.


Attention danger of addiction

I don't know how many times I've ordered the peanut caramel clusters... I'm just hooked. The flavor and crunch are just fantastic.



no words!

my new favorites. as well as a huge fan of caramel and peanuts and then still in combination: simply delicious!



Very tasty

Whether as a snack or as a topping peanut caramel clusters are the hammer



Danger of addiction!

Unbelievably delicious. You have to be careful not to eat it all at once!



Gladly again

Yummy yummy and again yummy yummy



Finally available again!

Finally been available again!!! Have waited a very long time for it.

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