Organic puffed mango 500g


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  • Crunchy snack
  • Sweet and sour
  • Tasty mango
  • 100% organic
  • No additives

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Do you need a portion of crunchiness on your every dish? Are you in love with the taste of mango, but the texture of traditionally dried mango does not convince you? Would you like to enjoy the incredible sweetness of mango during winter? If the answer to these questions is three loud yes!, you have come to the right place. Get ready for the KoRo snack revolution: our puffed mango is the snack that will change your life. Puffed mango is precisely what you need – a wonderfully crunchy, concentrated mango experience. Let the snacking begin!

Crisps are out, puffed fruits are in!

Once you will have tried our puffed mango, you are never going to give a nostalgic look back at traditional crisps or puffed rice cakes. KoRo's puffed mango will bring a ray of sunshine and the smell of summer to your kitchen, taking you directly to a Carribean island Moreover, unlike the traditionally dried mango we have in our selection, this puffed version of the sweet fruit is not soft and juicy, but really super crispy and delicious. You simply need to try, this combination of juicy fruit with extra crunch.

Puffed, not dried

You wonder how dried fruit can become so crunchy? Unlike conventional drying, the fruits are heated in a vacuum. This innovative puffing technology of vacuum drying ensures that the water contained in the fruit evaporates in a very short time at low temperature. Due to this method, as compared to dry mangoes, puffed mangoes are unique with their sweet and sour and crunchy taste.

Delicious fruit meets crunchy nibble

The crunchy fruit pieces are the ideal companion for on the go. Whether in the office, at school or as a snack on a long bike ride - the crunchy snacks offer a good balance for an active day. If you haven't already plundered the delicious mango pieces on the first day - who could blame you - they are ideal for spicing up muesli or as a fruity component in desserts thanks to their natural sweetness. They also add a fresh and summery touch to salads. As an absolute all-rounder, the puffed dried mangoes also provide an extra portion of crisp freshness as a garnish on savoury dishes, such as Indian curries. You can even spice up the puffed mango by adding a little bit of chilli powder and consuming it as a snack. A flavour explosion that you won't want to miss out on!

What is special about our crunchy mangoes

The thought of such a fruity and at the same time crunchy snack probably makes your mouth water - we can well understand that! So that you can enjoy your puffed snack to the full, we only use mangoes from controlled organic cultivation. Since we do not add any sugar, sulphur, colourings or preservatives, the fruits retain their unique, intense and aromatic-sweet taste. Simply 100 % pure fruit enjoyment - you can taste it!

To keep the fruits crunchy for as long as possible, they should always be kept tightly closed. It's best to put your new favourite snacks in storage jars.  Not only will they stay fresh for a long time, but your kitchen will also shine in bright colours.

Average nutritional values per 100 g
Calorific value (in kj/kcal) 1538 /  363
Fat 0.7 g
thereof saturated fatty acids 0.3 g
Carbohydrates 82 g
thereof sugar 72 g
Dietary fiber 8.4 g
Protein 3 g
Salt 0 g
Product number: PUFF_003
Best before date 17.04.2025
Origin Burkina Faso/ Ecuador
Organic Origin Non-EU agriculture
Content 0.5 kg
Manufacturer KoRo
EAN/GTIN 4260654787702
Data sheet Specification
Organic control body & Organic origin
EU Bio
Nutrition traces Nutrition traces
Shipping Delivery time outside of Germany
Company KoRo Handels GmbH
Hauptstraße 26, 10827 Berlin
Storage Advice Store in a cool and dry place, in an air-tight container
Ingredients 100 % mango* *from certified organic agriculture
Trade Name Organic dried mango stripes
Label note Ingredients, nutritional values, and packaging may change. For exact information, please check the product description.
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To enjoy the crunchy dried fruits for as long as possible, you should store them in a cool and dry place. You should take special care to keep the fruits well sealed so that they do not lose their incomparable crunch.
We use only organic quality mangoes for the production of the puffed dried fruit. The mangoes used come from controlled organic cultivation.
For our puffed mangoes we use nothing but the pure fruit. Since they contain no additives, the dried fruits are 100% vegan.
The puffed mango pieces are significantly crunchier than conventional dried fruits. Unlike conventional dried fruits, the mangoes are not sun-dried, but gently heated by an innovative vacuum drying process. This ensures that the water contained in the fruit evaporates in a very short time at low temperature. This gives the dried fruit its unique crunchy consistency.
The puffed fruits are free from any additives such as refined sugar, sulfur and colorants and preservatives. Due to their natural fruit sweetness, they taste simply wonderfully aromatic sweet even without added sugar.
If you store the mango pieces in a cool and dry place, they will keep for at least 12 months. To ensure that the fruit pieces remain crisp and do not lose their flavor, it is important to store them in an airtight container. It's best to put the puffed mangoes in a storage jar. That way you can enjoy the crunchy snacks for a long time.
Organic puffed mango 500g
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sehr gute Abwicklung + sehr gutes Produkt = sehr gerne wieder

gute Abwicklung und sehr schnelle Lieferung!
sehr gutes Produkt!

1-3 star reviews 🙃







Süß und knusprig, perfekter Snack für Zwischendurch

Lecker, jedeoch teilweise ganz schön hart.

Katharina R.


Perfekter snack.

Ich liebe sie. Für den Hunger auf was süßes.

Lisa P.


Intensiv und knackig

Sehr intensiv und lecker. Das extrem knackige mag nicht jeder.



Ich werde sie wieder kaufen.

Einfach nur lecker. Lieblingssorte meines Mannes.

Jule B.


Super knuspriger Snack

Der Geschmack ist toll,zwischen süß-fruchtig und etwas säuerlich ist alles dabei. Die gepuffte Mango ist super knusprig,wusste nicht was mich erwartet,wurde absolut nicht enttäuscht. Mein Großer knabbert mir meine Stücken gerade weg während ich das schreibe. Vor 4 Tagen kam die Tüte an und ist fast schon leer.

Magdalena K.


Lecker und fein knusprig

Sehr lecker! Die Konsistenz entspricht etwa sehr festem Baiser und der Geschmack ist intensiv. Wir freuen uns schon, damit in der Küche zu experimentieren.

Angela D.


Mango soffiato

Uno snack dalla bontà unica!
Davvero consigliato




prodotto buonissimo e ideale per colazioni o merende



Schmeckt gut, aber die Stücke sind sehr groß

Schmeckt wie lecker Mango. Das ist super.

Kleiner Negativpunkt: Die Stücken kommen mir von der Größe fast vor wie geviertelte Mangos. Das wäre in kleineren, handlicheren Stücken echt schöner, zum Beispiel fürs Müsli. (Die gefriergetrockneten Mangostücken sehen auf den Bildern kleiner aus—nächstes Mal probiere ich die!)

Angela R.



Sehr lecker! Einziger Nachteil: großes Suchtpotenzial

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