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Covered with snacks: ideas for your picnic

The sun is shining and summer is creeping in. Get the baskets out, because this calls for a picnic! Here are some quick and easy snack ideas for your next snack on a blanket in the countryside.

Covered with snacks: ideas for your picnic


Cold salads are a classic on every picnic blanket. They are quick to make, easy to pack and keep fresh for a long time. And you can eat them reasonably spill-free - perfect conditions for a picnic!

Salads made from grains

For a couscous salad, cook the durum wheat semolina accordingly, leave to cool and then refine with mint, yogurt, almond kernels and dates or sultanas, for example. Bulgur is also quick to prepare and goes well with zucchinis, tomatoes and feta. Another wonderful snack is quinoa salad. The grain tastes great with finely grated carrots, chillies, parsley and a little tahini.

Potato salad

If you prefer something hearty, you can make a potato salad with vinegar, oil and mustard. It is particularly tasty if you add chives and cucumber alongside the boiled potatoes. For a slightly more unusual variation, you can use sweet potatoes instead of normal potatoes and mix in diced feta.

Pasta salad

If you fancy something Mediterranean, then a pasta salad with chickpea fusilli or wholemeal spelt pasta, for example, is perfect. You can add a Mediterranean touch by stirring in sun-dried tomatoes, sunflower seeds, diced mozzarella, garlic, olive oil and Italian herbs.

Fruit salad

For a sweet change, you can bring fruit salad to the picnic. Simply cut all the fruit you like into small cubes, mix and garnish with agave syrup or maple syrup, lime juice or dried fruit of all kinds. You can also sprinkle grated coconut on top for a little extra zing.

Finger food

If you want to transport as little as possible and do away with cutlery altogether, there are numerous ways to prepare finger food suitable for picnics - three ideas for you:


Skewers are a popular picnic snack: whether cheese with fruit, cheese with vegetables or completely new, wild combinations. Our tip: dates with goat's cheese. Walnuts are also a great accompaniment.

Erdnuss-Energy Ball

Energy balls

Energy balls are great for picnics as they are easy to snack on and quick to prepare. Simply mix finely chopped dates, coconut blossom sugar, nuts, a little coconut oil and some cinnamon. Then shape the mixture into small balls and chill them for a few hours. If you like it chocolaty, you can work in small chocolate chips. If the balls are exposed to the sun for a long time but you don't want to do without chocolate, you can use cocoa powder or cocoa nibs.

If you're in a hurry, take a look at our Energy Ball range: the balls are available with a peanut or cocoa and raspberry filling, for example.

Lentil balls

You can make savory balls from cooked and pureed lentils. Mix the lentil mixture with tahini, lime, garlic and parsley, shape into balls and deep-fry in a pan with plenty of oil. Chill, wrap, take away and enjoy with a yogurt and mint dip, for example.

Safely transported

All the delicious prepared snacks need to be transported safely over hill and dale. Wrapped in our vegan oilcloth roll, the food stays fresh and intact. Salads can be transported perfectly in a stainless steel box, which is leak-proof thanks to its clip closure. So you don't have to worry about spills in your picnic basket. And if something does spill while you're snacking on the blanket, the reusable kitchen roll will quickly clean it up.

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