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Ideas for a successful picnic

Die Sonne scheint, der Sommer schleicht sich an. Holt die Körbe raus, denn das schreit nach Picknick! Hier findest Du einige schnelle und einfache Snack-Ideen für Deinen nächsten Imbiss auf einer Decke im Grünen.

Ideas for a successful picnic

Summertime is picnic time. Whether with friends at the lake or romantically in the park - picnicking in the summer is fun. Here are a few quick and easy snack ideas that are practical for your next picnic.

Ideen_fuer_ein_gelungenes_Picknick1. cold salads - hearty

The classic par excellence: cold salads in every variation! Cold salads go fast, can be prepared in many different ways, fit into a transport box and keep fresh for a long time. Plus, you can eat them reasonably spill-free. Perfect conditions for a picnic!

Couscous, Bulgur & Quinoa

If you like it exotic, you can prepare a couscous salad, for example. Simply cook the couscous, let it cool and then add spices, vegetables and dressing. It tastes oriental and fruity, for example, with mint, yoghurt, almond kernels and - if you dare - dates or raisins. Bulgur can also be prepared in a similar way, preferably with a little lime juice and coriander. Another great snack is quinoa salad. The Andean grain tastes great with shredded carrots, chillies, parsley and a little tahini.

Potato salad

If you prefer something hearty and home-style, you can of course prepare a potato salad. It will be especially delicious if you add chives and cucumber. For a more unusual potato salad variation, you can also use sweet potatoes. Here, a few cubes of feta and a neutral oil, such as rapeseed oil, taste especially good. For sweetness, you can sprinkle a few coconut flakes on top.

Pasta salad

If you're in the mood for something more Mediterranean, a pasta salad, e.g. with chickpea fusilli or wholemeal spelt pasta, is an excellent choice. This tastes particularly delicious if you stir in dried tomatoes, sunflower seeds, feta cubes and lots of olive oil.
Of course, all other grains and legumes are also suitable as a salad base. Chickpeas, basmati rice, lentils or beans are great bases and can be prepared any way you like.

2. cold salads - sweet

For a sweet change, you can bring fruit salad. For this, simply dice up all the fruit you like and garnish with agave syrup or maple syrup, lime juice or dried fruit. For a touch of exoticism, you can also add coconut flakes.

3. finger food

If you don't want to use cutlery at all, there are plenty of ways to prepare picnic-worthy finger food - three ideas for you:


Skewers of all kinds are a popular snack. Whether cheese with fruit, cheese with vegetables or something completely different - there are no limits to your imagination. Our tip: dates with goat cheese. Walnuts also go well with this.
Sliced dates filled with goat cheese can also be snacked on with your fingers and taste great.

Bliss Balls

For a sweet option, simply mix finely ground dates, dried fruit, maple syrup or coconut blossom sugar, nuts, a little coconut oil and spices such as cinnamon. If you like, form them into small balls and chill them for a few hours. If the mixture doesn't get firm enough, it's best to use a little more nuts or almond flour.
If you have the possibility to transport the balls in a cool place you can also add small chocolate drops. If the balls are exposed to the sun for a long time and you still don't want to miss out on the chocolate taste, then you can use either cocoa powder, cocoa nibs or soy crispies with cocoa.

Lentil balls

You can make hearty balls from cooked and pureed lentils, for example. Mix the lentil mixture with tahini, lime, garlic and parsley, form into balls and deep-fry in a pan with enough oil. Chill, take away and enjoy with yogurt mint dip for example.

4. smoothies

Last but not least, drinks should not be missing from the picnic. After all, only water is boring. How about a refreshing smoothie? Simply puree the fruit and vegetables of your choice and refine it with acai powder or matcha powder and a dash of oil. Gives energy, vitamins and tastes good!

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