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  • Fragrant saffron threads
  • Spiced and slightly bitter
  • Gives your dish a wonderful yellow colour
  • For savoury and sweet recipes

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Do you want to impress your loved ones at the next dinner or just make the perfect meal? In any case, saffron is the ideal ingredient for your biggest fantasies. The noble spice is also called "red gold". And rightly so, because it is the most expensive spice in the world! And it gets even more exciting: saffron is the pistil threads, i.e. parts of the flower, of a special crocus species that have to be harvested in painstaking manual labour. The threads are known not only for their unmistakable flavour, but also for tinting dishes in a warm yellow. Want to see the sun rise on your plate? Then buy whole saffron now!

Bouillabaisse, risotto or saffron buns?

We want to pay tribute to saffron, which has made it to the top of the international spice charts! Do you want to make French fish soup, Italian risotto alla Milanese or the famous Swedish saffron buns called lussekatt? Only the addition of saffron gives these dishes their authentic and unmistakable look. But we are far from finished: as a spice, saffron is also more than welcome in many other dishes - whether hearty or sweet - in terms of flavour. Try it out!

Buy KoRo's saffron

Admittedly, 10 g doesn't sound like much. But it is! True to our motto at KoRo of selling food in bulk packs, this is one too! Because saffron is usually sold by the gram or in 5 g packages - with us you get a lot; and for relatively little! Saffron is also very economical: if you want to make a really nice yellow and delicate risotto alla Milanese for four people, you only need about 1 g of it. You don't want to miss out on culinary and visual delights any more? Then now is the time to order our saffron in threads!

Product number: GEWUERZ_024
Best before date 13.02.2027
Origin Spain
Content 0.01 kg
Manufacturer KoRo
EAN/GTIN 4260654780581
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Nutrition traces Nutrition traces
Shipping Delivery time outside of Germany
Company KoRo Handels GmbH
Hauptstraße 26, 10827 Berlin
Storage Advice Kühl, trocken und vor Licht geschützt lagern
Ingredients 100 % Safran
Trade Name Safran
Label note Ingredients, nutritional values, and packaging may change. For exact information, please check the product description.
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To get the full flavor and color out of the threads, it is necessary to soak the whole saffron in warm water, broth or wine, preferably for several hours. You can speed up this process by crushing the saffron threads a little with a mortar beforehand.
The word "saffron" refers not only to the threads, but also to the plant from whose stigmas (uppermost part of the flower) the threads are obtained. The word comes from the Persian "zaʿfarān", which means "the yellow" in German.
Since saffron is a spice that is rich in color and flavor, very little of it is needed. In these doses you do not have to renounce the consumption of saffron even during pregnancy. However, if in doubt, seek medical advice!
As the flower part of the crocus species "Crocus sativus", the entire crocus must be harvested before petals and pistils are then removed in elaborate manual work and only the pistil threads - the "actual" saffron - remain. This step must happen immediately after harvesting, before the petals wilt. The threads are then dried. They are then packed at 10 g each in the practical stand-up pouches and can soon refine and spice up your dishes!
Known as "red gold", saffron is the most expensive spice in the world, which has been cultivated and valued as food for more than 3500 years. What is special about it is that the threads are parts of a plant. Saffron are namely the pistil threads of a special crocus species (Crocus sativus). Used, saffron unfolds its characteristic, spicy-bitter flavor and gives any dish - whether hearty or sweet - a striking yellow color.
The high price of saffron comes on the one hand from the complex harvesting process: from the harvesting of the crocuses, to the removal of the petals and the remaining unneeded plant parts, to the careful extraction of the saffron threads, everything is done in painstaking manual labor. On the other hand, the amount of threads needed for one (kilo)gram of saffron is one reason for the high price: in the drying process, the threads lose 80% of their weight; in order to produce 1 kilogram of the preciousness, about 160,000 blossoms have to be harvested!
The origin of saffron is in present-day Iran. It is likely that saffron was already cultivated in ancient Persia about 3500 years ago for the purpose of culinary processing. Nowadays, saffron is also grown throughout the Mediterranean region, which is where we at KoRo get all our saffron from. Our saffron threads come from Spain.
It is best to store saffron in a cool, dry and dark place. In the original sealed package it is durable for at least 48 months from the date of packaging.
The whole saffron tastes slightly spicy, slightly bitter and in the nose it reveals its unique aromatic smell. For the full saffron experience, it is important to let the threads steep in warm water, warm broth or warmed wine to extract the colorants and aromas, which can then be released into the dish.
In addition to whole saffron, which is saffron in thread form, you can also buy ground saffron. Due to its high value, saffron is still often counterfeited or stretched; if you want to be sure that turmeric (as a colorant) has not been added to your saffron, always go for whole saffron! In addition, the whole saffron remains longer intense flavor.
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Alles so wie es sein soll

Sehr gut

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Jeyanthan S.



Wo kann zertifirung an schauen von safran von ihnen iso nr


Carsten P.


Ægte kvalitet til absolut god pris

En rigtig fin kvalitet til absolut god pris. Jeg bruger den til snapsebrygning efter gamle opskrifter, den farver fantastisk og giver en fin aroma



Sehr gutes Preis-Leistungsverhältnis

Das Produkt ist sehr gute verpackt. Die Qialität hat uns sehr überzeugt.



Guter Service, gute Produkte,alles super.

Guter Service, gute Produkte,alles super.




Richt bombastisch, super ergiebig
Preis/Leistung mega



Beste Safran ever!

Top Qualität, sehr aromatisch und intensiv im Geschmak.



Einfach Wow

Der Safran schmeckt Klasse und färbt sehr intensiv. Der Preis ist der absolute Hammer. 😍



Eine ganz besondere Feinschmecker-Zutat mit Genuss pur.

Exquisite Ware mit sehr guten Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis. Gourmet-Zutat für ganz besondere Back- und Koch-Kreationen.



Alles so wie es sein soll

Sehr gut





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