Tinned food 20 Article

Organic coconut milk 400ml
Quantity: 400 ml

Content: 0.4 litre (€4.38 / 1 litre)

€1.75 €4.38 per 1 litre
Organic ready-to-eat chickpeas 240g
Quantity: 240 g

Content: 0.24 kg (€4.17 / 1 kg)

€1.00 €4.17 per 1 kg
Organic canned green edamame beans 130g
Quantity: 130 g

Content: 0.13 kg (€17.31 / 1 kg)

€2.25 €17.31 per 1 kg
Canned pumpkin purée 425g
Quantity: 425 g

Content: 0.425 kg (€5.29 / 1 kg)

€2.25 €5.29 per 1 kg
Organic canned black beans 240g
Quantity: 240 g

Content: 0.24 kg (€4.17 / 1 kg)

€1.00 €4.17 per 1 kg
Organic sauerkraut 500g
Quantity: 500 g

Content: 0.5 kg (€3.50 / 1 kg)

Variants from €0.75
€1.75 €3.50 per 1 kg
Organic tinned corn 140g
Quantity: 140 g

Content: 0.14 kg (€7.14 / 1 kg)

Variants from €0.75
€1.00 €7.14 per 1 kg
Organic canned brown lentils 240g
Quantity: 240 g

Content: 0.24 kg (€5.21 / 1 kg)

€1.25 €5.21 per 1 kg
Organic reduced fat coconut milk 400ml
Quantity: 400 ml

Content: 0.4 litre (€5.63 / 1 litre)

Variants from €1.75
€2.25 €5.63 per 1 litre
Organic canned peas 270g
Quantity: 270 g

Content: 0.27 kg (€5.56 / 1 kg)

Variants from €1.00
€1.50 €5.56 per 1 kg
Organic white beans in tomato sauce 350g
Quantity: 350 g

Content: 0.35 kg (€7.86 / 1 kg)

€2.75 €7.86 per 1 kg
Vegan kimchi 350g
Quantity: 350 g

Content: 0.35 kg (€16.43 / 1 kg)

€5.75 €16.43 per 1 kg
Organic lupins in salt water 190g
Quantity: 190 g

Content: 0.19 kg (€14.47 / 1 kg)

€2.75 €14.47 per 1 kg
Organic and vegan lentil stew 400g
Quantity: 400 g

Content: 0.4 kg (€7.50 / 1 kg)

€3.00 €7.50 per 1 kg
Organic canned kidney beans 240g
Quantity: 240 g

Content: 0.24 kg (€4.17 / 1 kg)

Variants from €0.75
€1.00 €4.17 per 1 kg
Organic ready-to-eat cannellini beans 240g
Quantity: 240 g

Content: 0.24 kg (€5.21 / 1 kg)

€1.25 €5.21 per 1 kg
Organic canned Borlotti beans 250g
Quantity: 250 g

Content: 0.25 kg (€6.00 / 1 kg)

€1.50 €6.00 per 1 kg
Organic vegan chili sin carne 400g
Quantity: 400 g

Content: 0.4 kg (€8.75 / 1 kg)

€3.50 €8.75 per 1 kg
Organic coconut milk with lemongrass 400ml
Quantity: 400 ml

Content: 0.45 kg (€5.56 / 1 kg)

€2.50 €5.56 per 1 kg
Organic dried tomatoes in oil 285g
Quantity: 285 g

Content: 0.285 kg (€16.67 / 1 kg)

€4.75 €16.67 per 1 kg

Order KoRo's tinned products online

Did you know that we are true survival professionals? You could expose us to the hottest deserts, deepest jungles and most desolate islands: we face every adventure. And no, our name is not Chuck Norris. But with our convenient tinned food in our luggage, we - and hopefully soon you as well - will always be equipped to the highest standards. Because the best adventures happen on a full stomach. But our tins should not only find a place in your ultimate survival kit. Tinned food is a great purchase in many situations: in the event of a zombie apocalypse or simply to improve your "unspectacular" storage cupboard. In our shop, you can order numerous tinned foods quickly and easily online and enjoy your favourite foods for even longer from now on.

We offer the following products in tins:

Tinned food — what is it?

"Preservation" comes from the Latin word "conservare" (to preserve) and is usually used in connection with food. Food preservation is a process by which food is preserved for a longer period of time. These are then packed in airtight packaging and voilà: the preserve is ready. Preserves are available en masse in a wide variety of shapes and sizes - for example in glass jars or aluminium tins. Grandma's homemade jam made from preserved fruit is definitely one of the all-time favourites among preserved foods.

What types of preserves are there?

You probably remember Popeye, the sailor with the hard punch. A portion of spinach from a tin can and in no time at all he grew steel-hard muscles with which he literally beat every villain, no matter how strong. As a reward, he got a big kiss from his beloved Olivia - all's well that ends well. All joking aside: tinned food is a practical lifesaver. In principle, of course, fresh is better. However, canned food is not bad per se. In addition, the preservation process makes them last many times longer than fresh food. Generally, a distinction is made between full, half, dry and tropical preserves. The classification depends on the type of heat treatment. Whether it's tinned fruit, tinned vegetables, tinned meat and sausage, tinned ready to eat meals (yes, you can also munch on the coveted Christmas roast all year round straight from the tin), tinned soups, dry tinned food, frozen tinned food or tinned fish - thanks to special techniques, you can enjoy almost everything your gourmet tongues desire in a preserved state. A little tip on the side: if you have a delicate stomach and/or sense of smell, you'd better keep your hands off the so-called "Surströmming". This pickled and preserved Swedish fish dish is not for the faint-hearted. By the way, we speak from our own experience. *wink*

Of course, we also have some preserved treasures in store to stock up your pantry:

  • Organic lupins in a jar
  • Organic tinned peas
  • Organic tinned edamame
  • Organic tinned corn
  • Organic tinned lentils
  • Organic coconut milk in a tin
  • Tinned chunks of tomato
  • Tinned whole tomatoes

and a lot more!

Using tinned food

You can use our tinned foods wonderfully for baking and cooking. Most of our tinned foods are already ready to eat and can be used directly without soaking time. You will find numerous ideas and inspirations for using our unique tinned delicacies in our Food Journal.

Have you tried our pumpkin puree in 425 g tins? The tasty, creamy puree is a great example that shows how tinned food can be naturally delicious, without any added sugar. Best of all, you can enjoy the aromatic pumpkin flavour in your soups and creations throughout he whole year and not just in season.

PS: the same is true for aromatic tomatoes and tropical fruit. We do not offer soft jackfruit in tins, but rather in an airtight bag, pickled in brine, meaning you can still store the trendy meat substitute for a long time and use it whenever you need it.

Chickpeas are also delicious in tins!

Our organic tinned chickpeas are simply delicious. And they are far from being the only pulses we offer in tins: along with our dried legumes, we also offer ready to eat beans, peas and more in our selection.

You can buy the following tinned legumes at KoRo:

Do not throw out the chickpea water

When you use tinned chickpeas, you should not throw out the water contained in the tin. The so-called "aquafaba" can be used in many ways, for example for vegan egg whites. To do this, pour the chickpea water from the can into a mixing bowl, add a little guar gum, lemon juice and icing sugar if desired, and whip it with a mixer on high speed for 3-6 minutes. The resulting solid mixture can be used as an egg substitute for cakes, chocolate mousse or vegan meringues. Approximately three teaspoons aquafaba replace one egg in the respective recipes.

Note: "Aquafaba" is also produced when you boil dried chickpeas to soften them. However, the soaking water used for raw chickpeas is not suitable for further use.

Camping trip à la KoRo

What would a camping trip in the countryside be without chowing down on sliced bread and tinned beans in front of the campfire? Definitely only half as nice! Our organic white cannellini beans, organic kidney beans in jars and our organic black beans in tins can be heated in a pot on your camping cooker or enjoyed directly from the tin - but please do not heat the tin. Of course, you can also enjoy the beans in your own home - without mosquito bites - whenever your stomach growls. How about a hearty bean stew à la grandma?

All your questions about our tinned food

We would like to give you all the information you need about our tinned foods. If you have any questions about a specific product, please check the product specification. If you don't find what you are looking for, please contact us by email or on social media and we will answer all your questions.

How is food preserved in tins?

The production of preserved food in tins is basically divided into two processes: sterilisation and pasteurisation. Pasteurisation involves heating the food up to 100 ℃, while sterilisation starts at 100 ℃. The subsequent airtight packaging kills living microorganisms and makes the contents of the can last longer. Bacterial spores, which are heat-resistant, can only be killed during sterilisation. The shelf life depends on the heat treatment. Fully canned food is sterilised and therefore has the longest shelf life. Sealing machines are used to close food tins. The material of tins and the corresponding lids is varied. Tinplate, aluminium or glass are usually used.

What is the shelf life of KoRo's tinned products?

As a general rule, the best-before date (BBD) is not the expiry date of the product. You will find information on the optimum storage conditions and the best-before date on the product page (under "Specification") and on the product packaging. You can store the tinned food on a storage shelf or in the cellar. Alternatively, a "normal" cupboard or shelf will also do. We recommend that you store our preserves in a dry place, protected from light, at cool temperatures. Avoid exposing the tins to heat, as this can reduce the shelf life. If your tin can shows rust, dents, holes or similar damage, you should not consume the contents. This is also the case if the tin is bloated. In most cases, the same applies: after opening the can for the first time, pour the contents directly into another container. Why? Simply explained: the supply of oxygen can impair the shelf life and, under certain circumstances, harmful substances can pass into the food.

Does KoRo offer organic tinned food?

Of course we do! From now on you can enjoy many of our tinned KoRo products in organic quality:

...and more to come!

Can I also buy tinned dog food from KoRo?

Sure! Since we love each and every dog, we have of course not let ourselves be deprived of including unique tinned dog food in our selection. How about a portion of tinned wet dog food refined with high-quality pumpkin seed oil for your four-legged darling? Our aim is to supplement our wide range of products with numerous tinned foods so that you and your four-legged friends can enjoy our delicious KoRo products for much longer in the future.

Tinned food - upcycle it, baby!

Open the tin, eat the contents, open the bin and... Waaaait, stop! Not all packaging is automatically rubbish, and that goes for tins too. Recycling is also totally hip when it comes to food cans - upcycling is in. Instead of throwing away empty tins, you can clean them and reuse them for fun crafts for you and your kids. For example, you can use the tins for handicrafts. How about a brightly painted tin can as a flower pot on your window sill or tins decorated with animal patterns for the kids to play with at the next children's birthday party? In short: before you throw the tin can into the yellow bag next time, why not rinse it out and let your DIY creativity run wild!