Roasted tomato spread 8 x 1 kg


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  • Spiced spread made from oven-roasted tomatoes
  • In a convenient 1 kg value jar
  • No added sugar — naturally contains sugar
  • Vegan
  • Great as a spread, pasta sauce or to refine dishes
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Buy now: Roasted tomato spread 8 x 1 kg

You don't want just another bread spread? Then you've come to the right place! Because we've put together only the tastiest ingredients for you, which will transport you straight to sunny Italy. Roma tomatoes roasted in the oven for up to 6 hours, refined with selected herbs, garlic flakes and high-quality rapeseed oil - you can't get more Bella Vita than that! So that you can enjoy this wonderful feeling for as long as possible, the spread is not available in small portions, but in a convenient 1 kg jar, perfect for the next pasta party. Bring the holiday feeling to your home and order our roasted tomato spread now!

Deliciously roasted: tomato spread recipes

Are you looking for ways to use your tomato spread? With us, you can get the roasted tomatoes directly to your home and enjoy immediately as an irresistible spread or on delicious rice cakes. Our tomato paste also enhances savoury dishes in no time at all: Try ratatouille shakshuka, rounded off with the taste of roasted tomatoes. Does that make your mouth water? We have even more ideas in store for you! Take your favourite (vegan) bolognese to the next level with just a spoonful of tomato paste. And how about a delicious tarte flambée, using our spread instead of crème fraîche as the base? Topped with burrata, walnuts and rocket, you'll not only impress your palate, but you're sure to make your next dinner guests love you even more!

Tomato and basil, aubergine and more – discover our spreads

Spreads are an absolute must for you in your kitchen, as they not only taste incredibly delicious on bread, but can also refine many hot dishes. We are right there with you! Our olive spread, for example, brings a wonderfully salty and spiced note to your dishes. Our favourite when you're in a hurry: simply add it to pasta instead of pesto and enjoy. (By the way, the same goes for this roasted tomato spread!) Another great dip for vegetables is the vegan aubergine spread. Do you love the taste of tomato and want more? Our tomato and basil spread is not bad either and complements your tomato spread supply. Together with some mozzarella or avocado on a juicy slice of bread, your happiness is guaranteed! We could list more varieties, but it's best to see for yourself - we have many spreads that would like you to try them!

Buy our vegan tomato spread

Roasted tomato soup is an absolute highlight for autumn and winter. Imagine being able to enjoy this taste on your bread all year round! The 1 kg value jar consisting of the finest oven-roasted tomatoes, together with rapeseed oil and refined with delicious herbs is just waiting to be your faithful companion for all seasons from now on! Get it now and enjoy the full power of roasted tomatoes!

Average nutritional values per 100 g
Calorific value (in kj/kcal) 745 /  180
Fat 13 g
thereof saturated fatty acids 0 g
Carbohydrates 10 g
thereof sugar 10 g
Dietary fiber 3 g
Protein 3 g
Salt 1 g
Product number: AUFSTR_025_T8
Best before date 08.08.2025
Origin Turkey
Origin (Processing) Turkey
Content 8 kg
Manufacturer KoRo
EAN/GTIN 4260718297611
Data sheet Specification
Nutrition traces Nutrition traces
Shipping Delivery time outside of Germany
Company KoRo Handels GmbH
Hauptstraße 26, 10827 Berlin
Storage Advice After opening keep refrigerated and consume within 7 days.
Ingredients 80 % oven-roasted tomatoes, 16 % canola oil, 2.4 % dried garlic, salt, basil, oregano
Cross contamination No allergens contained according to EU Regulation 1169/2011.
Trade Name Spread with tomatoes, canola oil, salt and herbs
Label note Ingredients, nutritional values, and packaging may change. For exact information, please check the product description.
Questions & answers: Roasted tomato spread 8 x 1 kg
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Our spread is completely without added sugar, but naturally contains sugar (10 g/100 g).
Oh yes, since we only use purely vegetable ingredients, it is perfectly suitable for a vegan diet. We also have many more vegan spreads in our spread assortment - see for yourself!
Of course you can! For this you need delicious tomatoes, olive or canola oil, garlic, spices of your choice and a good blender. If you like, you can also add seeds soaked overnight, such as pumpkin or walnut seeds, or dried tomatoes - in the end, your personal taste decides. We've done all the work for you and spent a long time working on the perfect recipe for our roasted tomato spread. Order it easily, without making a mess in the kitchen in the practical 1 kg storage jar and see for yourself. We are sure you will love it!
Our spread, consisting of fresh tomatoes roasted in the oven and refined with canola oil, garlic and herbs, feels most comfortable at room temperature in a dry place. In the original sealed jar, the minimum shelf life is then 24 months. Once the jar is opened, please put it in the refrigerator and use it up within a week - but that should be no problem at all with the dreamlike taste.
But hello! You will of course find other types of spread: Organic Tomato-Basil Spread, Organic Eggplant Spread,Mango-Curry Spread and Organic Chickpea Spread are the creamy siblings of your tender pumpkin dream. Get to know them!
Among other things, a vegan tomato-basil spread and a vegan eggplant spread, both in organic quality, await you in our large vegetable spread assortment. Olive lovers are in for a treat, with two incredibly tasty varieties in green and black - also great as an alternative to pesto. And that's not all. Get to know them!
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Very tomato

Very good taste Tastes very intensely good after tomato

Kristin B.


Würd ich wieder kaufen.

So unfassbar lecker. Geröstete Tomaten sind einfach wahnsinnig gut auf getoastetem Brot!



delicious and recommended

very tasty - already used as a pesto addition, I will buy again

Claudia M.


Far too much sugar here too...

... is also far too sweet. I don't know such dishes at all. We don't live in America. They have sugar in all their food. How horrible is that? I'll probably never buy it again, I'll have to see if I can work the stuff into a hot sauce.



Great quality as always.

Also great mixed with cream cheese on delicious fresh bread.

Jessica H.


I like to order again and again

Love this spread - the combination of the pickled tomatoes and the different herbs is just great!



Fits in terms of quality.

Unfortunately, it's not quite my taste. But friends of mine think it tastes great!

KoRo Handels GmbH


Hey, vielen Dank für Dein Feedback. Wir bedauern sehr, dass das Produkt nicht zu 100% Deinen Geschmack treffen konnte. Sicherlich findest Du noch Deinen persönlichen Favoriten bei uns im Shop. Alles Liebe Dein KoRo Team :)


Jennifer D.


Good basis

Olive oil instead of rapeseed oil would have contributed better to the flavor and a little more garlic wouldn't be bad either. Otherwise delicious, good as a base for pasta pans.

KoRo Handels GmbH


Hey, vielen Dank für Dein Feedback. Wir bedauern sehr, dass der Aufstrich nicht Deinen Geschmack treffen konnte. Sicherlich findest Du noch Deinen persönlichen Lieblingsaufstrich bei uns im Shop. Alles Liebe Dein KoRo Team :)


Andrea L.


Delicious alternative

Nice alternative to other spreads...1kg is a lot...but is so delicious that it runs out quickly!

Felix S.


Not a good spread

In my opinion it's not really suitable as a spread, it lacks salt somehow and tastes very oily. Maybe it tastes better with pasta, but on its own on bread it's really nothing.

KoRo Handels GmbH


Hey, vielen Dank für Dein Feedback. Wir bedauern sehr, dass das Produkt nicht so ganz Deinen Geschmack treffen konnte. Sicherlich findest Du noch Deinen persönlichen Favoriten bei uns. Alles Liebe Dein KoRo Team :)

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