Organic pear purée 350g


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  • 100% made from tasty pears
  • Fruity, sweet flavor
  • Perfect for baking or as a sweet garnish
  • No added sugars — naturally contains sugar
  • From organic farming

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Is the same old apple sauce becoming too boring? Don't worry, we are here to restore excitement to your pancakes! With our sweet pear flavored fruit sauce, we offer an irresistible fruity treat which we often eat straight out of the jar! There is no need to be embarrassed if you do the same, you can snack on our pear puree with no guilt, as it is made from 100% organic pears without any additives to the mixture! Pure pleasure, and isn't it great that you can stock up directly with us? A small insight: our staff like to go at it with a spoon, and in the blink of an eye, the jar is empty! So hurry up and buy your jars of organic pear flavored fruit puree now!

Majestic (pureed) pears

Believe it or not, pears are fruits with quite a long history. The pear tree is part of the rose family and the sweet fruits were already beloved many centuries ago. Especially in ancient Greece and ancient Rome, pears were highly valued and featured prominently in desserts. So it's no wonder that our pear puree is an unbeatable component for many desserts: how about Greek yogurt, topped with sweet pear puree and some almonds or pecan nuts?

Pear puree: So new, so versatile and so good!

We already gave you the first idea for a recipe, but that's just a start. Our pear puree is extremely versatile and, just like apple sauce, it can be a great addition to sweet desserts as well as savory dishes. There is just one small difference: our pear puree is completely new on the market and, due to its intense, sweet flavor, has great potential to compete with the well established apple sauce. Pear puree pimps up simply any dish, from hash browns to sweet desserts, cakes and breakfast bowls, all the way to hearty roasts. Another thing: fruit puree can very well be frozen and is perfectly suited to make delicious ice cream, as you see, there are no limits to your creativity! So try it now and make the ancient Greeks and Romans jealous of your new desserts!

Buy sweet fruit puree now

We guarantee that the delicious pear puree will not stay a secret for long. You can be part of the pioneers of this fruity, sweet treat by securing yourself a jar of the best pear puree. When you use it to pimp up your dishes at the next cookout, your family and friends will praise you for your creativity. You can then mention that the puree is made from 100% organic pears and everyone will lose their minds! Fill up your pantry now and buy our delicious pear puree!

Average nutritional values per 100 g
Calorific value (in kj/kcal) 240 /  57
Fat 0.1 g
thereof saturated fatty acids 0 g
Carbohydrates 12 g
thereof sugar 9.7 g
Dietary fiber 3.1 g
Protein 0.4 g
Salt 0 g
Product number: MARK_005
Best before date 31.12.2027
Origin Belgium, Netherlands
Origin (Processing) Netherlands
Organic Origin EU Agriculture
Content 0.35 kg
Manufacturer KoRo
EAN/GTIN 4260718299233
Data sheet Specification
Organic control body & Organic origin
EU Bio
Nutrition traces Nutrition traces
Shipping Delivery time outside of Germany
Company KoRo Handels GmbH
Hauptstraße 26, 10827 Berlin
Storage Advice Store in a cool and dry place. After opening, consume within a few days.
Ingredients 100% pear from organic farming
Trade Name Organic pear puree
Label note Ingredients, nutritional values, and packaging may change. For exact information, please check the product description.
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Questions & answers: Organic pear purée 350g
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Clear! Only pears from organic farming are used in our delicious puree, without any additives. This makes the pear puree perfect for a vegan diet.
Even though everything evokes pretty much the same thought in your head, there are small but subtle differences between these terms. Puree and pulp are quite similar and are often used as synonyms, with the small difference that a pulp is more often sugared than a puree. A fruit pulp is much more different: Usually a pulp has a lower water content and is therefore more viscous. By law, a fruit puree must not contain any additional sugar. But don't worry, our fruit puree also consists only of pears and thus contains only the sugar naturally present. "Puree" it is therefore called only because of the naturally high water content of the pears.
Yes, of course. If we are completely honest, the idea of a fruit puree for everyone also came to us at the thought of the baby porridge from childhood. Our fruity-sweet pear puree can eat your baby, provided there is no allergy or intolerance. Discuss this in advance in any case with a doctor.
There are really no limits to your creativity. Our delicious fruit puree made from pears goes just as well with sweet dishes as it does with desserts, cakes or breakfast bowlsas well as with savory dishes such as potato pancakes or a hearty roast. Just try it out and be sure to let us know if you discover any new delicious uses.
Since our fruit puree is made from 100% pears, 100 g of the puree has only 57 calories.


An apple a day
An apple a day

Hättest Du gewusst, an welchem Ort weltweit die meisten Birnen wachsen? Es ist – Trommelwirbel – China! 71 % der Birnen weltweit stammen aus der Volksrepublik, das sind etwa 17 Millionen Tonnen pro Jahr. Für unser Püree muss allerdings keine chinesische Birne so lange reisen, – wir beziehen unsere grünen Früchte aus den Niederlanden, wo sie an Birnbäumen wachsen und von dort direkt frisch nach der Ernte in die Produktion wandern.

Keeps the Heißhunger away
Keeps the Heißhunger away

Bevor es an die Verarbeitung geht, folgt in der Fabrik eine optische Kontrolle und eine gründliche Reinigung der Früchte in der Trommelwaschanlage. Sorgfalt muss sein, schließlich sind Birnen echte Kulturbegleiter. Bereits Homer berichtete von ihnen und auch die Babylonier verehrten den Birnbaum als heiligen Baum.

Schale Yes, Gehäuse No
Schale Yes, Gehäuse No

Erst danach geht es ans Dämpfen und Vermusen, wo die Schalen, Kerne und Stiele durch ein Sieb herausgefiltert werden. Wie am Flughafen, müssen auch unsere Birnen durch einen Metalldetektor. Dann heißt es: Abflug – äh, noch nicht ganz. Jetzt wird das Birnenpüree nämlich erstmal erhitzt und eingekocht! Apropos Hitze: Die Gattung der Birne heißt wissenschaftlich Pyrus (griechisch: pýr) für Feuer. Unser Püree-Rezept ist übrigens ganz einfach: 100 % Birne, kein zugesetzter raffinierter Zucker. Schließlich enthalten unsere Früchtchen schon von Natur aus Zucker – schmeckt aber genauso lecker wie Omas Birnenmus!

Zum Glück rollen hier nur Apfelscheiben
Zum Glück rollen hier nur Apfelscheiben

Der Sicherheitscheck ist noch lange nicht abgeschlossen, denn jetzt folgen eine pH- und eine Brix-Messung, sowie ein weiterer Durchlauf durch den Metalldetektor. Schließlich wollen wir am Ende 100 % Birne löffeln. Blinde Passagiere ausgeschlossen! Erst dann geht es ins Glas, wo ein Vakuumverschluss und ein letztes Erhitzen das Produkt keimfrei und haltbar machen – ganz ohne künstliche Konservierungsmittel. Jetzt aber ab nach Berlin in unser KoRo-Lager, wo das Birnenpüree auf der Durchreise zu Dir übernachtet. Gute Reise und guten Appetit an Dich!

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Très bonne et facile d'emploi, longue conservation

Super agréable et très bon produit sans ajouts d'ingrédients

Nicole A.


Sehr zufrieden, Top Qualität!

Sehr zufrieden, Top Qualität! Wie immer schnelle Lieferung und unkomplizierte Online-Bestellung . Koro einfach Top!

Tanja S.


„Echtes“ Nahrungsmittel

So lecker und fein, da schmeckt und sieht man dass es noch „echt“ ist

Livia B.


Süss und lecker!

Ich mag es sehr und esse es mit Quark. Hat eine gute Konsistenz.

Vanessa B.


Werden wir nochmal kaufen

Leckere Alternative zum Apfelmus, kam bei uns gut an.



zu empfehlen

Schmeckt super. Kaufen wir gern wieder.



Würde ich jederzeit wieder kaufen.

Super lecker zum günstigen Preis. Perfekte Mischung aus salzig und süß.



composition équilibrée et bon goût de poire

composition équilibrée et bon goût de poire

Grazia G.


Ottima miscelata alle marmellate

Da sola la trovo un po' insulsa, ma da qualche tempo uso questa mousse, come la composta di mele, per diluire le marmellate tradizionali, perché mi piacciono sapori meno dolci e più freschi. Da quando ho cominciato a provare le mie marmellate miste, non ho più smesso!

Doris O.


Leckere Birne

Ich finde es soweit ganz lecker, aber die Textur könnte cremiger sein. Im Sommer eine herrliche Erfrischung, wenn es gekühlt genossen wird.

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