Berry Protein Smoothie Bowl

Easy 9 July 2018
Preparation time
5 min

With the berry-protein smoothie you sweeten the start of the day in a particularly fruity way. This pink bowl vegan and prepared super fast!

400 g Silken tofu
2 STÜCK frozen bananas
150 STÜCK frozen berries
1 Handvoll Raspberries
1 Handvoll Soy Protein Crispies
0.5 TL Vanilla
2 EL Coconut chips
2 vegan protein powder
1 EL Cocoa Nibs
1 EL Cocoa Nibs
1 EL Goji Beeren
1 Handvoll freeze-dried berries
  • Step 1/2

    Using a blender or food processor, blend the silken tofu, frozen bananas, frozen berries, vegan protein powder and vanilla until everything is smooth and creamy.

  • Step 2/2

    Then you put everything in a bowl and finally you can garnish your vegan berry protein smoothie bowl according to your taste with the remaining ingredients. Instead of fresh raspberries, freeze-dried raspberries are also particularly suitable for this!

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