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What has a funny shape, a yellow colour inside and is incredibly popular? That's right, ginger root! Are you also a fan of the spiciness of the little tuber and want to try something new? We have something for you! Our dried ginger pieces are ready to eat and taste slightly sweet thanks to a short fructose bath. So you can snack on our ginger straight from the packet or top your muesli with the sweet and spicy tuber. Join the ginger movement and get 1 kg of the finest dried ginger for your home. Simply order online now!

Little tuber, strong flavour — the ginger root

The ginger movement is gaining more and more followers (in Australia, for example, there is a Ginger Industry Association), and rightly so. The small, branched root has a lot to offer: It is hard to imagine tasty curries without it, and the spicy tuber also adds that certain something to pumpkin soup. Try the fine ginger powder from our shop. You think you only need ginger for cooking? Then let us convince you otherwise with a pumpkin-banana bread! For more foodie knowledge, watch out now: Did you know that the ginger plant can grow up to 1.50 m tall? It is mainly cultivated in tropical and subtropical countries such as India, Nigeria, China and Thailand. And the root of the plant we eat is officially called the ginger rhizome. Learned something again!

Make your own ginger tea and more ginger drinks

We asked 100 people, "What's the first thing you think of when you think of ginger?" In first place: ginger tea. How good that our dried ginger can be used wonderfully for this. Simply pour hot water over a few pieces, add some lemon or honey if you like, and enjoy - an absolute highlight, not only in winter! And if you fancy something cool, you can also create a delicious lemonade from the sweet and spicy ginger pieces.

The full load of ginger is also available with our pure ginger juice in the 3 l bag in box. But that's not all: shots, shots, shots, shots, shots ... everybody?! We have some really tasty (and of course alcohol-free) shots in store for you. For the right kick in the morning or to wake you up in between: The apple-ginger shot in large format, the ginger-tangerine shot and the pure ginger shot are all waiting for you to try them!

Buy dried ginger root

Ready to become part of the ginger movement? Simply join us and order the gently dried ginger in the practical 1 kg value pack directly to your home. By the way, don't confuse it with candied ginger, which is cooked with the addition of sugar. Our ginger, on the other hand, is briefly dipped in fructose after cooking and then dried, which gives it its sweet and spicy aroma. It is also a source of fibre and will soon take a firm place in your heart and diet - ginger promise! Buy our dried ginger now!

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Not too often and in small quantities you can give your beloved four-legged friends fresh ginger. How it looks with our dried ginger, you best discuss with a veterinarian. 
The ginger root is best stored in a cool, dry and light-protected place. Under these circumstances, the minimum shelf life in the original sealed packaging is 9 months.
Ginger is a true globetrotter and, in addition to Thailand, is grown primarily in India, but also in Sri Lanka, China, Indonesia, Nigeria, Jamaica and Australia, among other places.
No, for candied ginger the tuber is cooked with the addition of sugar. Our ginger, on the other hand, is briefly dipped in fructose syrup after cooking and then gently dried - for a pleasantly sweet and spicy aroma.
Yes, our dried ginger is made from purely plant-based ingredients. You can find a lot more vegan snacks in our dried fruit assortment.
Oh yes! You can make delicious tea from the ginger root in no time by simply pouring hot water over a few pieces and, if you like, add a little honey. However, you can also cold shower the dried ginger and create a refreshing ginger lemonade. Add some mint, lemon, sweetener and a straw to the glass - et voilà!
In principle, yes, but you need a lot of time. It's easier with our dried ginger pieces, which are already in a few days without much effort and ready to eat with you.
No, because our ginger is briefly dipped in fructose syrup before being gently dried. This gives it its unmistakable sweet and pungent taste.
Very good question, because you have so many options! In addition to the use as a hot or cold drink, ginger must not be missing in a delicious curry. Pure, the dried ginger is also a great topping for your bowl, either for muesli in the morning or for hearty vegetable bowls.
Ginger tastes pleasantly hot and spicy.
Annoying peeling of the ginger tuber was yesterday: You get our ginger directly ready to eat in the practical 1 kg package! Due to the gentle drying process, the ginger pieces retain their distinctive aroma and taste slightly sweet due to a short fructose syrup bath. Thus, our ginger is a real treat brewed as a tea or snacked on its own.
100 g of our dried ginger comes to 350 calories.
We are huge foodies - however, we lack the expertise on the topic of ginger during pregnancy. It's best to consult your gynecologist about this.
Dried ginger 1kg
Organic ginger powder 500g
Ginger in dark chocolate 1kg
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Properties low in saturated fat, low-fat, vegetarian, vegan vegetarian, vegan, lactose free, organic vegetarian, vegan, lactose free
Kauf Argumente - 100% pure ginger in powder form In a smoothie or as a delicious hot drink Gently processed & finely ground From organic farming Vegan, gluten and lactose free Intense ginger in aromatic dark chocolate Combines mild spiciness with chocolaty sweetness Perfect as a gift, to share or to snack on Rich in fibre Perfect for baking
Zutaten - 100% ginger* *from organic farming 55% ginger preparation (51% ginger, sugar, antioxidant: E223 (contains SULFITES)), 45% dark chocolate coating (cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier: SOY LECITHIN, vanilla flavouring). Cocoa: 56% minimum in the chocolate portion.
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4-5 star reviews 🙂



I can not imagine a winter without the

I can no longer imagine a winter without the dried ginger, very versatile (in tea, as a snack, in curry).

1-3 star reviews 🙃







Super product

Spicy. Healthy. Delicious 😋 Slightly smaller packages would be great

Jocelyne C.


Good product

I replaced the chocolate with dried ginger, which is slightly spicy and healthier.

francesca o.


Good, quite strong, not very sweetened but well balanced

Good, quite strong, not very sweetened but well balanced



Nice and spicy ginger

It is much spicier than the ginger products available in normal stores, as it contains considerably less sugar. If you appreciate the real flavor of ginger, this is the right product for you, but if you are sensitive to spiciness, it is better to keep your hands off it.



TIP TOP-very intense flavor!

Very good workmanship and very intense flavor!

Filippo C.



Veramente ottimo prodotto.rispetto al corrispondente zuccherato il gusto è più deciso

Petra E.


Gladly again

Super tasty for snacking and cooking,

Ulrike J.


really tasty

delicious and already spicy, especially good the little sugar

Sandra M.


Wonderful juice

Very good, a must for ginger lovers!



Highly recommended

Price performance is excellent Quality super

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