Yirgacheffe coffee beans 1kg


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  • Speciality coffee from the Yirgacheffe region in Ethopia
  • Roasted and packed in Germany
  • Mild flavour with a fruity note
  • 100% Arabica beans
  • No artificial flavours
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Recognized worldwide amongst coffee lovers as one of the best, this coffee will certainly enchant you too. It comes from the Yirgacheffe region in Ethopia, the motherland of Arabica coffee, where coffee is grown in vast fields at 1770 - 2200 metres above sea level. After the harvesting, coffee beans are washed, fermented, and dried in the sun; afterwards, they are taken to Germany, where they are professionally roasted in Hamburg especially for us. Its unique, multilayered aroma is thus perfected and amplified. In the end, the coffee beans are packed or ground.

Yirgacheffe’s sweet character sets it apart from others. Its taste and smell remind us of citrus because of its fruity note which makes it stand out from other Arabicas. The association between a slightly bitter profile and a medium body, it is a delight for lovers of complex coffees.

Product number: KAFFEE_007
Best before date 30.05.2025
Origin Ethiopia
Origin (Processing) Germany
Content 1 kg
Manufacturer KoRo
EAN/GTIN 4260335836323
Data sheet Specification
Nutrition traces Nutrition traces
Shipping Delivery time outside of Germany
Company KoRo Handels GmbH
Hauptstraße 26, 10827 Berlin
Storage Advice Store in a cool and dry place
Ingredients 100% arabica beans
Trade Name Roasted whole coffee beans, Yirgacheffe variety
Label note Ingredients, nutritional values, and packaging may change. For exact information, please check the product description.
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Yirgacheffe coffee beans 1kg
Yirgacheffe ground coffee 1kg
Price €29.50 €30.00
Product number KAFFEE_007 KAFFEE_006
Herkunftsländer Ethiopia Ethiopia
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The different roasting processes serve to give the coffee its very special and own note. Only through the individual roasting the character of the coffee bean is resolved.
The coffee tastes spicy and has fruity aromas.
It is best to store coffee in the packaging in which it was purchased. In no case should the coffee in the refrigerator, because moisture is the enemy. Too much sunlight should also be avoided.
The coffee is made from 100% Arabica beans.
Originally, this type of coffee comes from Ethiopia.

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4-5 star reviews 🙂



Mild coffee

A very mild coffee, I often have stomach problems from coffee, that is not the case here, it is however nix for people who like their coffee a little stronger

1-3 star reviews 🙃



Worst coffee purchase of my life.

I have bought this coffee many times and was always very satisfied, only the quality in your store is poor. When opening the package no roasted aromas, pale and dull appearance of the bean. And also after brewing: pure disappointment!!! Normally intense coffee smell in the house; With this one ..... nothing !!! I think the coffee is superimposed!!!

KoRo Handels GmbH


Hey Katharina, thank you for your feedback. We are really sorry that you have received a product here, which apparently does not meet our quality standards! You are welcome to contact our customer service with this concern. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience. Your KoRo Team


Alex R.


By far the worst Yirgacheffe

I wish I had read the reviews before ordering. I've already had several Yirgacheffe, this one: very small, very light-colored beans, some look like pebbles, they are all as hard as pebbles. Even different brewing methods do not result in a taste that can be described as positive.
Dear Koro team, please save your slimy responses to negative reviews, it doesn't make it any better, on the contrary. Should I trust someone who doesn't own up to mistakes and glosses over inferior goods? No, definitely not. Since there are also good reviews, you can assume that not all packs are bad. Perhaps your roasting company is also cheating you of something that didn't work out? Perhaps it would be more appropriate to look here. The coffee has ended up in the garbage can.

KoRo Handels GmbH


Hey, vielen Dank für Dein Feedback. Wir bedauern sehr, dass Du ein mangelhaftes Produkt erhalten hast. Leider können wir bisher noch keine Mail von Dir finden. Wende Dich in solch einem Fall bitte immer direkt über den Hilfebereich auf unserer Website, an unseren Kundenservice, damit dieser Dir schnellstmöglich bei Deinem Anliegen weiterhelfen kann. Alles Liebe Dein KoRo Team :)



Acidic and unflavored.

I've never tasted coffee so bad that I threw it away. The beans were pale and odorless. I don't know how anyone can achieve such a result.

Sabine B.


Too bad, we were used to him better

As some have noted before, the coffee has no flavor at all. Tiny little beans. We have tried it with different grinds and amounts of coffee, unfortunately it does not improve the taste. We will not buy it again.

KoRo Handels GmbH


Hey, thank you for your feedback. We are very sorry that you are not satisfied with the product. We are already in exchange with our suppliers here, as we always want to offer you the best possible quality. All the best from your KoRo team :)



Very sour coffee

You have to like this coffee.
Unfortunately, we do not like it.
As someone wrote before: already when you open the package you notice that the typical coffee smell is missing. But completely. Pale beans and zero aroma. No matter what grind is set, it is and remains sour. A fine grind and the filter is about to clog, a coarse grind and it forms an oily film in the coffee cup. Cheap discount coffee can probably do that better. Pity....

KoRo Handels GmbH


Hey Michael, thank you for your feedback. We are very sorry that you are not satisfied with the coffee. The Yirgacheffe has deliberately a floral and sour aroma, this is so intentional, it is a specialty coffee and certainly not to everyone's taste. All the best your KoRo team :)



Will buy again.

Really great coffee, good taste, good price - performance ratio.



Ein aromatisch-milder Kaffee ohne Bitterstoffe, perfekt geröstet.

Ein aromatisch-milder Kaffee ohne Bitterstoffe, perfekt geröstet. Der recht hohe Preis ist gerechtfertigt.



Very tasty!!!

Very tasty!!!













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