Organic applesauce 6 x 700g


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  • 100% fruit
  • Organic apples
  • Fruity taste
  • Perfect for both sweet and savoury dishes
  • No added sugar*
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Applesauce is one of the most versatile and delicious products you must always have in your kitchen. Made of ripe apples, applesauce is sweet and sour, and can not only complement a lot of dishes wonderfully, but also be a discreet but vital ingredient in so many recipes! While most applesauce you find in the supermarket has some added sugar or sweetener, ours is made of 100 % organic apples, puréed and poured into a glass jar, and will amaze you with its taste.

The perfect side dish

It is easy to underestimate applesauce, as it does look rather inconspicuous; but do not let its looks fool you! This delicious apple purée is incredibly versatile – spoon it straight out of the jar into your plate, stir it into your cookie or cake dough, or add it to savoury roasted dishes for a striking and tasty contrast. Both savoury hash browns and sweet pancakes benefit from the addition of applesauce, and your rice pudding literally cannot find a better topping. The combinations are endless! 

High quality organic applesauce

We use only apples from controlled organic cultivation for our organic applesauce . Since we at KoRo place great emphasis on naturalness, the applesauce is then put into the jar without added sugar or other preservatives. High-quality ingredients (100% organic apples) and selected apple varieties make our organic applesauce the perfect taste experience without any additives. So why bother making your own applesauce when you can buy top-quality ready-made applesauce from us. Relive childhood memories or invent new, fruity creations. Order organic applesauce now!

*The apple pulp contains naturally occurring fructose.

Average nutritional values per 100 g
Calorific value (in kj/kcal) 212 /  50.7
Fat 0.1 g
thereof saturated fatty acids 0 g
Carbohydrates 11.5 g
thereof sugar 10.1 g
Dietary fiber 1.3 g
Protein 0.3 g
Salt 0 g
Product number: APFEL_009_T6
Best before date 31.12.2027
Origin Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, Italy, Netherlands
Organic Origin EU agriculture
Content 4.32 kg
Manufacturer KoRo
EAN/GTIN 4260654785210
Data sheet Specification
Organic control body & Organic origin
EU Bio
Nutrition traces Nutrition traces
Shipping Delivery time outside of Germany
Company KoRo Handels GmbH
Hauptstraße 26, 10827 Berlin
Storage Advice Store in a cool and dry place
Ingredients 100 % apples* *from certified organic agriculture
Trade Name Organic applesauce
Label note Ingredients, nutritional values, and packaging may change. For exact information, please check the product description.
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Wo die Äpfel aufwachsen
Wo die Äpfel aufwachsen

Rund, knackig, süß oder sauer – Äpfel sind das beliebteste Obst in Deutschland. Pro Jahr isst hier jeder Mensch mehr als 25 Kg. Wir von KoRo finden: Das kann noch ein bisschen mehr werden und werfen unser Bio-Apfelmark in den Ring.

Nicht ganz so groß, wie der in Nachbars Garten
Nicht ganz so groß, wie der in Nachbars Garten

Kleine Bäume bringen größeren Ertrag – deshalb sehen die meisten Apfelplantagen auch so aus. Damit die Bäume für Dein Apfelmark alles geben können, brauchen sie aber ein bisschen Unterstützung: Die kleinen Apfelbäume haben eher flache Wurzeln und müssen deshalb angebunden werden.

Da kann keine Maschine mithalten
Da kann keine Maschine mithalten

Von Hand geerntet – und meistens auch ohne Leiter. Die Äpfel in den kleinen Bäumen sind sensibel und damit sie keine braunen Druckstellen bekommen, werden sie von Hand geerntet. Überhaupt würden unsere Äpfel die Jury bei jedem Schönheitswettbewerb ins Schwitzen bringen: Wir setzten auf Sorten, die weniger krankheitsanfällig und damit schöner sind. Chemische Pflanzenschutzmittel haben unsere Äpfel nie gesehen.

Wie vor der Disko
Wie vor der Disko

Nur wer gut genug aussieht, wird zu unserem Bio-Apfelmark, alles andere wird aussortiert. Übrigens kommen in unser Apfelmark nur Äpfel mit heller Schale – dunkle Äpfel würden das Mark rot-bräunlich färben. So landen nur die besten Früchte in dem Hexler.

Das beste Accessoire für Deine Reibekuchen
Das beste Accessoire für Deine Reibekuchen

In Dampf gegart, durch ein feines Sieb gedrückt – und dann schnell ins Glas. Dein Apfelmark muss ganz schön lange die Luft anhalten können, denn das alles passiert in sauerstoffarmen Systemen. So behält Dein Apfelmus seine schicke Farbe, bis Du Dein Glas Zuhause öffnest.

100 % Apfel, Ehrenwort
100 % Apfel, Ehrenwort

Wir sind genau so zufrieden mit unserem Apfelmark, wie es jetzt aussieht. Deswegen kommen auch keine Zusatzstoffe oder etwa Zucker mehr dazu. Durch kurzes Erhitzen entweicht der letzte Sauerstoff, schnell das KoRo-Etikett aufs Glas – Zack, fertig und bereit für Deine Bestellung.

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Questions & answers: Organic applesauce 6 x 700g
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Yes, applesauce may also be consumed during pregnancy. However, pay attention to the ingredients. Since apples naturally contain sugar, even pure applesauce, such as our organic applesauce, should only be enjoyed in moderation during pregnancy.
Our gently processed organic applesauce contains many vitamins, minerals and trace elements of fresh apples. Applesauce can therefore be well integrated into a healthy lifestyle. However, applesauce does not usually help against the causes of acute digestive problems, such as constipation or diarrhea.
Our organic applesauce can be used in many ways. It is suitable as a garnish for sweet dishes such as waffles, pancakes, rice pudding or potato pancakes. Also, the applesauce can be stirred well in yogurt and cottage cheese. Because of its fruity flavor, applesauce is also a popular addition to savory dishes, such as hearty roasts. In vegan and health-conscious baking circles - but also beyond - applesauce is also popular for cakes and muffins. Apple puree can be used here instead of eggs, for example, but is also suitable as a natural sweetener. Our organic applesauce also tastes so delicious that it can be eaten plain. If that is too boring, refine it with raisins and spices, such as a pinch of cinnamon, for a quick dessert.
Applesauce is a classic among the first complementary foods and is suitable as a small snack or to refine other baby foods. However, when buying apple puree, pay attention to the ingredients. High-quality applesauce, such as our organic applesauce, does not contain any additives, such as sugar. Applesauce without added sugar can be eaten by babies from the 5th month.
Both applesauce and apple pure e consist of strained apples. In the case of apple compote, which is used colloquially as a synonym, the apples are not strained; it still contains apple pieces.

Unlike applesauce, apple puree is not additionally sweetened and contains no additives. Apple puree, as our organic apple puree may call itself, contains only the sugar naturally contained in the apples. As a result, apple puree contains on average one third less sugar than puree. However, this does not have to mean a loss of taste, as our unsweetened organic applesauce proves.

Originally sealed, our organic applesauce has a best before date (BBD) of 30 months. An opened jar of applesauce should be stored in the refrigerator and used as soon as possible. It is best to carry out an odor and visual test before each use. At the latest when the applesauce shows traces of mold, it should no longer be eaten.
100 g of our organic apple puree have 51 kcal.
The most important quality feature of our organic applesauce are freshly harvested organic apples. Without long transport routes, the apples are processed gently. Trace elements, vitamins and minerals of the fresh apples are thus preserved in large quantities. Unlike other manufacturers, we attach great importance to the fact that our applesauce comes without sugar and other additives and preservatives in the glass. Our organic applesauce consists of 100% apples and can therefore also be called apple puree.
Yes, our organic applesauce is vegan. It consists of 100% apples and is therefore purely vegetable.
Yes, since our organic applesauce does not contain added sugar and other preservatives, the applesauce does not harm dogs. However, apples naturally contain sugar and should therefore also be consumed by dogs only in moderation. Too much sugar is also unhealthy for the four-legged friend. If you have any questions about it, we recommend that you seek advise from your veterinarian.

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Anja S.


Fruity and delicious

Fantastic with grated cookies or simply on its own.

Gabriela S.


Delicious apple puree

My husband loves apple puree and I have bought quite a few but have never found this really tasty. He rated this one TOP. The search has come to an end :-)

Victoria P.


very good

Perfect for eating like this, or incorporating into recipes. I made a gluten-free, vegan banana bread and needed apple sauce.



Super sweet and delicious

Incredibly delicious and so unbelievably sweet, I can hardly believe there are only apples in it.

Fiona E.


I will buy again

Very tasty and slightly tart due to the rhubarb

Jaana N.


this is good and necessary

Lovely texture and like grandma made applesauce

cristina f.


Very good

A very good compote for eating on its own or in culinary preparations.

Jan K.


delicious apple sauce

Tastes really delicious, but still sweet, even though there is no added sugar.



Super lecker

Very tasty, top quality, good price.

Estela S.


very good, and also the apple is very healthy.

I like it to eat with my vegan yogurt, and to make vegan cookies and cakes.

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