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A crunchy, creamy dream: Crunchy almond butter

May we introduce: The new star in nut butter heaven! No wonder, because our crunchy almond butter combines the best of both worlds!

A crunchy, creamy dream: Crunchy almond butter

Crunch factor par excellence

Everyone knows the crunchy classic and you can buy it everywhere: crunchy peanut butter. No wonder it has a permanent place in many people's pantries. It's simply delicious! We asked ourselves: what would our best white almond butter refined with crunchy almond pieces taste like? The thought of the new star in nut butter heaven just wouldn't let us go. So the KoRo sourcing mice left no stone unturned and got to work. After a long search, they finally found the ideal blend of creaminess and crunch! 85% blanched almonds, processed into the finest puree, paired with 15% roasted almond pieces are truly a match made in heaven!

We can't stop raving about it. Why not try it too and join our crunchy almond paste fan club! KoRo secret tip: It pays to be quick, because crunchy almond butter is not available everywhere. But we won't let you down, because you'll find what you're looking for here and can buy a large 500 g jar right away - you'll have plenty of it for a long time.

Speaking of Match made in Heaven: let's talk more about the inner values! At 19 g per 100 g, the star among nut butters is also a source of protein and contains no additives. Simply 100% almonds provide that special feeling in the mouth: an ideal combination of creamy and crunchy! On top of that, it has an impressive 5.8 g of fiber per 100 g - we think that's great and are adding it straight to the KoRo shopping list! You too?

All-rounder with that little something extra

But let's get down to brass tacks: what can you use our crunchy almond butter for? Our answer: Just like you're used to using our brown or white al mond butter! As a spread, in your porridge or as a topping for salads and bowls - the possibilities are virtually endless. Simply take a large spoonful of the finest nut butter from your storage jar and bang: everything is delicious! Our mouths are watering just thinking about it and we think that there really is almost nothing that almond butter can't make better.

Crunchy almond butter chocolate pralines

The nut butter king or queen not only brings absolute creaminess, but also that certain crunch to your favorite dishes. Fancy discovering a new favorite snack? Try these delicious crunchy almond butter chocolate pralines. They also make a great gift for your loved ones - if they haven't already been snacked on!

As you can see, the possibilities are endless and no household should be without a good nut butter. So treat yourself to our crunchy almond butter and try out this DIY! We tested the chocolates in the office and let's put it this way: they wouldn't have made it into our wrapping paper - simply too delicious!

Discover the creamy nut butter variety!

Good to know: These pralines can also be made with our pistachio butter, hazelnut butter, cashew butter and all the other delicacies that our nut butter range has to offer - there are no limits to your creativity! So you can get started right away, because at least one nut butter from KoRo is guaranteed to be in every well-stocked store cupboard! But even if you don't: by the time you read this article, the busy bees in the warehouse will almost be packing your parcel so that you can quickly enjoy a big spoonful of the heavenly nut butter with crunch!

Creativity is not your thing, but your mouth is already watering? No problem! Just treat yourself to our Nut Butter Cups in four different flavors: Salted Hazelnut, Salted Peanut, Salty Pistachio or Cashew-Strawberry!

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