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Nut butter innovation: pecan butter

So, which is your favorite nut butter? Almond, cashew, hazelnut or pecan nut butter? Wait, what? Yes, you read that right! You probably already know and love many of our classics, but with our pecan butter we have another creamy ace up our sleeve. And the best thing is: we only need one ingredient for this delicious puree - pecan kernels!

Nut butter innovation: pecan butter

Pecan, pecan ... What was that again? Don't worry if you didn't immediately have a picture in mind - compared to the USA, the pecan nut is still rather unknown here. But we want to change that, because there's a reason why the nut celebrates its own national day in the States on April 14! And we wouldn't be KoRo if we didn't conjure up a nut butter to go with every nut: Tada, our pecan nut butter!

Pecan - who?

Pecans originally come from North America and are one of the most popular nuts there. So much so that the National Pecan Day has been celebrated on April 14 since 1996. For the Native Americans, however, the nuts have been faithful companions for decades and have seen them through many a winter. The nuts grow on pecan trees, which belong to the walnut family. The two nuts are also similar in appearance and taste - although pecans taste much milder and sweeter than walnuts. However, the pecans for our nut butter do not come from North America, but from South Africa. Pecan trees are now also grown there, along with other countries such as Australia, Brazil and China. And to make sure that you not only get through the next winter well, but ideally through the whole year, we at KoRo provide you with a large 500 g jar of creamy pecan nut butter.

What you can do with pecan butter

If you're wondering whether you really need another type of nut butter in your store cupboard, our answer is a resounding yes! Because let's be honest - firstly, there's no such thing as too much nut butter and secondly, this is pecan butter after all. We bet none of your friends have this nut butter underdog at home yet, because it's something really special. You can really spice up any porridge or bowl with it and impress everyone who comes over for breakfast at the same time. It may be a weird flex, but our unusual nut butters are our favorite way to show off. With its mild, sweet flavor, the puree rounds off your taste experience and gives your breakfast the missing icing on the cake. Just give it a try! To get you started in the pecan era, we have also prepared a suitable recipe for you at the end of the article. In case you don't want to wait until breakfast the next morning to try it - a small (or large) spoonful of pecan butter straight from the jar never hurt anyone!

Balance is key

We've probably all heard this saying before. For us, the message behind it is clear: the key to happiness lies in finding the right balance between all the different nut butters that you can find in our range. Whether light or dark, creamy or crunchy, with a salty note or refined with cocoa - the choice is huge! Here's a little nutty fun fact: did you know that pecans are not actually nuts? Botanically speaking, they belong to the stone fruit family - just like cashews or pistachios. However, they are not the only "nuts" that deceive us with their name: Peanuts, for example, are also not real nuts, but belong to the legume family. So if you want to top your breakfast with a really, really real nut butter, you should reach for our walnut or hazelnut butter. Or - even if the name is not a direct hint here - classic almond butter, of which we have a few variations for you in our nut butter range! Psssst, be sure to try our chocolatey baked oats with pecan butter - a dream!

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