🗓 02/10/2023 👤 Christin Uthoff

Pimp your nut butter jar: remove labels and upcycle jars

KoRo delivers the creamiest nut butters straight to your door. So that they arrive safely and you can store them in your larder, they naturally need packaging. However, our 500 g storage jars not only satisfy your nut butter cravings for a long time, but can also be used again after spooning them out. We'll show you how it's done!

Pimp your nut butter jar: remove labels and upcycle jars

Step 1: Dipping, spooning, topping

Once you have opened your KoRo package full of anticipation and unpacked your favorite nut butter, the first and tastiest step is to open the jar and spoon it in! As a dip, topping, for cooking, baking or on their own - our nut but ters take every dish to the next level!

Step 2: Remove the label

After many bowls of porridge with the finest almond, hazelnut or pistachio puree, at some point you realize: the jar is empty! No need to worry at first, because the busy bees in the warehouse will be happy to send you more. So quickly fill up your shopping cart and your store cupboard again. But now back to your empty jar: the first thing you need to do to give it a second life is to remove the label. This may be a little annoying, but with these two tips, it's quick and easy!

Tip 1: Simply soak the glass in hot water. The label will then usually come off on its own or you can simply peel it off.

Tip 2: If the label has not yet been completely removed, you can try using oil. Simply spread some sunflower or rapeseed oil on your label and peel it off piece by piece.

Step 3: Be creative!

Now comes the third, most exciting step: being creative! Of course, you can simply reuse the jar for your supplies and, for example, transfer our soy crispies from the 1 kg bulk pack into handy jars. But we think so: Our nut butter jars deserve a little creativity when they have provided you with spoonful after spoonful of such creamy contents. So why not turn the jar into a pretty lantern, for example? Macramé, a technique for which you only need a little wool and a single knot, is perfect for this. There's plenty of inspiration on social media and you can find a tutorial on YouTube. You can also use the nut butter jar to store your pens on your desk or as a small flower pot. Simply paint it with acrylic paints or unpack the paste and revive the good old napkin technique. Pro tip: You can also do this with pages from old books or magazines - it looks really fancy!

Step 4: Repeat

Once spooned, always spooned! If you regularly visit your trusted nut butter dealer, you will always have new empty nut butter jars. Reason enough to try out our tips and tricks. Best of all: pretty macramé votives or flower pots - preferably with home-grown cuttings inside - also make great gifts!

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