🗓 19/03/2024 👤 Hannah Rieder

KoRo flours in comparison

Ah, good old flour. Whether you've become a bread baking pro during the pandemic, like to bake cakes, muffins or waffles at the weekend, fry up patties or eat pancakes for breakfast: you need flour. And because 08/15 has never been our thing, we naturally have more than just wheat flour in stock for you!

KoRo flours in comparison

Wheat flour

Of course, we don't want to deprive you of the mother of all flours and have two types in our store: type 550 and type 405. But what does that actually mean? The flour type indicates how many milligrams of minerals are contained in 100 grams of flour. The darker the flour, the higher the number and the amount of minerals and vice versa.

Incidentally, the types vary from country to country. What is a 405 flour here is called 00 in Italy and T65 in France, for example, but they can all do one thing: help you to conjure up the fluffiest, airiest baked goods. Type 550, on the other hand, is better suited to savory products such as bread or pasta.

Sweet potato flour

May we introduce: Your golden kitchen all-rounder. Whether you use it to thicken sauces, add a tablespoon of it to the vegan pancake mix for a nice color or cook treats like sweet potato gnocchi: Our orange sweet potato flour can do it all and looks damn good too!

Soy flour

Yep, you read that right: Nothing and no one is safe from flouring, we've made flour from roasted soybeans too. And for good reason, because soybean flour has a high protein content (41 g per 100 g), tastes nutty and mild due to the roasting of the soybeans and is the ideal vegan egg substitute. However, you should not use soy flour 1:1 like wheat flour, as it has a different baking quality, i.e. it rises differently and also has a more intense taste than wheat flour or almond flour.

Almond flour

Speaking of which: In addition to milk alternatives, creamy puree, pure, with herbs or roasted as a snack, almonds can also be used wonderfully to make almond flour. Our almond flour also has a high protein content of 50 g per 100 g and, like our white almond butter, is made from completely blanched almonds. You can also use it for baking and give your sweet and savory creations a nutty, slightly sweet taste. However, as with soy flour, only replace part of the wheat flour with almond flour so that your baked goods not only taste good but also rise well.

Peanut flour

Speaking of nut flours: Peanuts are not safe from us either and are roasted, partially de-oiled and then ground without further ado. So you can bake nutty protein waffles with peanut flour, mix it into peanut sauces or add it to frozen bananas and mix peanut nice cream - you're welcome! By the way: With 50 g of protein per 100 g, our peanut flour is a real source of protein and also has a high fiber content (16 g per 100 g). So we can recommend eating peanut banana bread instead of boring quark after your workout!

Chickpea flour

But wait a minute, who decided that you can only bake with flour? Certainly not our chickpea flour! Because you can also bake with it and give your pizza dough a high protein content (22 g per 100 g), for example, but also mix hummus with hot water and spices and make falafel yourself. And by the way: our chickpea flour is made from 100% chickpeas and is gluten-free - a dream!

Coconut flour

You thought that was it? Of course not, we also have coconut flour for you! The flour is produced during the coconut oil production process: after the coconuts have been pressed, the de-oiled pulp is turned into flour. You can use the sweet coconut flour for raw desserts or for baking. When baking with it, however, you should only replace about ⅕ of the flour with coconut flour so that you have the subtle coconut flavor but your baked goods are still nice and fluffy. If baking is not your thing: the coconut flavor is also great in smoothies, or you can add 1-2 tablespoons to your curry if you don't have any coconut milk to hand.

No matter which flour you choose: We have the right recipe for you! Take a look at our recipe tool - there you will find tasty recipes from us and the KoRo community!