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Organic oat drink with 15% oats 8 x 1L
Quantity: 8 x 1 L

Content: 8 litre (€1.38 / 1 litre)

€11.00 €1.38 per 1 litre
Barista oat drink 12 x 1L
Quantity: 12 x 1 L

Content: 12 litre (€1.83 / 1 litre)

€22.00 €1.83 per 1 litre

Buy plant-based drinks as a substitute for milk

Everyone is loving plant based drinks, and rightly so: for more and more people, plant based drinks have evolved from a passing trend to a long-term replacement for cow's milk. They are not just versatile but they also taste delicious - with your granola, tea or coffee - our plan-based drinks will not leave you hanging. So, you're welcome: our plant-based drinks without any additives for all people out there looking for the perfect substitute for milk.

Which milk substitute tastes the best?

You probably already know what we'll answer: for us, the organic oat drink is and always will be the favorite. Unlike other alternative milks, like cashew or almond milk, the oat drink does not have a strong taste of its own, meaning it can be used in many different ways.

Are KoRo's plant based drinks vegan?

Our plant-based drinks are obviously vegan, we refrain from using any animal ingredients in their production. But that does not mean that our alternative milks should only be enjoyed by vegans, they have a lot of other benefits too! Our barista edition oat drink is naturally lactose free, gluten free and is made without any added sugar. Our organic oat drink is also free of lactose and added sugars. If all this was not enough, our ingredients are obviously all from organic farming. So if for some reason you have not turned to our oat drinks yet, you should now - we still haven't found any reason not to.

Can I make plant-based drinks myself? 

Of course you have the option of making the drinks at home. But so you can focus on using the plant-based drinks, we made them for you. However, if you were ever to run out, for example because your family discovered your stash of the delicious alternative milks, you could make your own oat drink at home. You only need oats, salt and a blender. For the sugar addicts, we recommend adding some dates for their natural sweetness. Another tip: use our nut milk bag to save yourself the sifting hassle. The bag helps to remove all the solid remnants from the liquid and all that remains is your delicious, home-made oat drink!

Our oat drinks

We would not be KoRo if we only offered you an oat drink: In addition to the classic, organic oat drink, you will also find a barista edition. The first oat drink is perfect for your morning muesli or porridge. The organic oat drink has a mild taste and is therefore very versatile. But our barista oat drink can also keep up: The plant-based alternative milk can be wonderfully foamed and therefore - as you have surely already guessed - is especially good in coffee or hot cocoa. And the best thing is: Unlike many other manufacturers, our oat drinks do not contain any added sugar! They naturally have a pleasant sweetness that we don't need to artificially enhance.

Recipes with oat drink

For those who think that our oat drink can only be used for muesli and coffee, we recommend having a look into our food journal. All types of breakfast creations, such as fluffy spelt pancakes with raspberry sauce or an ocean smoothie bowl are perfect with our organic oat drink. But the milk substitute is also great for cooking and baking. For those that are looking for an alternative to coffee or tea, we can recommend golden turmeric milk or a pumpkin spice latte - food and drink, oat milk does it all!

All your questions about plant-based drinks

We want to give you all the details about our plant-based drinks. If you have questions about a specific product, have a look at the product specifications. If any questions persist, do not hesitate to contact us by email or on our social media and we will clear them up.

Is oat milk rich in protein?

The oat drink has less protein as compared to regular cow's milk. But that is not a problem, since you will not live exclusively on oat milk. How about a self mixed muesli with organic chia seeds, soy protein crispies and organic goji berries? Or would you prefer a protein porridge, which combined with our oat drink brings you a perfect creamy texture?  The age-old question about getting protein from a plant-based diet has almost become rhetorical, has it not? legumes, nuts, tofu, quinoa or even some vegetables, like broccoli, will never leave you hanging. To come back to the initial question, even if oat milk is not rich in protein, there is no reason not to give it a chance to become your cow's milk substitute. You can find the exact nutritional values in the product description.

Can the oat milk be foamed? 

That depends - not all oat drinks can be made into foam. But as you probably guessed, we made that our objective and set out to testing several different oat drinks. Our winner was the barista version of the drink, available in our shop. This vegan plant-based drink can easily be foamed, which makes it the perfect milk substitute for your coffee. What is important here is that you shake the oat drink well before opening. To foam it, the oat drink should be heated up - the perfect temperature for making the foamy oat dreams come true is up to 60 degrees. Our tip: foam the barista oat drink, mix it with some  cocoa powder and sweeten to taste with some coconut blossom sugar – and voilà, your delicious cocoa is ready!

What ingredients does our oat milk contain? 

All the ingredients in our two oat milk versions are carefully selected. Our organic oat milk contains the following ingredients: water, oats, sunflower oil and sea salt. Our barista oat milk contains water, gluten-free oats, sunflower oil and a hint of salt.

Does oat milk affect digestion?

Our oat drinks consist of water, oats, sunflower oil and sea salt. Barring any allergies or intolerances, these ingredients should be easily digested. Individuals drinking average quantities of oat milk should not be concerned with any laxative effects. Should symptoms such as flatulence or diarrhea occur, it's probably best to avoid the oat milk for the time being and to consult a doctor.

Does the oat milk contain gluten?

Yes and no. We can't give an overall answer, because our organic oat drink contains gluten. However, our barista oat milk  is gluten-free, since it is made exclusively with gluten-free oats. That's why you can enjoy it, even if you suffer from celiac disease or simply want to avoid gluten for other reasons. 

Can I freeze oat milk?

Of course! This is a good solution for the times when you are unable to finish the whole liter of our oat drink before the expiration date. A piece of advice: freeze our barista oat milk in ice cube trays and use the cubes in your iced coffee on hot summer days!

Can I heat the oat drink? 

Of course! We actually recommend it for our barista drink, in order to make it into foam. The easiest way is to use a special milk frother, but you can obviously heat the plant-based drink in a pot and foam it by hand. What's most important is not to let the oat milk get too hot. To ensure the best consistency, do not let it get above 60 degrees.

Is oat milk heathy? 

Our oat drinks are entire made of four natural ingredients with names that can be pronounced, we do not even add sugar. So as you see, our oat drinks can perfectly be part of a healthy diet.

Can my baby drink oat milk?

The best nutrition for babies is breast milk and special baby and infant foods. Please speak to your pediatrician about the best nutrition for your child.

Can my dog or cat drink oat milk?

If your cat were to drink some oat milk there should be no problem. But you should feed your cat with cat food and refrain from giving it oat milk. The same is true for dogs. If you are searching for food for your four legged friend, you can look into our dog food section. You can feed them our high quality dog food without any concerns.

What is the oat drink's shelf life ? 

The oat milk should be good for about 12 months. The exact date can be found on the packaging. In order to prevent it from spoiling, keep it in the fridge after opening and consume within a few days.