Reusable non-stick grill mat 5 pieces


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  • Reusable grilling mat for versatile uses
  • Made of glass fibre with PTFE coating
  • For all types of grills and ovens
  • Heat resistant up to 260 °C
  • 5 pieces

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If you're wondering why KoRo - your trusted nut butter dealer - suddenly has reusable grill mats in its range, watch out! We could just as well have called our grill mats ‘baking mats’, ‘reusable baking paper’ or ‘baking pads’. Because our grill mats can be all of those! The best thing: they are reusable. You can prepare your berry-paranut granola for breakfast on the grill mat in the oven and serve colourful baked vegetables with falafel for lunch. With such indulgence, you may fall short of baking trays – that's why the non-stick mat is available in a practical pack of 5. A quick clean is all it takes and the grill mats are ready for use in the evening! This not only saves unnecessary baking paper waste, but also cash!

Grill mat for the gas grill, charcoal grill and electric grill

You can use the mat for any type of grill and thus prevent your delicious grilled food from sticking to the grate. At the same time, you save yourself the hassle of cleaning the grill. Because that's really a waste of time, isn't it? Fancy granola, baked vegetables and BBQ? Buy a grill mat now!

Buy baking mat made of glass fibre

Our grill mat is made of glass fibre and coated with PTFE. The surface reminds you of a coated pan. And that's exactly how it works: You don't need to oil the grill mat, just put your food on it and start grilling! Some like it hot - so does our grill mat, because it can withstand temperatures of up to 260 °C. But it doesn't shy away from the cold either. But it doesn't shy away from the cold either: if you still want to make bars quickly, you can freeze them on the mat in the freezer and enjoy them asap!

But as already mentioned, the mat is a baking and grilling mat in one! There are no limits when it comes to BBQ: Fish, tofu, grilled vegetables or even fried eggs are possible with the grill mat. Are you ready for the ultimate kitchen tool? Order the reusable barbecue mat now!

Product number: BACK_001
Origin (Processing) China
Content 5 UNIT
Manufacturer KoRo
EAN/GTIN 4260718290148
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Nutrition traces Nutrition traces
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Company KoRo Handels GmbH
Hauptstraße 26, 10827 Berlin
Material PTFE, Glasfaser
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Our reusable grill mats replace aluminum trays at the BBQ and the conventional baking paper. So you can bake and fry everything imaginable, for which you have used baking paper until now, on our permanent baking foil. As a substitute for aluminum trays, you can put everything you like to grill on the grate or mat at the BBQ. The grate stays clean and you save yourself the hassle of cleaning. At the same time, you save the environment and your wallet with the reusable grill mat.
Our grill mats have the dimensions 40 x 33 cm and are therefore the same size as standard baking trays. A big advantage of the baking foils is that they are incredibly thin, but still do not burn - as is often the case with conventional baking paper.
Our permanent baking foils are made of glass fiber and coated with PTFE. The combination of the high-quality materials results in a functional whole: heat-resistant up to 260 °C, does not melt or burn, extremely thin and non-stick coated.
The non-stick grill mat withstands temperatures from -40 °C-260 °C. And it does so without melting or burning. So there's nothing to stop you from preparing crispy falafel in the oven or salmon from the grill! What's more, you can use it to chill your dessert in the freezer until it solidifies.
Yes, because no silicone is processed in our grill mats. This is how we prevent the baking foil from smelling like plastic. We have chosen a mat made of glass fibers coated with PTFE. This gives it its non-stick properties and heat resistance.
Thanks to the PTFE coating, you can clean the grill mat very easily. Simply clean the mat as you know it from conventional coated pans: warm water, a little detergent et voilà! Be careful not to ruin the coating with a sharp object or a scratchy pot cleaner. Because then the mat loses its non-stick properties. Alternatively, you can also put the grill mat in the dishwasher and let it clean, so to speak.
You can replace both baking paper and BBQ trays with our grill mat, because it is reusable. This saves unnecessary waste and money! Cleaning the grill mat is child's play: Warm water and a little washing-up liquid are enough to make it ready for use again. In addition, the silicone-free permanent baking foil withstands temperatures of up to 260 °C and even performs at -40 °C.

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4-5 star reviews 🙂



So far so far okay

We have only had one of the 5 mats repeatedly for baking rolls or grilling fish in use. Clear advantage over the previously used baking paper, the mat (s) are tear-resistant. Which was very helpful especially with a grilled food like the finfish. But please keep in mind, the mats are therefore by no means cut-resistant, not that anyone comes up with this (absurd) idea. The food prepared on it did not take on any smell or taste of the mat(s). The mat also survived the repeated, easily manageable washing with lukewarm water, a dishcloth and mild detergent well, even if it then looked a little "worn" and no longer as "dewy" as before the first use. At this early stage, we understandably cannot make any more precise statements about the durability itself, but we have had good experiences so far and can recommend the mat(s) without hesitation.

1-3 star reviews 🙃




replaces parchment paper. Thick fabric. Tears after long regular use.



Je recommande

Large, thick leaves, I'm delighted with my purchase!




replaces parchment paper. Thick fabric. Tears after long regular use.



Super offer.

I've been looking forever for a replacement for my reusable baking paper and here I finally found it.

Carina H.


Very good price-performance ratio

Very good reusable baking mat. Good quality, no caking and very good price.

Maike M.



We have one of the mats permanently in the oven. Everything ends up on it: vegetables, meat, chips, pizza, casseroles (if something overflows, the tray stays clean). In between, the mat ends up in the dishwasher or is washed by hand. The mats are with us already really long in use and look almost like new. Neither brittle, nor scratched. They even survive if you cut the pizza (carefully) directly on the mat with a pizza roller! Sponge cake rolls can also roll super on the mat!



Just a great recommendation

Just great! Absolute recommendation. Is now permanently in use with us

Nadja L.


Function excellent

I am very satisfied with these baking mats. I have already used them 4 times - for bread, rolls, cakes and cookies.
Nothing is burnt, not a crumb or fat residue.
The baking mats are also very easy to clean. Hand warm water and a soft sponge were already sufficient.
Really recommended



Perfect!!! No more baking paper needed

I had already tested other reusable mats, but these are the hammer!
Only five in a pack are unnecessary, because I always need only max. two.




Convenient for me who use the oven a lot today I have much less waste of disposable baking paper, then compared to the baking paper that often sticks food with these sheets nothing stuck



Will be in my kitchen for a long time

Great price, great quality, will be in my kitchen for a long time.

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