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Spread and topped: 5 ideas for your bread

From avocado to fruit spread: we have five inspirations for you on what tastes best on a sandwich!

Spread and topped: 5 ideas for your bread

Germans love their bread. There is even a German Bread Institute that lists over 3,000 different bread specialties. As if that wasn't enough, German bread has been an intangible cultural heritage of the German UNESCO Commission since 2014. So nothing boring about it! We have five tasty ideas for the crowd favorite - whether for breakfast, a snack during the break or an evening meal.

Avocado bread - the classic

The classic on the breakfast table is avocado bread. Whether it's toast, rye bread or half a roll - with a squeeze of lemon for freshness and seasoned with a little salt and pepper, you can't really go wrong.

Here are a few suggestions for a little upgrade: (roasted) pine nuts, (chopped) walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sun-dried tomatoes, a little garlic, feta cheese or black olives. On breakfast menus, you will often find avocado bread with an egg (whether hard-boiled, poached or scrambled) or smoked salmon.

Tip for vegan avocado and egg bread: Spread a thin layer of mustard on the slice of bread, then top with the mashed avocado and sprinkle with a pinch of sulphurous Kala Namak salt for the finishing touch. The vegan egg bread is ready!

Mashed sweet potato

Not so obvious: sweet potatoes are great as a spread. Simply boil a sweet potato until soft, peel, mash with a fork, season to taste and spread on the bread of your choice.
For a savory version, you can top your bread with cheese (goat's cheese, feta cheese or parmesan taste particularly good here) or with rocket, herbs, roasted vegetables or egg variations.
The sweet potato spread is also something for those with a sweet tooth: spice it up with a little cinnamon, cocoa nibs, grated coconut or chopped dates, for example. You can also sweeten it with honey, panela (powdered sugar cane juice) or maple syrup. Both variations - savory and sweet - are really delicious! It also works with pumpkin.

Hummus love

The popular chickpea puree definitely goes well on bread, no question about it. Depending on your taste, we have a few tips for you on how to make this classic spread a little more special. In addition to the classic variety, which consists only of chickpea puree, tahini and a little lemon juice, hummus is of course also available spicy with paprika, pink with beet or spicy with curry - to name just a few variations. Your hummus combines well with fresh, grilled or oil-pickled vegetables. Sprouts, salad leaves and fresh herbs also go well with it.

Our tip if you're in a hurry but still want something special: Spicy curry hummus. You can simply mix our organic hummus powder with a little water and curry powder and voilà, you have perfectly creamy hummus. Spread the prepared hummus on the bread of your choice and top it with fresh pineapple, sultanas, coconut chips and chopped dates.

Pesto doesn't just go well with pasta

Do you still have two jars of pesto in the far corner of your fridge that are about to go bad? We have the solution! Pesto looks great on your sandwich. Whether green or red pesto - both varieties make a deliciously spicy spread. It goes well with fresh vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumber, radishes or peppers. It can be perfectly complemented with a few sprouts, seeds, some cheese ornuts.KoRo Brot

Fruity breakfast bread with nut butter and fruit

Of course, we also have a spread for those with a sweet tooth. The combination of nut butter and fruit is particularly popular, e.g. almond butter with banana or crunchy peanut butter with apple slices. If you don't have any fresh fruit to hand, fruit puree works just as well on the nutty spread. Or how about a classic peanut butter jelly sandwich with our strawberry fruit spread?

For a quick sandwich

You don't have time for homemade spread and the last jar of pesto is empty? No problem! KoRo offers ready-made but no less unusual spreads. From a particularly creamy eggplant spread to a fruity mango curry spread and a fruity, spicy spread made from roasted tomatoes , everything is available. Our spreads made from green and black olives straight from Greece are also deliciously Mediterranean. Of course, we also have sweet spreads up our sleeve, such as the guava fruit spread or the sweet and sour raspberry fruit spread.

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