🗓 20/10/2023 👤 Hannah Rieder

Alternatives to pasta

And we don't mean spelt pasta instead of wheat pasta, but pasta that is completely grain-free. The KoRo product developers have come up with some delicious treats if you want or need to avoid gluten or simply fancy something new!

Alternatives to pasta

1. yellow all-rounder: fusilli made from corn and chickpeas

You're probably already familiar with lentil noodles instead of conventional pasta, but how about using corn and chickpeas as the basis for your pasta? The star of the show is corn: it gives the pasta a beautiful yellow color, and with chickpeas in the supporting role, they keep their shape during cooking and get the right bite - just as pasta should be. Whether with pesto, Bolognese or Aglio e Oglio - the fusilli taste great with all sauces and impress with their beautiful yellow color.

2. turn your head: hemp pasta

We know what you're thinking - but we have to disappoint you, our hemp noodles are simply intoxicatingly delicious. And that's thanks to the nutty aroma of the hemp seeds. For valuable fats and fiber, we have also added linseed to the mix to give you not only the ideal taste experience, but also a balanced product. To top it all off, the pasta also has an intense grass-green color - after all, you eat with your eyes! We recommend combining our hemp noodles with rocket, smoked tofu, cherry tomatoes and pine nuts. Balanced, colorful and delicious!

3. delicious konjac noodles

"After hemp, they're now adding alcohol to the noodles at KoRo", you think to yourself. We wouldn't be surprised, but no! Konjac has nothing to do with French cognac, but comes from the konjac root, a plant native to Asia. You may have heard the term "shirataki", which is the same as konjac noodles. Shirataki are super quick to cook - in just five minutes. They swell up to two and a half times their original size and are then ready for the sauce of your choice. Whether Japanese, Chinese or Italian is up to you - konjac is good with all of them. And for those who need it even quicker: The shirataki noodles are also available ready to eat soaked in water - KoRo makes it possible.

4. the last of the bunch: sprouted buckwheat noodles

Our last pasta alternative consists of sprouted buckwheat. And we sprouted it for a reason: this process changes the structure of the proteins, making the amino acids easier for the body to absorb. That's impressive! Buckwheat noodles also have a high fiber content, a wonderfully nutty taste and serve as a source of protein. We recommend eating the sprouted buckwheat noodles with mushrooms, cream sauce and fresh parsley - delicious!

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