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Get to know: schwarzer Tahin

Yes, you read that right: black tahini. Because the clever KoRo heads have discovered that there are black and white sesame seeds. And because we leave no stone unturned, we thought we absolutely had to try tahini made from black sesame seeds. The result: your new favorite sesame.

Get to know: schwarzer Tahin

What is sesame butter?

Sesame butter, or tahini, is ground sesame seeds - what a surprise. The seeds are mixed until the oil they contain is released. The result is a nutty, creamy puree that you can use in a variety of ways - just like our delicious nut purees. However, if you've ever gone shopping for tahini or sesame seeds, you've probably only found white tahini and white sesame seeds. However, we have also fallen in love with black tahini and black s esame, which is why you can find both in practical storage packs in our store - and KoRo offers organic quality on top.

All about: Sesame seeds

"Not everything is black and white" is true in life, but not with sesame seeds. They actually only come in two colors: black and white. However, black sesame is the original form. However, the two varieties differ not only in their color and origin, but also in their taste. White sesame seeds have a rather mild aroma, whereas black sesame seeds are more intense and slightly nutty.

White sesame seeds are more commonly used in African and South American cuisine, e.g. in Moroccan tajine, baba ganoush or in Mexican mole, a chili sauce. You are more likely to find black sesame seeds in the cuisine of the Arabian Peninsula and East Asian cuisine, e.g. on fluffy flatbread or as a sweet filling in Japanese mochi. Now you know what you can do with sesame seeds, but what about sesame butter?

How to use: organic black tahini

Black tahini is ideal if you want to give dishes a creamy texture and a nutty flavor, but a natural sweetness like nut butters doesn't suit your dish. You can also use black tahini in salad dressings for a nutty note or prepare a creamy dip for vegetable sticks. Black tahini is also ideal for marinating tofu cubes or seitan, as it adds a strong, spicy note to your dish. And although black tahini is not sweet, you can also use it in sweet dishes, bake with it or mix it into your smoothie.

You are probably already familiar withwhite tahini and have it at home in a 500 g KoRo jar. You can use it to make the creamiest hummus yourself - you can of course also use black tahini for a visual highlight on your Insta feed and on your plate.

At the end of the day, it is of course personal preference whether you prefer to use white or black sesame butter. But the KoRo motto is: Why choose? As black tahini is probably new to your kitchen cupboard, we want to give you a super simple but very sophisticated recipe: Black tahini ice cream!

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