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Homemade ice cream

Summer, sun and a cool ice cream - that makes the day perfect! Find out how to make your own ice cream in this article.

Homemade ice cream

If you've already tried all the flavors in the ice cream parlor around the corner or feel like making your own ice cream, we'll tell you how to do it here.

Know what's in it

The advantage of making your own ice cream is obvious: you decide what goes into it and what flavor it will be. Whether water ice, parfait, sorbet, milk ice or colorful ice creations - you are the boss and can let off steam.

The base - water or milk ice cream?

Not all ice creams are the same. Although both water-based and milk-based ice cream are cold, they are prepared differently and require different ingredients and preparation techniques. So you have to decide first: Would you prefer a light water ice cream or the creamy milk ice cream version?

Classic & simple: water ice

Water ice is very easy to make. As the name suggests, the basic ingredient is water. What else you add is entirely up to you. For example, it tastes good if you puree 300 grams of fresh fruit to a porridge-like consistency. Berries or exotic fruits such as mangoes are suitable for this. Mix the resulting fruit mixture with water until it has a liquid but still slightly creamy consistency, similar to that of pumpkin soup. You can sweeten the ice cream to taste, for example with sugar, panela, agave syrup or - for the calorie-conscious - with xylitol or erythritol. Then pour the mixture into a suitable container. If you like, you can also stick a stick in it. Then put the whole thing in the freezer for at least 6 hours.

Creamy & versatile: milk ice cream

Milk ice cream tastes wonderfully creamy and refreshes us on hot days. The basic recipe requires 500 ml milk (preferably full-fat) and 300 ml cream. For a good consistency, it is also advisable to use 2 to 3 eggs - but you don't have to. Mix everything together well with around 200 grams of sugar or another sweetener and freeze. For the flavor variations, you can add other ingredients as desired.
For a light chocolate ice cream, for example, you can mix in chocolate drops made from xylitol, cocoa beans or cocoa nibs. Grated coconut, mango pieces and a teaspoon of ginger powder, for example, add a touch of the exotic.
If you are tired of boring standard varieties, you can try more unusual combinations. Basil, mint, ginger or cardamom are suitable for an exciting flavor note and make lemon ice cream, for example, more exciting and intense.
You can also use rosehip powder, acerola powder or acai powder to give your ice cream a rich color. It becomes particularly extravagant if you want to make beet ice cream, for example, and use fresh beet or our beet powder. Add a little sesame seed and a spoonful of tahini.
It gets even crazier if you conjure up blue ice cream with spirulina powder. Not only does it look exciting, it also tastes great.

Vegan ice cream

Even vegans can easily make creamy ice cream and let off steam with powders, spices and fruit combinations. Instead of the milk, cream and egg mixture, simply use bananas! Very ripe bananas are best for this. Cut them into small slices and place them in a freezer bag overnight. Then puree the banana slices and mix them with almond butter, peanut butter or cashew butter, for example. A few spoonfuls of chia seeds also go very well here. Top with banana chips and your vegan ice cream is ready.
(Vegan) yoghurt is also great for freezing. Garnish with berries, dried fruit or nuts and you also have an excellent ice cream experience.

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