Gold replacement lid for Ball Mason jar 86mm


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  • Replacement lids for storage jars
  • Made of gold-coloured stainless steel
  • With silicone ring
  • Seals airtight
  • Leak-proof
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Buy now: Gold replacement lid for Ball Mason jar 86mm

All that glitters is not gold - in our case, it's stainless steel. Our golden replacement lid for the Ball Mason jar not only looks chic, but also solves the annoying where-are-all-my-lids problem. Countless lids disappear in every household every year. Either they are inexplicably lost in the junk drawer, fall unnoticed behind the kitchen cupboard or your borrowed jar only finds its way back to you without a lid. So take care now and treat yourself to the leak-proof replacement lid with 86 mm diameter in gold and give your glass a chic gold rim!

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A particularly practical feature is that the KoRo replacement lid fits both sizes of our Ball Mason jars (946 ml and 473 ml), so you can use the replacement lid for several jars. Whether you want to use your Ball Mason jars for canning, transporting meal preps, drinks and smoothies or simply for storing your favourite snacks - the golden lid seals your storage jars airtight and leak-proof! What's more, you can clean both the lid and the jar in the dishwasher - it couldn't be easier. By the way: With our glass straws, you can turn the Mason Jars into attractive cocktail glasses.

Buy gold replacement lid for Ball Mason jar

Put a stop to the eternal search for lids and give your storage jars a chic gold rim with our beautiful replacement lid that seals any contents airtight and leak-proof. Simply clean it with a little water and you're done. Stock up on lids now and order the gold replacement lid for Ball Mason Jar 86 mm online!

Product number: DECKEL_010
Origin China
Origin (Processing) China
Content 1 UNIT
Manufacturer KoRo
EAN/GTIN 4255582801910
Nutrition traces Nutrition traces
Shipping Delivery time outside of Germany
Company KoRo Handels GmbH
Hauptstraße 26, 10827 Berlin
Material Edelstahl
Label note Ingredients, nutritional values, and packaging may change. For exact information, please check the product description.
Gold replacement lid for Ball Mason jar 86mm
Lemon squeezer attachment for ball mason jar 86mm
Lid with a divider for the ball mason jar 86mm
Soap dispenser lid for Ball mason jars 86mm
Price €2.50 €10.50 €14.00 (25% saved) €7.25 €11.00
Product number DECKEL_010 DECKEL_007 DECKEL_006 DECKEL_009
Material Edelstahl Edelstahl Edelstahl Stainless steel
Kauf Argumente Replacement lids for storage jars Made of gold-coloured stainless steel With silicone ring Seals airtight Leak-proof Lemon squeezer attachment for ball mason jars Transform your mason jar into a lemon squeezer Squeeze and juice directly into the glass From high grade stainless steel Dishwasher safe Separator with integrated small bowl and lid for ball mason jar Made of high grade stainless steel For clean transport of salad and dressing, cereal and milk or vegetables and dip in one jar Fits jars with wide mouth opening (86 mm) Dishwasher safe & leak proof Reusable dispenser top for Ball Mason Jars with wide-mouth opening. For soap, washing-up liquid, creams or for portioning sauces, ketchup or oil Made of high-quality stainless steel Special eye-catcher in your bathroom or kitchen Leak-proof & dishwasher-safe
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Questions & answers: Gold replacement lid for Ball Mason jar 86mm
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Die Wide-Mouth-Öffnung unterscheidet sich von der anderer Vorratsgläser dadurch, dass die Größe der Glasöffnung deutlich breiter ist. Gläser mit dieser speziellen Öffnung haben also keine bauchige Glasform. Das ist besonders praktisch, weil Du nicht im Glas fischen musst, um Deinen Lieblings-Snack in die Finger zu bekommen, und mit dem Löffel angenehmer an Dein Meal-Prep-Gericht gelangst.
Der Schraubdeckel passt auf Ball Mason Jars mit der 86 mm Wide-Mouth-Öffnung – zur Auswahl haben wir zwei verschiedene Größen: 16 oz (473 ml) und 32 oz (946 ml).
Ja, wie auch die Ball Mason Jars selbst ist der goldene Ersatzdeckel aus Edelstahl spülmaschinengeeignet!
Ja, der Inhalt Deines Glases wird dank des Silikonrings luftdicht verschlossen und läuft nicht aus!

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Great for glazing bars

Perfect lid for my sprout jars. So I can put the finished sprouts straight into the fridge.

Tamara I.


Passend und schön

Schöne Farbe, passend zu den Gläsern. Gute Qualität

Cindy G.


Nur zum empfehlen!

Diese Deckel sind toll, hab sie schon zum zweiten Mal bestellt und tausche nach und nach alle meine alten Deckel aus! Tolles Produkt!



Beautiful color

Fits and I like the color, price is OK.

Patricia D.


I buy again

Super lid, fit on all my glasses and look incredibly chic .



Pretty upgrade

Fits wonderfully and looks super pretty and valuable



Eficasse fassil of maintenance éêè aesthetically beautiful

Impeccable finishing gives a tightness of the contents éêè a pleasant classy touch áâà look at the mintenire clean and dry optimis its operation avon craqué pour une dizaine sa egaille our shelf of regement

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