Freeze-dried fruits 18 Article

Freeze-dried strawberry slices 350g

Content: 0.35 kg (€62.14 / 1 kg)

€21.75 €62.14 per 1 kg
Freeze-dried berry mix 350g

Content: 0.35 kg (€82.86 / 1 kg)

€29.00 €82.86 per 1 kg
Freeze-dried wild blueberries 500g

Content: 0.5 kg (€81.00 / 1 kg)

€40.50 €81.00 per 1 kg
Freeze-dried sour cherries 500g

Content: 0.5 kg (€66.00 / 1 kg)

€33.00 €66.00 per 1 kg
Freeze-dried dragon fruit 500g

Content: 0.5 kg (€85.00 / 1 kg)

€42.50 €85.00 per 1 kg
Freeze-dried pulled jackfruit 150g

Content: 0.15 kg (€136.67 / 1 kg)

€20.50 €136.67 per 1 kg
Freeze-dried banana chips 500g

Content: 0.5 kg (€57.00 / 1 kg)

€28.50 €57.00 per 1 kg
Freeze-dried raspberries 350g

Content: 0.35 kg (€82.86 / 1 kg)

€29.00 €82.86 per 1 kg
Freeze-dried fig slices 500g

Content: 0.5 kg (€68.00 / 1 kg)

€34.00 €68.00 per 1 kg
Freeze-dried apple bites 500g

Content: 0.5 kg (€58.00 / 1 kg)

€29.00 €58.00 per 1 kg
Freeze-dried cranberries 175g
Quantity: 175 g

Content: 175 kg (€0.08 / 1 kg)

€14.50 €0.08 per 1 kg
Freeze-dried mango chunks 350 g

Content: 0.35 kg (€71.43 / 1 kg)

€25.00 €71.43 per 1 kg
Freeze-dried redcurrant 500g

Content: 0.5 kg (€47.00 / 1 kg)

€23.50 €47.00 per 1 kg
Freeze-dried black currant | 500 g

Content: 0.5 kg (€50.00 / 1 kg)

€25.00 €50.00 per 1 kg
Freeze-dried peach slices 500g

Content: 0.5 kg (€81.00 / 1 kg)

€40.50 €81.00 per 1 kg
Freeze-dried pomegranate seeds 250g

Content: 0.25 kg (€110.00 / 1 kg)

€27.50 €110.00 per 1 kg
Freeze-dried pineapple pieces 350g

Content: 0.35 kg (€90.00 / 1 kg)

€31.50 €90.00 per 1 kg
Freeze-dried plum halves 350g

Content: 0.35 kg (€71.43 / 1 kg)

€25.00 €71.43 per 1 kg

Freeze-dried fruits of the best quality

Freeze-dried fruits in bulk packs? Yes, you heard us right! At KoRo, you can now buy freeze-dried fruits in convenient value packs – without having to worry that the fruit will spoil before you can finish it. Due to the particularly gentle preservation process of freeze-drying, our fruits are extremely durable. However, it is not only the long shelf life that is convincing, but also the intense taste which makes our hearts beat faster.

Freeze-drying to enjoy fruits all year round

At KoRo you can get freeze-dried fruits all year round - the best thing about this is that you will never have to wait for your favourite fruit’s season. We harvest the fruits in their homeland precisely when they have reached the optimum level of ripeness, and undergo then drying process.

Gentle preservation process

The manufacture of freeze-dried fruits is a little more expensive and time consuming than other drying procedures – however, it is worthwhile. Our fruits are picked when ripe and are frozen soon afterwards. By means of a vacuum process they are then dried, as their liquid content is removed from them. This is called sublimation: the water molecules are transformed into steam. Freeze-drying makes the fruits durable for a longer period of time, and the colour, flavour, and even vitamins of the fruit are preserved. Too good to be true? Try our incredibly aromatic freeze-dried cranberries, if you don’t believe us!

Vitamins are preserved

Have you ever wondered if freeze-dried fruits are just as healthy as fresh fruits? Then listen up! When freeze-drying the fruits, most of the contained vitamins are preserved. Thus, you can partially substitute conventional fruits with freeze-dried fruit without concerns.

The colourful variety of our freeze-dried fruit

We have freeze-dried fruits of all shapes and colours for you, so that you can enjoy all sorts of exotic fruits also during the North European winter months. Because of the freeze-drying, the fruity fresh aroma is preserved, and will bring joy and a touch of summer to your every meal.

Tropical fruits

Rare and tropical fruits are, of course, not as good and fresh as they are in their home region, as they have to be harvested and shipped when still unripe, and the long journey to Europe is often damaging for their looks and taste. Freeze-drying the fresh, ripe fruits back in their lands of origin, ensures the maintaining of the fruit’s sweetness! This is why our freeze-dried banana chips are so incredibly sweet and aromatic.

Berry paradise

All berry lovers will be in heaven! We have freeze-dried strawberries, freeze-dried blueberries but also freeze-dried raspberries for you.

Freeze-dried fruits with chocolate

From now on there’s no need to decide between fruity and chocolaty anymore: at KoRo you can get freeze-dried fruits dipped in chocolate. No matter which chocolate you prefer – whole milk, dark, or white chocolate – we took care to include everyone! How about some skinny dipped freeze-dried raspberries covered with white chocolate? This combination will certainly get you hooked. If you are a dark chocolate fan instead, try our freeze-dried strawberries in dark chocolate.

Ways to use freeze-dried fruit

Freeze-dried fruits can be part of many recipes. You can use them wherever you also would use fresh fruits. The best thing about freeze-dried fruits is that you never have to worry whether they are already sufficiently ripe or have already gone bad.

Fruity topping for your muesli

Freeze-dried fruits taste particularly good on your cereals or porridge bowl. Simply perfect to start your day right! Did you know that soaking freeze-dried fruits for a few minutes in liquid, brings them (almost perfectly) back to their original shape?

Delicious smoothies

Our freeze-dried strawberries, for example, are perfect to prepare tasty smoothies: add a splash of milk and some vanilla ice cream to make a delicious strawberry milkshake. The result will certainly taste just as good as in the ice-cream shop around the corner.

Recipes with freeze-dried fruit

In our Food journal we provide you plenty of recipe ideas including our products. Also for freeze-dried fruits you will find many inspiring creations. Freeze-dried fruits are very versatile and they will surely enrich your culinary creations. How about some delicious breakfast porridge topped with freeze-dried berries? Or some homemade banana bread or cheesecake with freeze-dried fruits in the dough?

All questions about freeze-dried fruits

We would like to provide you with all the relevant information about our freeze-dried fruits. If you have a question about one specific product, please check the product specification attached to every product page. Should you not find what you are looking for, please contact us via mail or social media: we are always happy to help!

What are the advantages of freeze-drying?

Due to the gentle freeze-drying procedure, the nutrients and vitamins of the freeze-dried fruits are preserved. Thus, freeze-dried fruits are perfect to supplement your healthy and balanced diet. The process also doesn’t alter the intense aroma of the fruits. Moreover, freeze-dried fruits also have advantages in terms of eco-friendliness, as they don’t need to be cultivated seasonally and therefore produce less greenhouse emissions. In the future you no longer have to wait for the strawberry season, but you can simply treat yourself with our freeze-dried strawberries.

How to store freeze-dried fruits?

Freeze-dried fruits should be stored in an air-tight container, which is also why we are delivering them in resealable bags. This ensures a long shelf life and intense aroma of the fruits.

Tip: If you store your freeze-dried fruits in their KoRo bag, we recommend you to push away the air from the bag before sealing it. You can also store your freeze-dried fruits in storage jars.

How does freeze-drying work?

We are going to explain to you, with the help of an example of our freeze-dried peach slices, how the procedure of freeze-drying works. The peaches are picked when ripe and are frozen soon afterwards; placed then in a vacuum chamber, they are dried by removing the frozen water from them without turning it into water: this process is called sublimation – the water molecules do not become liquid again, but transform directly into steam. At the end of this complex process, our peaches will have become super durable, and also their colour and flavour will be preserved. The process of freeze-drying is regarded as quite complex, but you will see that it is well worth it.

Is freeze-dried fruit okay during pregnancy?

Since our freeze-dried fruits are very similar to the original fruits, except that they only lack some liquid, they are suitable for consumption also during pregnancy. Moreover, our freeze-dried fruits come without any additives, so that you can enjoy them without any concern.

How can I use freeze-dried fruits?

In our food journal we have plenty of recipes for you. How about some homemade chocolate enriched by various types of freeze-dried fruits? Or a refreshing summery drink with freeze-dried raspberries? Freeze-dried fruits are also the perfect topping for all kinds of healthy bowls. As you can see, our freeze-dried fruits will definitely bring an extra touch to your culinary creations.