Freeze-dried dragon fruit 500g


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  • 100 % fruit
  • Naturally bright purple colour
  • Intense, fruity-sweet flavour
  • Perfect as a topping in your bowl
  • Summer treat for the whole year

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Bright purple and pink in your breakfast bowl will make everyone jealous! No one can ignore fresh dragon fruit. The little fruit has become a real trend and we think that's great. With its fruity-sweet flavour, dragon fruit is not just visually attractive but also a real treat for the palate. The many little seeds give it a light and irresistible nutty note. The only disadvantage: the high water content makes dragon fruit relatively mild in flavour. But here at KoRo, we find solutions for the worlds snacking problems, and we did once again: freeze-dried dragon fruit! Our freeze-drying intensifies the flavour by removing most of the water content, you have to try it! Especially in summer, the freeze-dried dragon fruit can be a pleasure. Add it to your smoothie bowls or just consume it as a snack! It will satisfy your tastebuds and make you feel refreshed. 

Why is it called “dragon” fruit?

The fruit is originally called pitaya and originated in southern Mexico. It has since been grown in many other countries, mainly Thailand, Colombia and Nicaragua. The unusual name comes from how it looks on the outside: the skin looks similar to the scales of a dragon. We know for sure that Daenerys would have loved dragon fruit!

The trendsetter in every Food Bowl

We also eat with our eyes, thats why dragon fruit made it to the top. It stands out without any complicated recipes, as a visual highlight in a smoothie bowl or in yogurts. It can also be a great topping for ice creams and an amazing fruit base for your milkshakes. With a variety of plant based milks like oats or soy, the freeze-dried dragon fruit will make some awesome and yummy milkshakes which will be simply irresistible.  You can also be more adventurous and add dragon fruit to your salad, or simply eat it pure. If you like your breakfast fruity and colourful, you can add our freeze-dried strawberry slices and peach slices on top. 

Buy KoRo's freeze-dried dragon fruit

Do you want to start your foodie Instagram career or simply want a summer feeling, no matter the season? Just reach for our freeze-dried dragon fruit. And as you surely have come to expect from us, it all comes in a large value pack at an attractive price. Let's get to it: buy a holiday for your taste buds with our freeze-dried dragon fruit!

Average nutritional values per 100 g
Calorific value (in kj/kcal) 1263 /  298
Fat 0 g
thereof saturated fatty acids 0 g
Carbohydrates 67 g
thereof sugar 67 g
Dietary fiber 5 g
Protein 3 g
Salt 0 g
Product number: DRACH_004
Best before date 04.04.2025
Origin Viet Nam
Content 0.5 kg
Manufacturer KoRo
EAN/GTIN 4260718292470
Data sheet Specification
Nutrition traces Nutrition traces
Shipping Delivery time outside of Germany
Company KoRo Handels GmbH
Hauptstraße 26, 10827 Berlin
Storage Advice Store in a cool and dry place, away from light
Ingredients 100 % dragon fruit
Cross contamination May contain traces of GLUTEN, PEANUTS, SOY, MILK (LACTOSE), NUTS and SESAME
Trade Name Freeze-dried dragon fruit
Label note Ingredients, nutritional values, and packaging may change. For exact information, please check the product description.
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Questions & answers: Freeze-dried dragon fruit 500g
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Since our freeze-dried fruits are extremely similar to the original fruit - except that they lack some liquid - they can also be eaten during pregnancy. However, if you have any concerns, please feel free to contact your health care provider.
In addition to the freeze-dried variety, we also have sun-dried dragon fruit in our range. These are somewhat softer, have a shelf life of about a year and are also ideal as a snack. The freeze-dried version is rather crunchy to the bite and has little change in shape, color, nutritional values and flavor compared to the original fruit. It often has an even longer shelf life and is perfect for your decorative fine-tuning.
Freeze-dried fruits should be stored in airtight packaging, which is why we deliver them to you in a resealable bag. This extends the shelf life and maximizes the intense flavor. If you store your freeze-dried fruits in the delivered bag, we recommend that you remove the air from the bag before closing it. Of course, you can also store the fruit in style in our practical storage jars.
The taste is difficult to put into words. Fresh dragon fruit tastes mainly watery and slightly sweet. During the drying process, a large part of the water is removed from our dragon fruit. What remains is a crunchy, sweet snack that scores points for freshness and lightness. Dried dragon fruit is thus the perfect companion for morning breakfast bowls and desserts, but also for fruity salads. We find that the taste of dragon fruit almost reminds us of a mixture of different fruits like banana, kiwi and strawberry. BUT: It's best to try it yourself and fall in love with the extraordinary snack experience.
We love dragon fruit. However, with a water content of around 90%, the taste of dragon fruit is sometimes a little too mild for us. That's why we have subjected our exotic favorite to a drying process to minimize the water content - and maximize the taste. Our dried dragon fruit convinces not only with its bright color, but also with its intense, exotic taste. Best of all, thanks to our special drying process, it's dragon fruit season at KoRo all year round!
In this process, the fruits are flash-frozen before drying. Subsequently, the water is removed from them by vacuumization. This offers many advantages, because the color, shape, flavor and nutritional values are almost completely preserved, compared to the undried version, and the fruits have a much longer shelf life, because the water content is so low. In addition, freeze-dried fruits are more environmentally friendly, as they only need to be grown seasonally and thus fewer greenhouses and greenhouses are managed.
The dragon fruit, also called pitaya or pitahaya, comes from the cactus family. It has an unusual flavor that can best be compared to a cross between a banana, kiwi and strawberry. There are yellow and pink or purple pitayas, which differ slightly in taste. Our freeze-dried variety has a particularly intense flavor due to the drying process.
Our dried dragonfruit is the most exotic among our Dried fruit and comes for you from sunny Thailand. Here it has soaked up a lot of sun to develop its full aroma and unforgettable taste. Did you already know? The Pitahaya, as the dragon fruit is also called, is the reproductive guarantee of a cactus plant.
You can use the dragon fruit for baking or as a topping in your smoothie and yogurt bowl. Together with our granola, you get real breakfast crunch with the fruits. You can even add them to your tea: Just pour hot water over a few slices and enjoy!
Yes! Our freeze-dried dragon fruit has an incredible ingredient list of just one word: 100% fruit for you.
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4-5 star reviews 🙂


Patricia L.


Preis und Qualität stimmt für mich

Das Produkt ist geschmacklich sehr gut. Ich verwende es für meinen Smoothie am Morgen. Dafür benötige ich 2 Esslöffel davon. Da hält die Packung für eine ganze Menge dieser Getränke.

1-3 star reviews 🙃



Würde ich wiederkaufen wenn es besser verpackt wird.

Die Gefriergetrocknete Drachenfrucht ist mega, meine Familie und Nachbarn sind auch begeistert. Die schmecken leicht nach Kiwi ( Gold )
Vier Sterne, weil die kleinen Stückchen zerquetscht worden sind und ich habe viel Pulver erhalten.



Sehr lecker mit toller Farbe

Tolle Farbe
Auch geschmacklich sehr lecker
Alternative zu himbeeren und erdbeeren

Nastasia H.


Unfassbar lecker

Ich liebe rote Drachenfrüchte. Leider bekommt man sie hier normalerweise gar nicht. Umso verständlicher, dass ich diese hier unbedingt probieren musste! Ja, das ist ein stolzer Preis, aber verständlich für diese exotischen Früchte. Ich bin begeistert, selbst mein Mann ist süchtig! Sie sind unglaublich intensiv im Geschmack, aber Vorsicht mit der Kleidung 🤣 die Farbe kann einen auch umhauen.



sehr gute Qualität!

Super Qualität! Schmeckt mit Mangosirup, Apfelschorle und etwas Kokosmilch fast wie der Pinkdrink von Starbucks



Prima. Immer wieder gerne.

Sehr lecker. Preis - Leistung super. Gerne wieder.

Lisa R.


Schmeckt mir und der Familie sehr gut.

Geschmacklich sehr gut. Die Stücke sind sehr klein, viele der Stücke waren zerbröselt. Dafür gibt es einen Stern Abzug.

Sabina P.


Tolles Orudukt, gute Qualität

Liebe die Farbe und auch zum einfach so essen. Auch für Smoothie toll

Eileen S.


Mal was anderes, lohnt sich

Schöne kleine Stücke, die man gut snacken aber auch ins Müsli geben kann.

Maria R.


Werde es auf jeden Fall zur Einkaufsliste hinzufügen!

Soooo süß! Man braucht kein Honig mer zu Müsli! Farbe wie auf dem Foto 1:1. drachenfruchtgeschmack pur!

Marcel A.


Gerne wieder

Lecker Zeichen nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nnnnnn

Claudia M.



... ob im Müesli oder im Fruchsaft püriert. Sehr lecker.

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