Organic pine nut butter 12 x 500 g


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  • Vollmundiges Mus aus 100 % Pinienkernen
  • Cremig-weiche Konsistenz für den perfekten Drizzle
  • Intensiver Geschmack von Pinienkernen
  • Bio-Qualität
  • Zum Kochen, Backen und als Topping auf Deiner Bowl

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Buy now: Organic pine nut butter 12 x 500 g

We had a mission: to create the best pine nut butter in the world. And to do that, we pulled out all the stops. In our case, that means: Snack attack! We snacked our way through the organic pine nut selection, tested everything thoroughly and then found our great pine nut love in Russia. And what can we say: our creamy-soft consistency means food porn guarantee for you. Intense, full-bodied pine nut flavour and the best organic quality make cooking and baking with our pine nut butter a real taste experience. The texture is so smooth that the spoon literally melts in your mouth. Order your new favourite nut butter online at KoRo now and enjoy it pure tomorrow!

Pine nut butter: from the harvest to your jar

We climbed trees in Russia so you could drizzle some tasty nut butter over your bowl — and we are dead serious! Pine cones, which are harvested between October and April, are harvested by hand. Individuals known as "Pineros" climb up the pine trees and and knock them down one by one with sticks. That's also a big reason why pine nuts are usually more expensive than other nuts and seeds. In any case, we've got the absolute best quality for you at a really fair price with our 12 x 500 g value tray!

Recipes for salads, pesto, dressings and baking

Now that you have your new jar of nut butter in your hands, it's time for the best part: snacking, cooking, baking - everything that makes the palate happy. For example, we have some delicious pine nut pesto up our sleeves that is perfect for a lentil and quinoa salad. But you can also use it as a substitute for any other nut puree for baking. Your salted peanut chocolate bars can very easily become salted pine nut chocolate bars! And for a quick snack in between meals, treat yourself to a few crispy bites or use the pine nut butter as a drizzle on your porridge or bowl. So you see, there's more in the jar than just a bit of nut butter. There are also endless possibilities for using it! And if you don't feel like kitchen action, a good old pine nut butter and jelly sandwich will do just as well!

Pine nuts or cedar nuts?

If you take a closer look, our organic pine nuts are actually organic cedar nuts. What does that mean? Don't worry, the two species are actually very closely related and have a very similar flavour. The confusion in the terminology stems from the fact that the term "pine nuts" has become widely used in international trade. This is because there are over 100 varieties of the pine tree genus worldwide, while the cedar tree genus only includes three varieties. The genus of our cedar nuts is called pinus siberica and can also be legally referred to as pine nuts. Unlike the famous pinus pinea, it does not originate from the Mediterranean region. But none if this is important when you consider what matters: in terms of flavour, the cedar nut is in no way inferior to other pine nuts and is even more aromatic and intense. So you are definitely making the right choice with our organic cedar nuts!

Buy KoRo's pine nut butter

Do you still have some space in your cupboard next to our peanut butter, almond butter and cashew butter? You better, because once you try this creamy temptation, it will become a permanent fixture in your kitchen. How can we be so sure? The smooth and creamy treat has a whole bodied pine nut flavour which will make your palate as happy as ever! Buy KoRo's pine nut butter now!

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We source our pine nuts from Russia, where the precious kernels are harvested from the pine trees between October and April. To make a delicious cream, we then have them mashed in giant blenders in Bulgaria. After that they are ready for delivery and hungry snackers.
Many moms and dads like to mix nut puree into their baby's porridge, but it's best to ask your pediatrician when and how much.
This is an understandable question, but unfortunately we cannot give you a general answer. Every pregnancy is different, therefore we ask you to contact your gynecologist with this concern.
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Irene N.


Love it and recommend!

My mostly favourite! Rare and really unique taste!



MEGA - no words needed

must be tasted and if you do, you are addicted.
just spoon it straight.
is a perennial favorite and must not run out



did not come to me

Good morning, unfortunately I can't get an answer from you. My order has not arrived, UPS says it is damaged. Please contact me.




Creamy and tasty for savory or sweet dishes!



Delicious product, packaging disastrous.

Taste very tasty, however, I must join the previous speakers, as far as the packaging is concerned. Here is obviously a massive packaging shortage. The sealing film was only loosely on the edge of the glass (from seal can actually be no question) and also the lid closure was not able to prevent a creeping oil leakage, which I unfortunately noticed only later, so that our wooden table now has a thick grease mark.



I liiiiove it!

I liiiiove it! Worth every penny!



Good but too sweet

Very good pine nut cream is very liquid and this I like however for personal taste it is too sweet and for this I give 4 stars




Mild pine nut flavor, but it's like eating a meal of real pine nuts! I was very surprised, it is spectacular!









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