Organic avocado topping 250 g


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  • Hochwertige Bio-Gewürzmischung
  • Aromatisch-würzig im Geschmack
  • Mit Timut-Pfeffer
  • Einfach auf Dein Avocadobrot streuen
  • Auch für Dips und Salate

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You love avocado and always have at least one somewhere in your kitchen. Whether you use it for avocado bread, avocado spread or avocado salad - you can now make it even better with our spice mixture designed especially to be used with avocado. The aromatic, spicy flavour with Timut pepper complements the creamy, nutty flavour of the spectacular green fruit, which is botanically classified as a berry. So before you get into the kitchen to work on a spice mix, order our organic avocado topping now and make avocado bread just like from your favourite café!

Sun flake sea salt, bell peppers, tomatoes and Timut pepper

The combination of bell peppers, tomato and black cumin gives this organic spice mix a fruity note. Onions, chili and pepper bring the heat. Instead of basic pepper and salt, we've used Timut pepper, which is known for its citrusy flavour and sun flake sea salt. The colourful spice mix is pefectly balanced for the best flavour. No more searching through your spices to find the perfect combination! Simply add some of our ready to use spice mix on your avocado toast, salad or guacamole. It is also great with cucumbers, tomato and hummus. And if you want to add an egg to your avocado toast, try it with our organic spice mix for eggs. Order now and enjoy!

Buy organic avocado topping

With our topping, you can give your avocado bread a new flavour. As a special feature, our avocado topping contains Timut pepper, which has a lemon-like flavour. Our topping contains only high-quality, organic ingredients and is free from artificial flavours and flavour enhancers. Order organic avocado topping now in the 250 g value pack and refine your breads with the colourful spice mix!

Product number: GEWUERZ_035
Best before date 01.03.2025
Content 0.25 kg
Manufacturer KoRo
EAN/GTIN 4255582807592
Data sheet Specification
Nutrition traces Nutrition traces
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Ingredients Sonnenflockensalz, Paprika*, Tomaten*, Schwarzkümmel Samen*, Zwiebeln*, Chili*, Pfeffer (Timut)* *aus biologischer Landwirtschaft
Label note Ingredients, nutritional values, and packaging may change. For exact information, please check the product description.
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Questions & answers: Organic avocado topping 250 g
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It is best to store the spice mixture in a dry and cool place and protect it from light. The topping will keep for at least 18 months from the date of production in its original, unopened packaging.
You can spread our topping directly on your avocado bread. Depending on how spicy you like it, a small pinch is enough. But the spice mixture also gives guacamole or dips and salads that certain something extra.
Yes! The topping is completely vegan.

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Pilar R.


Super rica

Of the ones I have tried, this is undoubtedly the best.



Bringt schnell Geschmack ins Essen

Super Gewürzmischung. Verwende es auch für Salatsoße oder einfach mit Frischkäse aufs Brot.

Gloria W.


Totally delicious not only on avocado bread

Best spice mixture also on buttered bread with tomatoes and many other dishes.



Sehr leckeres Topping!

Super leckeres Topping. Hab es nur mitbestellt um die Versandkosten zu sparen - dass war eine tolle Idee.
Das Topping schmeckt mit sehr gut, leicht pikant, fruchtig irgendwie mal anders.
Habe es einfach zum testen auf einem Butterbrot gegessen. Bestimmt nicht zum letzten Mal. Kann es mir auch gut mit Ofengemüse, als Topping auf Feta oder vielen anderen Dingen vorstellen.

Carola M.


The composition of the spices is perfect.

The spice tastes good not only with avocados. Since these have not exactly an optimal eco-balance, I do not use so often, although they taste good to me. I also use the spice on sweet potatoes....

Berit B.


Cheap and mega tasty

Very tasty seasoning mix. Not only for avocado, also on tomatoes, salads or fries. An all-round mixture. Perfect!

Lejla B.


Very tasty

The spice tastes very good and I can recommend it aufjedenfall

Lydia H.


Recommended as a spice

Very tasty. I can recommend as a spice for many things.

Verena K.


perfect topping for our avocado bread!

perfect topping for our avocado bread!

Sina M.


Favorite avocado perfume

Avada Kedavra! Okay maybe not a killing spice in Harry Potter but this spice is good for a blowout. And avocado spices make the best farts. This avocado spice is pure wellness for avocados. They won't taste this good from anything else. My new favorite avocado perfume!!😍🥑

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