🗓 19/09/2023 👤 Christin Uthoff

Price reduction - KoRo treats best basics for every budget!

Inflation is kicking? Don't despair, ask KoRo! We want to counteract the trend of increasingly expensive food and are therefore permanently reducing the price of 25 products. Sound good? Then read on and learn all about the cheap must-haves for your pantry!

Price reduction - KoRo treats best basics for every budget!

Win-win for palate and wallet: staple foods in large format

Over the past few years, we've probably all noticed with a glance at our bank account or wallet: Somehow everything is getting more expensive! We think: Quality doesn't have to be expensive and good things are for everyone anyway! Our bulk packs already ensure that we can offer you food at a lower price per kilo and skip some steps in the production chain. But we want to buck the trend even further and permanently lower the prices of 25 products! This is how we make staples and versatile must-haves affordable again and deliver them directly to your door as always.

Clear the stage for the tastiest basics

You thought KoRo could only do nut pure es and superfoods? Fortunately, you're wrong, because we have all the basics in stock that you need for a well-stocked pantry. The best: From now on, you can treat yourself to oatmeal, pasta, various oils, couscous, rice, legumes, muesli & Co. at the fairest price on the World Wide Web and be well supplied every day. We ensure you the finest breakfast, the tastiest lunch and a delicious dinner - KoRo word of honor! And psst: Many products are even organic and vegan.

Too good to be true?

Admittedly, we had to fiddle around for some time until we could start with this idea, because we can't simply pay our producers less or teleport the packages to your home. Fair prices must always include production, shipping, storage, advertising costs and taxes - and usually a margin. The margin is what is left for KoRo in the end. This allows us to grow and, above all, to create new products for you that will make your mouth water. But even in times of crisis - like the last three years - we have to manage this budget. Good news: KoRo is growing and we want to give something back for your loyalty. That's why we are waiving the margin almost completely on 25 products, to fill your cupboards again and to support you as much as you have supported us over the last three years. And: The price reduction is not only temporary, but permanent!

Treat yourself: with free shipping

We're going one better: In addition to the price adjustment, we're also lowering the minimum order value for free shipping from €100 to €75. And we have another secret tip for you: New goodies continue to move into our assortment, of course. But as long as the newcomers don't have a pretty product photo yet, they are not only incredibly delicious as always, but also have a real superpower: they provide free shipping as soon as you add them to your shopping cart. So discover now your daily must-haves that your wallet will love too!


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