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The big KoRo snack study

Whether it's to combat a midday slump, for an energy boost or simply to whet your appetite: the reasons for snacking are as varied as the range of snacks on offer...

The big KoRo snack study

From classic pretzel sticks to new trends such as energy balls and nut butter cups - the choice is huge! You'll find almost 150 snacks in our range, including nuts and dried fruit. KoRo is on everyone's lips and we deal with what you nibble and snack on almost every day.

We asked ourselves: What is the favorite snack in Germany? Who snacks more, northern or southern Germans? Do people snack less as they get older? Questions upon questions and only one answer: if you don't ask, you don't win!

We sat down with the Appinio market research team and surveyed 1,000 people in Germany between August 22 and 24, 2023. And now it's getting scientific, because we wanted to do it right: We even observed the quality criteria of quantitative research (objectivity, reliability, validity). In other words, our KoRo snack study is representative and reflects a cross-section of Germans.

The results are exciting and we naturally want to share them with you! As we have a data set of thousands of responses, we can only show the top 10 highlights here. But if you have any questions about the details of our snack study or the results, you can of course always get in touch with us.

1. almost everyone snacks!

KoRo Studie 1

2. the supermarket is by far the most popular place to buy snacks with 89.2%.

Did you know? You can now find KoRo products in 8,000 supermarkets in Germany! Our store locator will tell you exactly where: https://www.korodrogerie.de/store-locator.

3. the group of 18 to 44-year-olds buys snacks mainly in drugstores after the supermarket.

The group of 25- to 34-year-olds stands out, with one in two buying snacks in drugstores. Did you know? KoRo snacks are available at all major drugstores in Germany!

4. the top 3 snacks

KoRo Studie 2

5. for 35%, curiosity about a new snack is the deciding factor for the purchase.

And these 35% work at KoRo! Our purchasing team is curious about new snacks and likes to try them out for you in order to bring the latest treats into the range.

6. 56.5% buy spontaneously when they fancy a snack.

7. the snack preppers of the nation

KoRo Studie 3

In a direct comparison, hamburgers are the most likely to buy snacks in advance. For all the hamburgers and other preppers: our bulk packs are ideal for stockpiling.

8. for every third person, large quantities are decisive when choosing a snack brand. A diverse product range is also important for 44% of respondents.

Did you know? KoRo offers over 1,000 products, many of which come in practical bulk packs, which also help us to reduce packaging waste (up to 40% plastic packaging per kilogram of product compared to smaller retail packaging*). We regularly add new products and are inspired by food trends and innovations on the food market.

9. value for money is most important to respondents (75.8%), with the 45-54 age group paying the most attention to this (81%).

Did you know? At KoRo, you can track the price development of all products on the product page under "Statistics". We also save on margins for many products thanks to our bulk packs and skipped retail stages. We pass this price advantage directly on to you and you can get many products from KoRo at a fair price for top quality.

10. natural ingredients and low sugar content: this is what respondents look for when choosing snacks.

KoRo Studie 4

Did you know?
You can filter all our products according to various properties: Organic, Fairtrade, low-fat, gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan, vegetarian, low saturated fat, low sugar and much more. You will also find extensive information about the nutritional values and ingredients of the products on the product pages.

*The average saving was determined using a sample of products from different categories (snacks, nuts, dried fruit, cooking ingredients) compared to standard retail competitors and extrapolated to our entire range in bulk packs.

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