🗓 23/11/2021 👤 Nele Burschik

Gift ideas for Christmas from KoRo

Listen to "Last Christmas" on the radio 15 more times and it's Christmas again! So it's time to get your presents - just not chocolate and woolly socks again, like last year! No creativity and no time are no excuse. What you need are a few helping Christmas elves to lend you a hand and swap the typical gift failures for individual treasures. May we introduce: the perfect KoRo Christmas gifts for your loved ones!

Gift ideas for Christmas from KoRo

1. Cookbook "Eat in Balance"

A cookbook instead of a cooking apron - even the hard-working little helpers in the Christmas bakery are rubbing their hands together. In the cookbook "Eat in Balance" by fitness blogger Laura Schulte, you will find over 90 recipes for a varied breakfast, quick lunch, delicious dinner and a variety of snacks. On top of this, there are over 40 pages of interesting and useful information about conscious eating, food and its nutrients. Everything you need for a balanced and varied diet! It's a great addition to the kitchen for chefs, amateur bakers and nutritional newcomers alike. But watch out, wintery baked apple porridge bowls and chocolatey protein brownies are just waiting to be eaten!

2. KoRo subscription box

Goodbye boring food basket, hello KoRo subscription box! Love letters are out, we're sending out love packages for Christmas! They contain 7-10 different products from our range, which are conveniently delivered to your chosen person's home every month. We lovingly put together a great selection of underrated products, new products and our personal favorites. There is also a cool booklet with exciting KoRo insights, well-founded food facts and delicious recipes. The best thing about it: you can choose how long you want the fun to last, as there is no minimum term and a short notice period of one month. One box or 12 for the whole year - it's up to you!

3. Useful non-food items

Not another boring shower set from the drugstore next door, please! With our practical non-food items, you're not giving a gift just to give a gift, you're giving a token of love with meaning! After all, you don't want your gift to gather sad dust in the corner. Instead, how about making lunch in the office a really stylish and tasty affair with the lunch box with compartments or the thermal container. Or take a more extravagant approach and hand over our beautiful coconut shells or a bamboo chopping board with drip trays to use at home? Our sushi starter kit could also be a great addition for the next cooking evening. So you see, even outside the food universe, your possibilities are endless!

4. Special delicacies and gourmet gifts

We've seen exactly what you mean, better put that bottle of wine back in the cellar. For gourmets, or even if you don't yet know the person of your choice well, small and large gourmet specialties are particularly suitable. But then it's better to go for treats like our chocolate-coated coffee beans or the spreadable tahini with coconut - things that you wouldn't normally treat yourself to. You can also show off your special gourmet skills with a selection of our fine cooking oils: pumpkin seed oil or walnut oil look pretty good with a nice bow around them. Your mother-in-law and father-in-law will love it too!

5. Wooden toys for children

You can actually make children happy with anything. But you'll definitely get rapturous looks with cuddly socks and clothes for Christmas. So be a cool adult and conjure up a cardboard rocket or a colorful wooden train set under the tree this Christmas. Or finally take some time for the little rascals and play a round of KoRo Quartet with them. After all, there's one thing everyone is most happy about at the end of the day: time.