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  • A one-of-a-kind piece for your kitchen
  • The perfect vessel for your summer meals
  • 100% natural coconut shell
  • A natural product of the highest quality
  • Robust
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Here at KoRo, we focus on providing high-quality, delicious food - but we know that your eyes need comforting too. That's why we now offer our coconut bowl, which will put a smile on your face every morning and make your breakfast even better looking than before. Order your new favorite bowl now!

The coconut – a tough nut to crack

But we did crack it! After we tried our hand at products like coconut chipsgrated coconut and coconut oil and extended our selection with these exotic products, we simply could not stop. We fell in love. That's why we now also sell the coconut shell - in its polished version - which makes a great addition to your bowl collection!

A product of nature – the coconut bowl

Our coconut bowls are simply pure nature. Born in Vietnam, the bowl comes straight to your home. The original coconuts spent a long time bathing in the sun of the Vietnamese beaches, before becoming the beautiful bowls you see today and being delivered to your door. As a result of her long time in the sun, the coconut is somewhat sensitive to the cold. What we mean is: do not put the bowls in the freezer, as they may crack from the extreme cold. They are perfect for other things like your muesli or porridge and all sorts of smoothie bowls!

A love-story since day one: our coconut bowl feels its best with her soulmate, coconut oil. Regular care using coconut oil will ensure that the bowl stays shiny for a long time.

The coconut's versatility – our Upcycling project

Sea levels are rising. Plastic waste is filling up the oceans. The earth is getting warmer. You ask yourself: What can I do about it? We at KoRo are not researchers or chemists. But what we do know: It's definitely not going to get better with more plastic waste. For this reason we use the diversity of the coconut and have included the stylish coconut shell in our range for you. The result: Two birds are killed with one stone. Not only do you get a unique and sustainable coconut shell for all your delicacies, but the coconut shell is also saved from disposal. A pretty good deal, right? 

Buy a coconut bowl: Truly amazing and truly sustainable

Are you longing for palm trees and dream beaches? Then our coconut bowl is just the right decorative element for your kitchen! Your morning breakfast will become a real highlight thanks to our coconut shell: Your smoothie bowl or muesli will become even more exotic and fruity. We say: Breakfast is fun! Even though you can't eat it, you will love our coconut bowl just as much as our snacks! And a special thing: since each coconut is different, each bowl is unique! So bring a piece of nature and sustainability into your home and order your own coconut bowl now!

Product number: KOKOS_010
Origin Vietname
Content 1 UNIT
Manufacturer KoRo
EAN/GTIN 4260335836125
Nutrition traces Nutrition traces
Shipping Delivery time outside of Germany
Company KoRo Handels GmbH
Hauptstraße 26, 10827 Berlin
Trade Name Coconut bowl
Label note Ingredients, nutritional values, and packaging may change. For exact information, please check the product description.
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Wenn Dir Deine Müslischüssel wieder Witze erzählt

Zugegeben, unsere Kokosnussschalen waren hier vielleicht nicht der Grund für den Lacher. Aber wenn Du morgens Dein Müsli aus unserer stylischen Schale snacken kannst, zaubert das vielleicht auch ein Lächeln auf Deine Lippen.

Genug für 2 oder 3 Schalen

Unsere Kokosnussschalen bestehen aus – halt Dich fest – Kokosnüssen. Die werden hier in Vietnam angeliefert und sortiert.

Eine harte Nuss

Dabei zählt die Kokosnuss überhaupt nicht zu den Nüssen, eigentlich ist sie eine Steinfrucht. Trotzdem hat sie eine ziemlich harte Schale – und die muss erst mal entfernt werden, damit Deine Kokosnussschale daraus werden kann.

So wird eine Schale draus

Auch wenn wir das Fruchtfleisch richtig lecker finden – für unsere Schale brauchen wir die Hülle der Kokosnuss. Die wird anschließend von innen und außen für Dich aufpoliert.

Deine Schale liebt Kokosöl

Nach zwei Dingen sind unsere Kokosnussschalen total verrückt: Wenn Du aus Ihnen unsere KoRo-Leckereien snackst – und Kokosöl. Damit werden die Schalen schon behandelt, bevor sie bei Dir ankommen. Damit sie ihren Glanz behalten, reibst Du sie am besten nach jeder 10. Benutzung damit ein – so behalten sie lange ihren Glanz.

Ab ins Lager

Schon freuen sich unsere Kokosnussschalen darauf, Dein Snack-Erlebnis auf das nächste Level zu bringen. So lange warten sie in guter Gesellschaft hier in unserem Lager.

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Questions & answers: KoRo coconut bowl
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It is best not to leave the dish in the water for too long. It is also not accustomed to cold and therefore does not feel very comfortable in the refrigerator.
Our coconut bowl comes in a noble design and convinces with its multiple applications. Spoon your tropical smoothie bowl out of your new bowl or use it as a decorative element in your kitchen. And for all snackers, the bowl offers the perfect size for your next movie night. How about roasted coconut chips refined with cocoa in our bowl?
We recommend that you do not eat any food that is too hot from your coconut shell. Let a steaming soup cool down first and make sure that hot liquids do not remain in the bowl for too long.
Our coconut shell is a natural product. Therefore, your shell can not withstand extreme temperatures. Therefore, we do not recommend you to put the coconut shell in the microwave.
Not only the coconut shell itself is a real highlight - also the production The coconut is namely a pretty hard nut and its robust shell must first be cracked. We need the shell of the coconut for the husk and therefore remove the delicious flesh. But don't worry! The special pulp is used in many of our great products. Take a look at our coconut shavings or coconut chips and discover the diversity of the coconut. The processing of the coconut: So that our coconut shell shines for a long time, it is then polished from the inside and outside for you. The shell is ready and waiting in our warehouse to be ordered by you.
Our coconut shell is robust, but still a natural product. Therefore, you should not put it in the dishwasher. We recommend that you briefly rinse the coconut shell with lukewarm water before and after use to avoid large temperature fluctuations.
To keep your coconut shell beautiful and supple, you should regularly maintain it with coconut oil. We recommend that you repeat the oiling after about every tenth application. This way, your coconut shell will not dry out and you will have an especially long-lasting individual highlight in your kitchen.

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Ricarda N.


Beautiful bowl.

I love something like this. Looks really great. Very individual.



Beautiful as a gift

Are very nice and neatly finished and still the real coconut feel. 😂 Perfect as a gift.

Odette P.


Trop belle

Beautiful quality, shape and color



Excellent quality

Excellent quality, highly recommend.

Gudrun S.


I just love these bowls!

It's so much fun to eat breakfast out of these bowls! And no two are the same! I also like the material and they look very pretty!

Laura L.


The sizes need to be reviewed, it would be nice to receive only the equivalent sizes of a classic bowl.

I ordered 2, the 2nd is too small too bad 😏

KoRo Handels GmbH


Bonjour, merci pour votre commentaire. Notre coque de noix de coco est un produit naturel, ainsi chaque bol est unique. Si toutefois, vous constatez que le défaut est dû à un dommage, nous vous invitons à contacter notre service client. Cordialement - Votre équipe KoRo



Price is completely ok

I like it very much! Perfect portion size!



Very nice bowl

You get the feeling that the muesli would taste better from it ;-)



Practical bowl

They are very nice bowls and we use them in our motorhome.

Anna K.



Beautiful bowls. I think natural products are great and these bowls just feel good. Each bowl is different and therefore unique.

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