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All about: New Year's resolutions

New year, new happiness - or something like that. For many people, the start of a new year is a general fresh start, the days after Christmas a kind of transitional period that represents a change. And you should make the most of it, right? We present our top 5 New Year's resolutions.

All about: New Year's resolutions

The turn of the year is not only associated with fireworks and raclette, but often also with resolutions: do more sport, put some money aside, stop smoking and live healthier. The most popular New Year's resolutions usually revolve around stress factors, nutrition and a healthier lifestyle - or in other words: self-optimization. But why stress yourself if you actually want to get rid of stress?

Big goals, such as losing 10 kg or quitting smoking completely, are often incompatible with the routine everyday life that many of us lead. We have five ideas for you on how you can perhaps set new impulses for your 2024 with small changes in January. Pssst, and if it doesn't work out, it's not so bad. Don't be so hard on yourself.

Body and mind instead of a treadmill

Okay, we admit it: we also think about moving more and doing a bit of sport from time to time - after all, we sit a lot in the office. But does it have to be a gym membership? With a sports mat and loose, comfortable clothing, you can also get some exercise into your everyday life at home. Or walk to the suburban train every now and then instead of taking the bus, or cycle to the office a few times a week instead of taking the subway. You can easily make exercise part of your routine with just a few steps (pun intended). But please pay more attention to your body feeling than to a fitness tracker watch - it's not about meticulously walking X more steps every day, but about integrating more movement into your life. After all, the aim is to do something good for body and mind. So it's up to you to decide in what form and how much exercise is good for you.

Veganuary: Hola hummus!

Vegan-what? If you were also firmly convinced that the first month of the year is January after all, we can reassure you. Veganuary (Vegan January, but you've probably already guessed that) has been around since 2014 and the aim is not to rename the month, but to raise awareness of the vegan lifestyle: the goal is to eat vegan for a month. It's not necessarily about going without, but rather about getting to know and trying out new things. How about a juicy vegan burger patty with eggplant or fine soy mince as an alternative to animal mince? Be sure to take a look at our recipes and let us and the KoRo community inspire you!

Dry January: dry, but not boring

Did you also drink a few more glasses than usual over the holidays? We feel you! And we don't want to make you feel bad about it. However, if you want to take a break first, that's fine too! But that doesn't mean that only water is the order of the day, because fortunately there are also mocktails, i.e. non-alcoholic cocktails, in addition to the usual suspects such as juices, coffee and tea! How does a grapefruit and rosemary cooler, not just a pink drink, matcha tonic, orange kombucha or a pomegranate and mint drink sound? By the way: you don't have to miss out on shots either! Instead of Mexican, however, there are ginger shots to keep your life just as spicy!

Fancy mixing your own? You'll find everything you need for your own mocktail bar in our store: juices, tonic syrup, mountain tea syrup, raspberry syrup and kombucha. Something to drink about!

Pause for a moment

It's gray, it's wet, in short: winter is dragging on. In a few weeks at the latest, we'll all be fed up with the dreary winter - especially if you live in a big city. How about realizing that even the grey days can hold something beautiful in store? On the evening of a day or at the end of the week, think about what you particularly enjoyed or what you are looking forward to in the coming days.

Start a new hobby

Has the sewing machine been sitting in the corner looking at you for a few months? Have you actually wanted to go boxing or bouldering for a while? You had your heart set on it, but somehow something always comes up - you know the drill. Whatever it is, a new year can be your impetus to start the year with a new hobby or skill. So get out the door or get started with a YouTube tutorial and start your journey!

Quick reminder: Make it fun!

New routines are easier to introduce if they are also fun. So challenge yourself or update your friends on your progress. Maybe you can even start the new year with a joint resolution - why not? After all, sharing is caring.

And by the way: if you missed the start in January, no problem. Of course, you can always decide for yourself when you want to try something new. Because you decide the start, not the first of January.

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