Cookies & biscuits 12 Article

Double oat cookies with chocolate filling 180g
Quantity: 180 g

Content: 0.18 kg (€15.28 / 1 kg)

€2.75 €15.28 per 1 kg
Sugar-free oat cookies with chocolate chips 200g
Quantity: 200 g

Content: 0.2 kg (€13.75 / 1 kg)

€2.75 €13.75 per 1 kg
Organic salted caramel cookie 50g
Quantity: 50 g

Content: 0.05 kg (€40.00 / 1 kg)

Variants from €1.00
€2.00 €40.00 per 1 kg
Organic chocolate chip cookie 50g
Quantity: 50 g

Content: 0.05 kg (€40.00 / 1 kg)

Variants from €1.75
€2.00 €40.00 per 1 kg
Peanut butter cookies 150g
Quantity: 150 g

Content: 0.15 kg (€20.00 / 1 kg)

€3.00 €20.00 per 1 kg
Organic walnut cookie 50g
Quantity: 50 g

Content: 0.05 kg (€35.00 / 1 kg)

€1.75 €35.00 per 1 kg
Oat biscuit with carob powder 170g
Quantity: 170 g

Content: 0.17 kg (€17.65 / 1 kg)

€3.00 €17.65 per 1 kg
Organic chocolate confetti cookie 50g
Quantity: 50 g

Content: 0.05 kg (€40.00 / 1 kg)

€2.00 €40.00 per 1 kg
Organic white choc macadamia cookie 50g
Quantity: 50 g

Content: 0.05 kg (€40.00 / 1 kg)

€2.00 €40.00 per 1 kg
Oat double biscuit with peanut butter filling 180g
Quantity: 180 g

Content: 0.18 kg (€18.06 / 1 kg)

€3.25 €18.06 per 1 kg
Spiced vegan speculoos 400g
Quantity: 400 g

Content: 0.4 kg (€6.88 / 1 kg)

€2.75 €6.88 per 1 kg
Organic berry cookie 50g
Quantity: 50 g

Content: 0.05 kg (€40.00 / 1 kg)

€2.00 €40.00 per 1 kg

The best cookies & biscuits for ultimate snacking!

"I have changed my diet. The biscuits are now somewhere else." There it is again, the biscuit curiosity: that's what we call it when innocent food products have to stand in for subterranean sayings. Only to end up in the family chat via Walk of Shame sooner or later. Time to fight back! With our help, you can show your uncle that our biscuits don't have to hide behind any slogan in the world! The best example is our oat biscuit with dark chocolate filling,  which is the epitome of good taste with two crispy cookie halves and a melt-in-the-mouth chocolate cream! Or have you ever tried our organic walnut cookies  . With this nutty-sweet treat, only the bad jokes will voluntarily disappear. And just for the sake of restoring family peace, we can only recommend you share our oat biscuits with even your uncle over afternoon coffee. Dipping them in hot chocolate, a steaming coffee or fragrant tea, many a biscuit fan has made up. <3

Chocolate cookies 4 the win! The best from our chocolate world

Oat biscuits with chocolate are simply damn delicious. So delicious, in fact, that we could write an entire paragraph about them. You've already met our double oat biscuits with dark chocolate filling. But have you also heard about our oat biscuits with chocolate drops?  These are crispy, vegan biscuits that don't contain a single gram of sugar. Yep, read that right: The chocolate oat biscuits are sugar-free. Here we have simply replaced the sugar with the sweetener maltitol. Our cookies to go are also chocolatey: coconut syrup and coconut blossom sugar provide a pleasant sweetness in our organic chocolate chip cookie. And in the organic walnut cookie, crunchy cocoa nibs make themselves at home in the chocolate biscuit dough!

200g for a halleluja: our oat biscuits in larger sized packages

Good news: with us, you don't have to turn to the dark side to get your hands on biscuits. Because as befits a well-stocked snack cupboard, our crunchiest biscuit packs are always ready to be crunched away by you and your crew. The oat biscuits with chocolate drops, the oat double biscuit with dark chocolate filling  and the oat biscuits with carob are ready for the job. Uh no, not your friend Caro. Caro-B! This is the powder made from the dried fruit of the carob tree. It has a fruity caramel flavour and is therefore a sweet and less bitter alternative to cocoa.

Cookies to go: a vegan cookie for every emergency

Time to slip away somewhere else: It's time to travel. What do we sometimes miss then? Our cosy bed. What we never miss? The right biscuit! For those snack extremes, our cookies in the practical to-go packaging are there to help you. On chocolate days, you can always rely on our chocolate chip and walnut cookies. If you're in the mood for something fruity, then our organic cookie cashew cranberry in pink is just what you need. Feeling fancy today? Then get the organic salted caramel cookie out of your bag. This oat biscuit has caramelised almonds inside. We repeat: caramelised almonds! With this choice, you won't hesitate to accept all cookies!

Homemade cookie recipes

Even if your aunt likes to spam the family chat, we have to hand it to her: She is the undisputed number one when it comes to baking biscuits! And we don't want to dispute her position. But with the right recipes at hand, you can conjure up oat biscuits and cookies that are at least in the same league as your family. With our swedish chai cookies or the date hazelnut cookies  you can show up at the coffee table without any snack worries. Need a little more colour in your life? Then sweeten your day with our recipe for vegan Rainbow Cookies. Have fun snacking!

All questions about our cookies & biscuits

“Do you have sugar-free biscuits?" or "Do you prefer double biscuits or do you bite right into them? Here we answer all your questions about our cookies and biscuits! If you would like more information about a particular product, you are sure to find it in the FAQs for that product or in the product specification. Do you still have questions? Then feel free to contact us on our social media accounts on Instagram or TikTok or send us your question via the contact form. We will be happy to help you!

Does KoRo have gluten free cookies?

This one goes out to all those with a sweet tooth or gluten intolerance: We see you! Our Organic Cookie Salted Caramel is gluten-free and tastes at least as good as its oat biscuit siblings.

Which biscuits have less sugar?

Cookies without sugar don't taste good? You'd be wrong: we have a biscuit in our range that is even sugar-free! We have sweetened the oat biscuits with chocolate drops with the sweetener maltitol. For you, this means sweet and crunchy cookies without any sugar!

Do we have cookies without chocolate?

Chocolate is not your thing and that's totally okay! Of course, we also have the right oat biscuits for you in our assortment: try our organic cookie salted caramel,  organic cookie cashew cranberry or the oat biscuits with carob.

Which cookies are vegan?

I think the question is: Which of our oat biscuits is not vegan?! In fact, almost all of our biscuits are animal-free. Here's a quick overview for you. You can crumble away without a second thought with the organic cookie chocolate chip and its brothers salted caramel, cashew cranberry and walnut cocoa nibs. In the larger 200 gram pack, we have the oat cookies with carob and the oat cookies with chocolate drops on offer.

Are oat biscuits healthy?

A healthy lifestyle requires a balanced and varied diet. However, everyone defines this for themselves, which is why we do not divide our products into these categories. As always, "balance is key". So as long as you don't have any intolerances, we see no reason why you shouldn't sweeten your day with biscuits from time to time.

Turn or bite into douple biscuits?

A rift is running through society, because when it comes to this matter, even in our office the fun finally stops. The question is no less than: How do I eat my double biscuit properly? Here, the oat biscuit fans clearly split into two camps:

Team Turn-Open remove the top biscuit neatly before snacking - if possible so that the cream sticks to one biscuit without any damage. Yes, and then, Team Turn-Open divides again into smaller groups: First the biscuit with cream, or first the one without? Scrape off the chocolate cream with your teeth - or put it back together after looking at it and enjoy it in its original form?

Team Bite-Into takes a less cerebral and very pragmatic approach. Here the name says it all, because this group takes the biscuit as it is and simply bites into it. "Practical", say some, "criminal" others. 

To defuse the situation a little: We think both teams are great and can confirm that all variants make your taste buds cheer. So as long as you don't BREAK your biscuit and then eat it (how barbaric is that?!), you can pursue your biscuit preferences with pleasure.