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KoRo juices at a glance

Meanwhile, you can find a variety of rather unusual juices in the KoRo drugstore. We give you here a small overview of pomegranate, cranberry, chokeberry, noni juice and Co!

KoRo juices at a glance

Juices are delicious, refreshing and can be enjoyed pure or in the form of a spritzer. Which tropical and classic juices are waiting for you in our assortment, we present to you here.

Organic cranberry juice 100% direct juice

Our cranberry juice convinces with its tart taste with a subtle sweet note. It tastes both pure and diluted with water, fruity and fresh. The berry, which is particularly popular in the USA, is said to prevent urinary tract infections and can have a positive influence on your immune system due to the many antioxidants it contains.

Organic Pomegranate Juice 100% Direct Juice

Full pomegranate enjoyment without hours of tedious peeling and pulping. Our pomegranate juice can be drunk in its pure form or used as an ingredient in dressings, sauces and desserts. Pomegranate juice also tastes great in cocktails and adds that certain something. By the way, pomegranate seeds have long been considered a natural blood pressure reducer.

Organic Goji juice 100% direct juice

Goji juice - never heard of it? Then it's high time you did. The goji berry originates from Asia and is considered a medicinal plant, especially in China, since about 300 AD. Here it is gaining popularity because of its extraordinary taste. Goji juice tastes fruity-sweet and is sometimes compared to peach juice. It is especially delicious as a spritzer or in dressings and provides an original flavor note.

Organic chokeberry juice 100% direct juice

Aronia berries are also rather unknown and are sometimes visually confused with blueberries. Also in terms of taste, the chokeberry sometimes reminds of the sweet taste of blueberries. Aronia juice tastes especially good when you mix it with apple juice. Also in fruit desserts and fruity sauces it makes itself outstanding.

Our tip: Pancakes with chokeberry sauce!

Organic Noni Juice 100% Direct Juice

Noni - what is that? The noni fruit is a bit of an unknown and you sometimes encounter it under the name "Indian mulberry". It originates from Polynesia, but is also cultivated in Hawaii or Madagascar. Valuable ingredients of the noni fruit are, among others, vitamins A, E, C and H as well as numerous amino acids or unsaturated fatty acids. The juice tastes a bit strange at first. Therefore, it is recommended to mix it with water or other juices. To refine your smoothie extraordinarily, we advise you to add a small shot of noni juice.

Organic Aloe Vera 100% direct juice

Aloe Vera is a traditional medicinal plant, which is said to have countless positive effects on your health and well-being. In addition, aloe vera is considered beneficial for external beauty. Skin and hair and even the gums are said to benefit from the aloe vera plant. A true all-rounder! The juice is ideal for mixing with water or adding to bowls, smoothies and cereals.

Graviola juice 100% direct juice

Prickly pear, sour sack, guanabana, soursop, sirsak - or simply graviola! This plant has many names and not all are easy to pronounce. So it's best to stick with graviola! The tropical fruit tastes sweet and sour and reminds of dream beaches, blue sea and vacation. In addition to the fine taste, graviola is said to positively influence blood sugar and detoxify the body.

Mangosteen Puree 100% Direct Juice

Attention, this is not a spelling mistake. Mangosteen has nothing to do with the mango, but is an Asian fruit about the size of a tomato. It is particularly aromatic with a slight acidity and its taste is reminiscent of grapes and pineapple, among others. Mangosteen is said to have an anti-inflammatory effect and tastes fantastic both pure and in desserts.

Organic Acai Puree 100% Direct Juice

Perhaps you've tried the trendy Acai Bowl breakfast? If not, then you should definitely do so soon! Because the acai berry absolutely lives up to its reputation as a superfruit! It tastes great and is also really healthy! A few tablespoons of the puree in your bowl provide a fruity-sweet flavor and an energy kick for the day.

Red dragon fruit puree 100% direct juice

Bright red and stunningly delicious. The dragon fruit (or pitaya) is originally a cactus plant and visually resembles the skin of dragons due to its scale-like skin. Dragon fruit puree enhances your smoothie and breakfast bowl. It is equally suitable as a visually appealing, delicious dessert sauce.

Organic Mango Puree 100% Direct Juice

Mango puree is THE all-rounder par excellence! Whether processed with coconut milk, coconut water and a little water to a delicious vacation drink or as an addition to muesli. Mangoes always taste great and enrich our cuisine. Our mango puree has the perfect consistency for sauces, dips and desserts!
Our tip for Thailand nostalgia: Sticky coconut milk rice with mango puree!

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