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What else you can do with rice pudding

Rice pudding is a true soul food - whether with warm cherries or with cinnamon and sugar. It reminds us of childhood and cold days. But rice pudding can do even more!

What else you can do with rice pudding

Especially now in summer, you may not want classic rice pudding, even if it always tastes good. Instead of hot and creamy with compote, berries or cinnamon, you can also eat rice pudding cold. You can also use rice pudding to make cakes, desserts and casseroles.

Rice as a base - always stir well!

The basis for a creamy, thick rice pudding is a special type of rice - the rice grain of this variety is small and round and resembles the risotto rice grain. The key to cooking rice pudding is constant stirring. This prevents the milk from burning and creates a creamy consistency. Whether you use full-fat or semi-skimmed milk is up to you. Oat, nut or rice milk are also suitable for preparing rice pudding. To achieve an extra thick consistency, you can add a little cream. The rice pudding will also be really thick if you leave it to cool for a few minutes without moving it.

Coconut rice pudding with mango

This rice pudding variation may no longer be an insider tip for Thailand connoisseurs, but the classic rice pudding also tastes great with coconut milk. It is called "sticky rice with mango" in the Far East. Instead of cow's milk, it is simply prepared with coconut milk. With fresh mango pieces and coconut chips, it tastes exotic and summery.

Cold rice pudding with summer fruit

An extremely chilled rice pudding also tastes fresh and is suitable for hot days. Instead of winter berries or apple compote, you can use fresh pineapple, mandarins or papaya as a topping. A squeeze of lemon juice and perhaps a few chia seeds will turn your rice pudding into a delicious summer dessert.

Rice pudding casserole

If you have cooked too big a pot of rice pudding and it just tastes too boring on its own - here's a tip for using up leftovers: rice pudding casserole!
To do this, put the finished rice pudding in a casserole dish with a little milk, cream if necessary, butter, cornflour, sugar and 4 eggs. It is best to mix the sugar, eggs and a little butter to a paste beforehand, then add the rice and pour the liquid over it at the end. If your rice pudding is very creamy, you may not need any more milk or cream, but this is a matter of taste. You can mix in fruit or dried fruit before or after baking.

Rice pudding cake

You can also use ready-made rice pudding for baking. Rice pudding cake is an unusual and original idea that is sure to delight your colleagues and guests. Simply prepare a yeast or shortcrust pastry as desired, place it in a baking tin and spread the rice pudding mixture on top. Alternatively, you can also use a cookie base made from crumbled butter cookies with butter. It also tastes particularly good if you first mix cherries into the rice pudding mixture as the bottom layer. If your rice pudding is not firm enough, mix it with a little cornflour to give it a pudding-like consistency. A thin layer of cream cheese or quark is suitable as a topping.

Rice pudding triffle dessert

The popular layered dessert from Great Britain can even be enjoyed in a rice pudding version. To make it, first crumble some rusk, butter, nuts and honey, then mix into a firm mixture and place in a dessert glass as the bottom layer. Add a layer of cooled rice pudding on top and mix carefully with a little cream cheese or yoghurt to form a cream. The next layer can consist of fruit, nuts, cookies or chocolate. This is followed by another layer of rice pudding. You can sprinkle cocoa nibs, fruit or nuts on top as a topping. Yummy!

Rice pudding ice cream

Rice pudding ice cream? Yes, it works and tastes great! You can mix the finished rice pudding with a little stiffly whipped cream. You can sweeten the resulting mixture to taste and add berries. It is particularly fun to eat if you add some puffed rice. Then place in a cooling dish and freeze at least overnight.

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