🗓 16/05/2023 👤 Natalie Wendt

Der KoRo Impact Report

We spent months writing and collecting data to proudly present our first Impact Report to you today! Impact - what? Don't worry if you don't know what we're talking about and why this might be interesting for you as a customer and nut butter lover: KoRo Blog got you! We'll explain what you can read in this report and why we've put so much effort into it.

Der KoRo Impact Report

Some of you may know our story, but if not, you can read it here . KoRo started in 2014 with the idea of skipping the retail stages and sourcing products directly from manufacturers thanks to bulk packaging. The range has changed somewhat over time - from detergent to food - but the basic idea has remained the same.

KoRo Sortiment

We have developed further, added many new products to our range, hired many people and are active throughout Europe. We have also found our position on packaging and sustainability, you can find out more here. We owe these great developments to you, all our other customers and the great employees at KoRo (self-praise doesn't stink, does it?). We now want to offer you and the general public a review of KoRo. A report that contains lots of data, facts and goals for the future of KoRo. In the chapters Planet, Customers, Suppliers and Team, we have collected insights in order to be transparent as usual and to create the basis for the further development of the company.

Impact Report_2

In the report, for example, you will find an overview of our packaging savings over the past year. We write about what sustainability means to us, what our values are as a company, what our ecological footprint looks like and what we want to do to reduce it in the future. We explain how we source products, where we source them from and what we do to make sure they not only taste good, but are safe and of high quality. We also analyzed our great team in numbers and data to see how diverse KoRo is and what we need to do to make sure everyone feels good at work. These are just a few excerpts from this report, which runs to 40 pages. As we operate in 16 countries and have an international team, the report will only be published in English for the time being.

If you're thinking: "Oh no, 40 pages?! I'd better order some nut butter now." No problem! But if you soon ask yourself how many organic products we have in our range: Page 16 in the Impact Report. We know that these somewhat dry topics may not interest many customers. However, it is important to us that we also share such information with you so that we can fulfill our goal of maximum transparency at all times.

But now enough explanation, the stage is yours, KoRo Impact Report 2022: Clickhere.